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>>16321354 matt Whitaker on fox - youtube (interviews about hillary crimes).
>>16321357, >>16321379, >>16321415, Hillary Clinton’s sordid legacy of lies - nyp and other hillary criminal behaviour articles 
>>16321365 don Jnr on hillary - twats, truthsocial, telegram, and moar social media sites.
>>16321372 Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin restores voting rights to thousands of ex-felons - twats election fuckery and fixes
>>16321374 Trump on The RINO (Wall) Street Journal Editorial Board and pennsylvania voting opines - Truthsocial (the boss).
>>16321392 I took in $Billions from South Korea in order for them - DJT on Military protection
>>16321381 TRUMP RALLY NEXT SATURDAY!!! Casper Wyoming - DJT Events desk notification and detail
>>16321377 monkey pox, covid and other virus's fear porn.
>>16321386 Russia releases a list of 963 banned Americans -
>>16321400 Kathy Barnette: I will support Dr. Mehmet Oz or David McCormick - barnette youtube
>>16321456 Name Them and Shame Them: Glenn Greenwald Releases- gwp (publishers and journo, no deals) enemy of the people.
''baker change''
>>16321507, >>16321582, >>16321609, >>16321615, >>16321616, >>16321619, >>16321666, >>16321681, >>16321685, >>16321711, >>16321707 Kash is coming up on Maria
>>16321761, >>16321833 Kash is coming up on Maria
>>16321639 South Korean activists hold anti-Biden protests
>>16321629 Donny Deutsch, On Brand Host on MSNBC says that Democrats will win if they "brand" Republicans as racists
>>16321679, >>16321702 Dr. Robert Malone re monkeypox: another case of the media and gov cooperating to spin-up moar fear
>>16321705 @ReclaimTheNetHQ twat: “Hate speech:” Facebook censors Senator Marsha Blackburn for saying biological males shouldn’t compete in women’s sports
>>16321737, >>16321836 Hillary Factor: Evidence now shows false Russia collusion story began and ended with Clinton
>>16321742 Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla explains Pfizer's new tech to Davos crowd: "ingestible pills" - a pill with a tiny chip.. "Imagine the compliance," he says
>>16321817 Clockfag Reports
>>16321827 @USArmy twat: I got your six!
>>16321842, >>16321892, >>16321934, >>16321953 Fake POTUS twat re baby formula: "Tons" changed to "Pounds"
>>16321957 Virginia Middle School Teacher Arrested on Child Pornography Charges
>>16322069 #20647

>>16320606, >>16320652 Planefag reports: EmptycallsignJoe
>>16320601, >>16320644, >>16320648, >>16320737, >>16320757, >>16321012, >>16320970, >>16321079, >>16321153, >>16321198, "Monkeypox engineered to be vaccine-resistant" (page 10 of .pdf, second box)
>>16320667 7th Fleet: Sailors perform dental procedures aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier @CVN_72 while on a scheduled deployment in the #US7thfleet area
>>16320722 Russia Bans 963 Americans, including Biden & Harris, but NOT Trump
>>16320810 Archbishop Vigano reminder that WHO treaty is part of a global coup
>>16320834 Sky News Australia Says Biden’s New Press Secretary “Struggles to Answer a Question Coherently”
>>16320851 David Martin - Biowarfare law fight
>>16320897 Alarm Sounded Over WHO’s Global Pandemic Treaty -
>>16320900, >>16320946, The coming blackouts. - and ezra retweet
>>16320917 qanon attacks articles-
>>16320922, >>16320921, >>16321072, >>16321093, >>16321097, 'Imagine The Compliance': Pfizer CEO Pitches Davos Elites On WiFi Microchip Pills - Zerohedge plus virus fear porn 
>>16320976 They stole 2020, and here's how they will steal the rest of them - twat and mp4 vid
>>16320977 DURHAM WATCH AND UPDATES - GLOBAL NOTABLE NOMINATION - links to reporter in court, kash and youtube transcripts and mindmaps.
>>16321074 2000 MULES MOVIE WORKING LINKS ON MULTIPLE CHANNEL - GLOBAL NOTABLE NOM with 6 links working, tested.
>>16321131, >>16321136, >>16321139, articles, movie reviews and talking head bread buns on 2000 mules movie.
>>16321099  GLOBAL NOTABLE FOR TRUMP STATEMENTS - Trump statements, rally vids and press releases links
>>16320983 tom fitton and emerald ask to have hillary and obama in court - twat
>>16321005 Read our full legal threat letter to Biden, Blinken and Becerra: -stephen miller twat and wordpress 
>>16320938 hillary and steven pigeon campaign image, pedo was arrested for raping a 11 child - telegram
>>16321203  law banning so-called ghost guns on Wednesday, making the "Land of Lincoln" the first state in the Midwest to pass such a measure.-washington examiner twat
>>16321252 #20646

>>16319791 Biden bumbling his lines in South Korea
>>16319851 Biden Delivers Remarks With the Chairman of Hyundai Motor Group (video)
>>16319862, >>16319866 "YOU SPOKE TO HUNTER OVER THE PHONE" - Watch Fearless Jim Jordan EXPOSE Jerry Nadler In Congress (video)
>>16319893 5 Shocking Facts About WHO Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
>>16319898, >>16319951 Husband-and-Wife Scientists Plead Guilty to Illegally Importing Potentially Toxic Lab Chemicals and Illegally Forwarding Confidential mRNA Vaccine Research to China
>>16319912 A cosmic "black eye" shines from 17 million light-years away
>>16319969, >>16319976, >>16320009 Alleged leaked audio: War Mobilization Meeting of Guangdong Province: Normal to War State Transition 
>>16319932 Eight wounded, one dead in shootout at California party
>>16320016, >>16320030, >>16320035, >>16320059 More for Anon Dig on Exec Order 12333, Red Cross boxes of cash video of 1-17-2018 (mp4)
>>16320050 Planefag: 98-0001 with no call sign (sometimes this plane is AF2) headed out in the direction of Asia
>>16320064 FDA's Revised Blood Donation Guidance for Gay Men Still Courts Controversy (2020, quotes Fauci)
>>16320066, >>16320127, >>16320207, >>16320276 More on Red Cross
>>16320214 Gran Canaria gay pride festival attended by 80,000 from all of Europe investigated as #monkeypox superspreader event
>>16320334 Planefag: Colombian AF FAC1028 737 departed Merida, Mexico nw and on New Mexico/Mexico border
>>16320347 A nine-person jury on Friday found Hollywood architect and film Academy member Jeffrey Cooper guilty of 3 counts of child molestation
>>16320378 FoxNews: Supreme Court could rule on Roe v. Wade on Monday, as Biden admin braces for violence after decision
>>16320449 Sussmann Trial Day 5 Part 2: Ex-CIA Mark Chadason, Kevin P. (video)
>>16320463 Media Matters Researcher (Night Shift) Job Description
>>16320480 Overtime: Adam Carolla, Donna Brazile, Mark Esper | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) May 20, 2022 (video)
>>16320536 #20645

>>16319033 Jair Bolsonaro Says Brazil Will NOT Sign Globalist WHO Pandemic Treaty
>>16319059 CIVIL WAR DJT RETRUTH Anons can verify
>>16319071 CNBC: Trump pays $110,000 fine but must do more to lift contempt order, New York AG’s office says
>>16319078, >>16319147, >>16319220, >>16319228, >>16319252, >>16319422, >>16319620 Clockfag
>>16319196 Brooklyn Half Marathon runner dies after collapsing at finish line, 16 others hospitalized
>>16319266, >>16319293, >>16319299, >>16319537, >>16319562 Hillary Factor: Evidence now shows false Russia collusion story began and ended with Clinton
>>16319286 Final PA Republican Senate vote in, John Fetterman 58.7%
>>16319309 Gavin Newsom: ‘I’m Hopeful’ Kamala Harris Will Be ‘the Next President of the United States’
>>16319322 U.S. Buys Millions of Monkeypox Vaccines As Massachusetts Man Infected
>>16319328 It Sure Looks Like Joe Biden Is Trying to Purposely Destroy the Country
>>16319338, >>16319578 Alaska Sen. Sullivan Lists What Biden Has Done Just in Last Three Weeks to Block Oil Production
>>16319351, >>16319355, >>16319373 Russia Rewrites the Art of Hybrid War
>>16319367 Bev Turner Notes the Social Changes Created by COVID That Have Seemingly Become Permanent (video)
>>16319375, >>16319406 Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche - ADE, Evolution of the Virus & Expected Excess Deaths
>>16319434 There is currently not a single story in the @nytimes or @washingtonpost about Robby Mook admitting that the Trump/Alpha Bank story came right from Hillary Clinton
>>16319439 Hannity retweets Sara Carter: NBC News finally reports: ‘Hunter hard drives shows firm took in $11 million…spent it fast’
>>16319455 More Monkey Business: Africa wonders how monkey pox happens outside of the jungle?
>>16319476 Elon Musk Announces Intent to Assemble Litigation Department of Hardcore Streetfighters, Saying “There Will Be Blood” 
>>16319510 CEMENT factory in Syria; Reminder: Q Drop #1884 SYRIA [ACCESS] PENDNG [GOV'T]
>>16319516 Pfizer's contract for the COVID-19 "vaccines" was through the U.S. Army and DoD, does this mean COVID-19 was viewed as an attack on our nation?
>>16319543 Mitt Romney Calls on NATO to Prepare for Nuclear Strike from Russia
>>16319580, >>16319581, >>16319594, >>16319596 Davos 2022 - what to expect from this meeting like no other, on Radio Davos
>>16319632 Army Gen. Mark Milley warned cadets graduating from West Point about the future of war as their commencement speaker Saturday
>>16319633 May 20th – 2022 Presidential Politics – Resistance Day 486
>>16319641, >>16319750 Anon Dig: Exec Order 12333 -the REAL meat is in 2.7, Bush established a shadow covert arm of Intel using contractors (with video)
>>16319646 Biden cancels two Gulf of Mexico oil gas leases amid court battle, high gas prices
>>16319687 Steve Herman: Asked in South Korea if he has a message for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, @POTUS replies: “Hello. Period. Thank you.”
>>16319764 #20644

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>>16318231 #20641, >>16318163 #20642, >>16319009 #20643
>>16315139 #20638, >>16315903 #20639, >>16316675 #20640
>>16313369 #20635, >>16313604 #20636, >>16314382 #20637
>>16312197 #20632, >>16312199 #20633, >>16312133 #20634
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