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>>17745026 Judge orders Biden admin to hand over comms with tech companies
>>17745029 Maricopa County Election Judge Speaks Out
>>17745030 Rep. Chip Roy and House Freedom Caucus Hold COVID-19 Accountability Hearing
>>17745031 Woke Portland City Council commissioner admits defeat
>>17745039 Republican caucus says Kevin McCarthy DOES NOT have the votes to be House Speaker…
>>17745046, >>17745049,  >>17745068, >>17745082, >>17745163 Anons' choice for House Speaker
>>17745054 Connecticut School Director Placed "On Leave" After Detailing Sexual Fantasies with Minor Students
>>17745070 MSNBC hit piece on Boebert 
>>17745087 Bannon: It doesn't add up -  followers: Hobbs = 7k, Lake = 406K
>>17745106 Installations of politicians like Fetterman done to demoralize people
>>17745121 Diane Sare candidate for US Senate from NY: Last night I had over 55k votes and by this morning, less than 30k
>>17745131 Musk to twitter employees: bankruptcy is 'not out of the question' NO SAUCE
>>17745133 VA Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears, fmt nat'l chair of Black Americans to Re-elect the President in 2020, says "I could not support" Trump if he decides to run for president in 2024. 
>>17745137 Construction Halted at Obama Presidential Center In Chicago Following 'Act of Hate'
>>17745143 Biden to meet Xi for first time as president
>>17745148 Diamond & Silk: Why are votes counted for Abrams in early but for Warnock in late?
>>17745164 Thomas Massie on md's living under medical malpractive martial law
>>17745165 Maricopa County moves the goal posts again…
>>17745170 US congressman doubts CDC director’s statement on COVID jab helping her infection
>>17745188 WTH? Sheriff’s Deputies Surround Maricopa County Tabulation Center, Perched On Roof, Barricades and Fence Set Up Around Perimeter
>17745200 Biden’s call for Musk probe draws jeers
>17745213 Sather on FTX crypto exchange - money laundering for dems?
>17745215 AZ Ballot Watch 
>17745227 Two dead politicians won Nov 6 races 
>17745237 DePape indictment is out
>>17745295 #21748

>>17744728, >>17744730, >>17744733, >>17744742  Boebert Pulls Ahead After Multiple Suspicious Ballot Drops for Her    Dem Opponent
>>17744731  looks like things are roughly 60/40 | 60/40 | 60/40 | 60/40
>>17744741,  >>17744743, >>17744753 Unexplained Ballot Drops Occurred in the Minnesota Governor’s Race, Gave Democrat the Win
>>17744744  Los Angeles County Drops Criminal Charges Against Konnech Chief Eugene Yu/Deets
>>17744754 Musk Bans Remote Work In First Email To Twitter Staff As The "Road Ahead Is Arduous"
>>17744756 Biden Says Elon Musk's Relationship With Foreign Countries "Worthy Of Being Looked At"
>>17744776 Maricopa County ‘Printer Issue’ Affected Roughly 17,000 Ballots
>>17744781, >>17744770  KFC apologizes for Kristallnacht promotion in Germany
>>17744794 Nevada Finds 60K Ballots in Drop Boxes, Delays Will Stretch into Next Week
>>17744795 DR. GINA: The Uniparty NEEDS You To Believe There Was No Trump-Led Red Wave. And Here’s Why/How They’re Doing It…
>>17744799, >>17744804 Unexplained Ballot Drop in GA Senate Race Likely Prevented Herschel Walker from Winning Race Outright – 
>>17744818 European Commission Proposes €18 Billion Aid Package for Ukraine, Hungary Resists
>>17744824 Body Positive with the Victor Hugo Gallery
>>17744828 James Woods: I wouldn' t conflate vacuuming the brians of unborns with human rights/HRC
>>17744829 The Quiet Merger Between Online Platforms and the National Security State Continues
>>17744834 Pentagon exploits post 9/11 laws to wage ‘secret wars’ worldwide
>>17744838 Boebert race stats
>>17744839 Globalists Rebrand Illegals as 'Climate Migrants' to Further Their Population Replacement Scheme 
>>17744845, >>17744852 Flight 93 _Penns_syl-vania_
>>17744859 Long-Term Organ Damage After COVID-19 Vaccines Emerging in Medical Literature
>>17744872 Nasdaq Composite on track for best CPI-day in its 51-year history
>>17744875 Pelosi extends remote voting through Christmas, citing ongoing 'public health emergency'
>>17744890 Connecticut School Director Placed "On Leave" After Detailing Sexual Fantasies with Minor Students
>>17744894 once they take off the raises this (Reverse Repos-RR) Cap#1 are gonna 'splode higher.
>>17744906 74 Percent of Jewish Voters View Trump, MAGA as ‘Threat to Jews in America,’/be like reverse anti-semitism??? for the keks
>>17744912 2nd Dead Democrat Wins Election by Landslide
>>17744917 Ontario cities, hospitals discuss bringing back masks amid child virus surges
>>17744933 @greggphillips Allesheny County PS should know your leaders sold you out to China
>>17744962 Judge Orders Alex Jones to Pay Another $473 Million for ‘Lies About Sandy Hook School Shooting’
>>17744965 Brazil:  Armed Forces report did not exclude the possibility of fraud or inconsistency
>>17744983 #21747

>>17744376 @realDonaldTrump people that are being fed the fake narrative from the corrupt media that I am Angry about the Midterms, don’t believe it.
>>17744396 moar maggie 1/6 related
>>17744397, >>17744414, >>17744489, >>17744472, >>17744474, >>17744477, >>17744496, >>17744500, >>17744571, >>17744621, >>17744632, >>17744664 @CBS_Herridge: Declassified 9/11 interviews  with then President Bush, VP Cheney.  Pg. 16 “The President replied that a fundamental political question for any President was how to deal with the Saudis ECW endorses
>>17744403 5 years ∆ 12 days away
>>17744425 The Bee: Selfish DeSantis Takes Entire Red Wave For Himself
>>17744448 @realDonaldTrump Clark County, Nevada has a corrupt voting system
>>17744461, >>17744499 @mattgaetz I would like to put in my vote for Chip Roy to be Speaker of the House. Thank You!
>>17744462 Look at New Hampshire.
>>17744466, >>17744476, >>17744520, >>17744524 RINO's try to split the force of 45/DeSantis, won't ever be done, RINO's will lose/fuggen politico as a source??????
>>17744494 PF Med-Europe-Gulf Activity:BOXER40 C-40CNancyarrived at Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt about 9hrs ago and currently have SPAR12 C-40 departed from same heading to Cyprus 
>>17744532 Experimenting With Disaster, America’s biolabs
>>17744541 SAM446 USAF G5 inbound to JBA from Shannon refuel-departed Warsaw earlier todayUS U.N. Linda Thomas-Greenfieldarrived at Tirana, Albania on 1106
>>17744558, >>17744573 "they want you divided", enter Paul Ryan
>>17744562 Charlie Kirk Day 3 all eyes on Karizona
>>17744578 "Encouraging" CPI Inflation Report May guarantees (FIFY) An Earlier Fed Pause Pivot to 50bp-thus proving they were never serious itfp
>>17744588, >>17744609, >>17744663 COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?
>>17744634 Listeria Outbreak Linked to Deli Meat and Cheese
>>17744641 Want to know if the House will be any better under GOP control? 
>>17744644 FILTH46RC-135 Rivet joint north of Venezuela trackin' and from Offutt AFB
>>17744648, >>17744699 Sullivan [White House press briefing]: Today the United States will be announcing another package of security assistance for Ukraine
>>17744678 U.S. Treasury Finds No Currency Manipulation by Major Trading Partners
>>17744704 Pence’s New Memoir Throws Trump Under The Bus For Questioning 2020 Election
>>17744706 #21746

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