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>>14165747 Pfizer Vaccine Fails Against the Delta Variant
>>14165755 Thomas Barrack: Top Trump aide accused of working as foreign agent 
>>14165792, >>14166082, >>14166128 CM
>>14165815 Capitol attack committee chair vows to investigate Trump: ‘Nothing is off limits’ 
>>14165891 Deborah Tavares Rings The Alarm: Leaked Document
>>14165896 Pentoagon to review Nuclear Football protocols
>>14166019 Michael Avenatti faces embezzlement trial in California
>>14166124, >>14166107 An ex brigadier General who works with kids and uses PIZZA and SPIRAL logos, held hostage in Taiwan in late 90s.  Call for Dig
>>14166208 Most ISPs aren't going to give you more than 100 meg/s.
>>14166299 us-launches-first-airstrike-in-somalia-under-biden/
>>14166303 Georgia boy dies of COVID-19 as cases surge nationwide
>>14166371 FEMA and FCC will conduct a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System in the US on Wednesday, August 11.
>>14166453 Catholic anon here, with news about the Catholic Church in the US which MIGHT be significant

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