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>>16552853 ————————————–——– What is at stake? Who has control? SURPRISE WITNESS. Who is Cassidy Hutchinson? Trust the plan.
>>16950147 06.25.2022
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>>17410111, >>17410482, Dough
>>17410146, >>17410148, >>17410153, >>17410180, >>17410185, >>17410195, >>17410208, >>17410425, >>17410429 Weather Modification programs and effects on Agriculture 
>>17410187, >>17410188 Julian Assange's lawyers, journalists sue the CIA and Pompeo for allegedly spying on them
>>17410190, >>17410215, >>17410222, >>17410225 UK Cost of Living Crisis - Housing Market Crash
>>17410198 Sen. Kelly Townsend - Absolute incompetence when it came to the operations of the 2022 primary election 
>>17410241, >>17410192, >>17410438 Anons continue Pixelknot/Ghidra/Steganography research from PB
>>17410257 Sundance: Something is Looming Geopolitically, and We Better Start Taking It Seriously
>>17410261 PJ Media: Take a Look Inside a Cricket Farm… Which Is Where Your Food Will Come From Soon
>>17410278 Tributaries of the Iskar River in Sofia [Bulgaria captial] region, dried up for no discernible reason
>>17410289 Raskin won't answer what part of the "Inflation Reduction Act" will reduce inflation
>>17410312, >>17410321 Who do you believe is behind the FBI raid on PDJT's private home? 76.7% Trump's political enemies
>>17410325 DJT: Georgia jails people who challenge or protest election results, but sets murderers free
>>17410329 DJT: WAPO story that "Trump is scrambling to add seasoned lawyers" is FAKE NEWS
>>17410335, >>17410362, >>17410476 Scavino retruth from 8/17 - Supreme Meme
>>17410338 Missouri 'pastor' berates congregation for not buying him pricey new watch: Gimme your MacD's money…
>>17410353 Goldman (D-NY) rejects Trump endorsement
>>17410379 Bongino Rumble Bun: DS Panic, Adam Schiff stumped, Trump affidavit not adding up, J6 bomber story implodes
>>17410447 Rep. Troy Nehls (R-Tx) called out Rep. Liz Cheney for comparing herself to Abe Lincoln: "Liz, you're a liar"
>>17410448 Sundance: Trump FBI raid was cover to retrieve Russiagate evidence
>>17410457, >>17410475 RNA for Moderna's Omicron booster manufactured by CIA-linked company, "National Resilience"
>>17410463 Ukraine planning nuclear provocation on Friday – Moscow (RT)
>>17410471 Dr. Naomi Wolf: Pfizer Recategorized Miscarriages as 'Resolved' or 'Recovered' Adverse Events
>>17410474 Haberman Names Three Trump Officials Interviewed by FBI Prior To Mar-A-Lago Raid -
>>17410478 biden called liz cheney after defeat -
>>17410477 notables bun by note taker ty
>>17410522, >>17410566, CCP-Linked TikTok To Crack Down On Election ‘Misinformation’, Partners With US Gov - (ccp aka w.e.f direct control of d.c)
>>17410568 100-tonnes-of-dead-fish-in-europes-oder-river/ -
>>17410537 Bill Gates Lobbied Manchin On Sweeping $386 Billion Climate Change Bill - dailycaller (wef and cdc control of senators)
>>17410550 DCNF Reporter Discusses Chinese Communist Party Involvement At Think Tank Once Headed By CIA Director - daily caller (w.e.f controlled c.i.a and ccp)
>>17410556 Liz Cheney FIRED; TRUMP Family Watched FBI Raid FOOTAGE; Biden Signs INFLATION Reduction Act - youtube (robert gouveia)
>>17410574, >>17410578, Efficiency of US missiles in Ukraine questioned - newsfeed (non-profit klaus asset, plus russia now has cbdc, do the digs)
>>17410602, >>17410610, >>17410636, >>17410645, >>17410743, Pitbull is red-pilling the peeps on Event 201… twat, mp4 vid and baker meme (stephen king knew).
>>17410640 Ukraine holds nuclear disaster drill amid warnings of 'provocation' at Zaporizhzhia plant tomorrow - daily mail and mp4 vid
>>17410627, >>17410702, >>17410707, >>17410711, >>17410734, CDC chief lays out agency overhaul after pandemic missteps - (covid topic, wef asset)
>>17410748, >>17410753, >>17410756, >>17410758, >>17410761, >>17410762, >>17410768, RNA for Moderna’s Omicron Booster Manufactured by CIA-Linked Company - (covid companies are shell companies for military/pharma complex. wef assets)
>>17410682, >>17410684, The Swamp Today, Thursday, August 18, 2022 bun
>>17410697 Konnech was among voting system contracts that were slipped through without any oversight in St. Louis, MO -
>>17410724 Fifth set of human remains is found in 'mob-hit dumping ground' Lake Mead in Las Vegas -
>>17410730 Leaked documents foreshadow 50% CROP FAILURES across England due to extreme drought -
>>17410790 Tucker: Words have no meaning in Washington - youtube
>>17410835 #21337

'''#21336''' looks partial
>>17409407 Democrats Say ‘No One Is Above The Law,’ But This List Of Their Corrupt Allies Proves Otherwise
>>17409444, >>17409665 Oregon has a 'presumed' case of a child being infected with #monkeypox. infected by an adult. No other info
>>17409462 The solar cycle kickin' up. Here comes the fucking 'climate change' bullshit.
>>17409535 Biden Administration to Stop Paying for COVID Testing, Treatment, and Vaccines - Sputnik
>>17409596 5 US Navy personnel face charges over F-35 fighter jet crash
>>17409645, >>17409667, >>17409672 @BarackObama Election Day twatter comms
>>17409782, >>17409820, >>17409562 [GREEN] Kash's COMMS
>>17409868 Harmful algae bloom spreading across San Francisco Bay, turning water brown
>>17409916 #21336

>>17408612 The Press have banded together asking the judge to order the government to completely unseal the affidavit for the Mar-A-Lago warrant
>>17408618, >>17408644  Human Cells Programming (Cap 2:19)
>>17408625 Donald Trump: Carolyn Maloney is the "better man."  
>>17408638 The IRS Already Spent Over $20 Million On Military Equipment And Ammo
>>17408640 Liz Cheney Took 36 Million During 6 Years in Congress, From WHO? That's a question worth pursuing
>>17408645, >>17408646, >>17409231 POSOBIEC: Biden Behind 'Child Trafficking' Operation at Southern Border
>>17408648, >>17408844, >>17408757, >>17408751, >>17408736, >>17408782, >>17408648 Strzok acted as a middleman between the FBI and several government agencies
>>17408675 NOW is the time to get off your butt and get involved in your local election! Become a poll worker TODAY!
>>17408681 Durham moves to block dossier source Danchenko's use of classified info in his defense
>>17408696 Mike Lindell: Moment of Truth Summit State of the States Address 11:30am - 6:30pm CT
>>17408824, >>17408899  Donald J. Trump: Make sure to watch The Moment of Truth Summit this Saturday, starting at 9 am CDT, hosted by Mike Lindell how the 2020 Election was RIGGED AND STOLEN and how to STOP it from ever happening AGAIN
>>17408707 Explosive new report reveals that Attorney General Merrick Garland waited for *weeks* before signing off on FBI's Trump raid.
>>17408714 FBI whistleblowers are stepping forward to out senior department officials for their politically charged actions ahead of the Trump Mar-a-Lago raid.
>>17408717 Phoenix Childrens Hospital boasts about doing medical transitions on kids. 
>>17408725 BOEING P-8 Poseidons.
>>17408728 WAYNE ROOT: Seven Dead Doctors in 14 Days Don’t Lie. The Covid Vaccine is a Killer. 
>>17408742 200+ Sex Trafficking Victims, 37 Missing Children Found During National Sweep
>>17408758 Donald J. Trump: The Fake News Media continues to push Crazy Liz Cheney.... that’s why we call it the FAKE NEWS!
>>17408763 Time to celebrate! First time in over 100 years we haven’t had a Bush, Cheney, McCain or Clinton in office
>>17408749 Former member of Congress Terrance John “TJ” Cox, 59, of Fresno, is charged with 15 counts of wire fraud, 11 counts of money laundering
>>17408841 Minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee, July 26–27, 2022
>>17408876, >>17408884, >>17408893, >>17408902, >>17408936, >>17408971, >>17408971, >>17409207 Donald J. Trump: [S] 13 POSTS WITH [S] IN KILL BOX
>>17408886 House Bill 1369 Open Primary Bill to Receive Public Hearing
>>17408945 If you are researching #TigerProject download everything you find, then save the page to Way Back.  Links are disappearing.
>>17408947 Kash: Peter Strzok is the most corrupt FBI agent in modern US history, and thats saying something. Of course the fake news mafia pays him for disinfo work
>>17409022, >>17409061 Donald J. Trump: Judge Jeanine Pirro nails guy on Mar-a-Larg Raid (Cap 1:16)
>>17409070, >>17409102, >>17409106, >>17409139 My Healthy pregnancy may be having to have an emergency abortion ?: Venezuela to NYC shelter
>>17409173 Dr. Robert Malone: Endless mRNA jabs are in the works as the CDC and FDA play ‘hide the data’
>>17409218 Huge Concerns About Peter Strzok Working for the CIA Are Likely at the Heart of Mar-a-Lago RAID - Trump Got’em –
>>17409229, >>17409246, >>17409261, >>17409272 APRIL FOOLS  POPCORN
>>17409254 Jim Jordan Explains the 14 FBI Whistleblowers: ‘Frankly, We Anticipate More’
>>17409263 Trump Takes His Troll Game to Another Level, Starts Endorsing Democrats
>>17409297 Planned Parenthood to spend record $50M in midterm elections
>>17409351 #21335

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>>17402253 #21326, >>17403062 #21327, >>17404095 #21328
>>17401438 #21324-B, >>17400299 #21324-A, >>17401542 #21325
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>>16463405 '''Notables Bread #14: Gonna Rise Up'''

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