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'''#23038''' >>18773448
>>18773460 Biden Authorizes Southern Border Deployment of Reservist Troops: Q3 Why is the NG called up across 12 cities?
>>18773464 1983 Video showing Al Sharpton negotiating +10kg cocaine deal with undercover FBI agent Victor Quintana
>>18773454, >>18773536, >>18773542,  >>18773544, >>18773557, >>18773594, >>18773643, >>18773821, >>18773836, >>18773892, >>18773906, >>18773912, >>18773872, >>18773913, >>18773917, >>18773934, >>18773949, >>18773953, >>18773966, >>18773985, >>18773979, >>18773995, >>18773996, >>18774001, >>18774017, >>18774070, >>18774043 LIVE: Biden attends White House Correspondents’ Dinner
>>18773479 Twister picks up car and hurls it across road - tornado cuts devastating swathe through Palm Beach Florida
>>18773498, >>18773509, >>18774069 @RobertKennedyJr 47 USC 315 makes it illegal for TV networks to censor Presidential candidates, ABC showed its contempt for the law (Cap 0:36)
>>18773532 Two killed in Ukrainian strike on Russian border region
>>18773623 Zelensky explains why he carries a gun, puppet claims he wouldn’t have allowed himself to be taken prisoner
>>18773629, >>18773651, >>18773634, >>18773535, >>18773567, >>18773585, >>18773776 🔥 4.28.23 | Suzie Q - Seal Team Six - Scotty Films (20:03 mins)
>>18773705 U.N. Normalizes Pedophilia?
>>18773710, >>18773749, >>18773766 Tucker talks 9/11– What happened to building 7 ????? (Cap 0:49)
>>18773781 Dan Scavino: Miss him yet?
>>18773804, >>18773928, >>18773941, >>18773945, >>18773954 Matthew Whitaker: meeting between Hunter Biden's lawyers and DOJ could signal some kind of plea arrangement or his cooperation regarding potential criminal charges
>>18773841 @larryelder Illinois loses 105K taxpayers, $10.6B in income as residents leave state
>>18773856 Bernie Sanders Says US Government Should Confiscate All Money You Earn Over $999 Million 
>>18773861, >>18773905 Washington has launched its first coordinated effort to transport Americans out of the strife-torn country
>>18773881 KanekoaTheGreat: study by Stanford Prof. John Ioannidis showing that financial interests compromise scientific research accuracy
>>18773908, >>18773911, >>18774082, >>18774109, >>18774113  “Seth Rich” Regarding @DanScavino panda truth (Panda is Seth Rich’s nickname)
>>18774000, >>18774052, >>18774088  @SpeakerMcCarthy Best kept secret: our Air Force can do a lot more than just fly planes
>>18774023 First Republic auction underway, Citizens Financial Group Inc (CFG.N), PNC Financial Services Group (PNC.N) and JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) 
>>18774132 #23038

'''#23037''' >>18772686
>>18772690 Rumble is comped af!
>>18772694 Poland Seizes Russian School, Kremlin Vows Retaliation For "Blatant Violation"
>>18772702 Moderna’s CEO Raked in Nearly $400 Million Last Year
>>18772710, >>18772848, >>18773206 27 Colorado Dems vote AGAINST making indecent exposure to minors a felony
>>18772716 Supreme Court justices pen unanimous letter slamming Dems over ethics complaints against Clarence Thomas
>>18772733 A Colorado School District Is Concealing Student Gender Transitions From Parents
>>18772882 Minnesota Gov. Courts Now Overrule Parents On 'Gender-Affirming Health Care' For Children
>>18772908 Oklahoma’s GOP-majority Legislature passed a bill banning health care providers from performing transgender procedures or providing gender-altering medication to minors.
>>18772736 Religious groups protest SatanCon and "white supremacists" brandish crucifixes at LITERAL devil worshippers in Boston
>>18772759 Ex-Russian president calls for ‘complete’ dismantling of ‘Kiev regime’
>>18772761 List of Ukraine Biolabs documents removed by US Embassy
>>18772774, >>18772801, >>18772809 RE: The white house correspondents diner
>>18772777 Ukraine restricts use of ‘Z’ and ‘V’ on car plates
>>18772784, >>18773363 Three Conservative Supreme Court Justices Under Investigation for Ethics
>>18772799 Biden green-lights deployment to Mexican border
>>18772828, >>18772902 Pentagon leaker wanted to ‘kill a f**k ton of people’ with cache of toy guns
>>18772841, >>18772861 US Army Issues Massive Order Grounding Entire Fleet of Aircraft
>>18772855 PF CONUS Update
>>18772875 'Modern-Day Slave Traders': Hawley Demands Probe Into 85,000 'Lost' Migrant Children
>>18772877 FDIC Prepares to Seize First Republic Bank, Asks PNC, JPMorgan to Make Final Bids By Sunday -- Third Bank to Fail Since March
>>18772892 Second Amendment Victory: After Sheriffs Take A Stand, Judge Blocks Gun Grabbing Illinois Law
>>18772910 non-vaccinated patients may have been more likely to get remdesivir.
>>18772918, >>18772939 CNN Viewers Witness RFK Jr. Explain Why You Shouldn't Always Trust "The Experts"
>>18772966, >>18772977 "Prosecutors late Monday began laying out their trial strategy for Jan. 6 cases in the clearest detail yet" - politico
>>18773002 Ireland is about to pass one of the most radical hate speech bills yet. Merely possessing "hateful" material on your devices is enough to face prison time.
>>18773004 >Apache Helicopters Crash News connect, Apr 28.
>>18773026 Florida Legislature Clears Way for DeSantis to Run for President Without Resigning
>>18773047, >>18773110 The call for Texan Nationalist Movements is intensifying.
>>18773157 How The American Media Treats U.S. Citizens As Cattle, Darren Beattie Explains
>>18773180 Six whistleblowers who claim they worked on military UFO programs retrieving and analyzing crash material have come forward
>>18773224 Tornado cuts devastating swathe through Palm Beach in Florida
>>18773235 Nuclear incident TRAINING EXERCISE will take place May 1-5 in southeast Houston and Harris County
>>18772787, >>18773277 Deranged tranny at a High School in Riverside, California has assaulted a girl after exposing his genitals and spitting at girls in THEIR locker room. 
>>18773324 New York moves to become first state banning natural gas hookups
>>18773316 As cable news propaganda collapses governments of the world are conspiring to shut down information sharing on the internet platforms.
>>18773374 #23037

'''#23036''' >>18771861
>>18771879 Zelensky’s top adviser issues demands to China
>>18771898, >>18772019 Ukrainian command center destroyed 
>>18771905, >>18771906, >>18771907, >>18771909, >>18771912  Joe M re-mastered Q videos
>>18771917 Poland ‘had no right’ to seize Russian school -- ambassador to RT
>>18771933 Italian weapons supplied to Ukraine not battle-ready -- FT
>>18771935 A Pervert on the Throne of Peter?
>>18771957 Kiev whines about EU restrictions on Ukrainian imports
>>18771987 Zelensky expects ‘successful’ counteroffensive
>>18771990 Time to stop talking about "side effects"
>>18771991 Zelensky expects ‘successful’ counteroffensive
>>18771991 How China is helping Mexico's cartels
>>18772015 Sex, Threats, and Late-Night Phone Calls: The Allegations From Inside Jolanda Jones’s Legislative Office
>>18772021 Zelensky’s top adviser issues demands to China
>>18772027 Scott Ritsema: America's 11th Hour (1/4) The Pilgrims In Providence And Prophecy
>>18772033 IRS Commissioner Asked Point Blank About Agents Visiting Matt Taibbi's Home 
>>18772038 Civilians injured by Israeli strikes -- Syria
>>18772064 Video: ABC News Admits It Censored RFK Jr. Interview For “False Claims About Covid-19 Vaccines”
>>18772066 Must: twitter will allow users to be charged per article (rather than via subscription)
>>18772074 Tucker views now at 77.7mil
>>18772076 Film Screening of ‘Medical Genocide’ (organ harvesting) Shocks Audience at U of Delaware
>>18772082 5 Killed ‘Execution Style’ in Texas Home, Including 8-Year-Old
>>18772087 The War on Free Speech Is Really a War on the Right to Criticize the Government
>>18772102 Ex-CIA Moscow station chief reveals why he refused to sign Hunter Biden laptop ‘disinfo’ letter  
>>18772105 RFK Jr. Says ‘Mega-Billionaires’ Are Using Climate Change To Usher In ‘Totalitarian Controls’ On Society
>>18772120 Biden Admin Releases Migrants into South Texas --- Again
>>18772143 Minnesota bill normalizing pedophilia dropped after backlash
>>18772149 Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Controls Entity with 10% Stake in Chinese State-Backed Investment Fund
>>18772154, >>18772169,  >>18772172 Weekend with an Amish Farmer
>>18772156 Jacob Chansley files motion to vacate conviction
>>18772168 SYRIA - SDF special forces launched raids in he southern countryside of Kobanî and captured 3 #ISIS terrorists who were hiding among civilians
>>18772179, >>18772186 RFKjr on illegally  censoring Presidential candidates
>>18772180 Kim Gardner news: Judge shreds Soros-backed prosecutor, moves to hold her in criminal contempt
>>18772190 Corona Mass ejection: The solar storm is expected to arrive at Earth late in the afternoon Monday 
>>18772195 Trump planning trip to Iowa
>>18772197 China’s Middle East Envoy Visits Syria, Holds Meeting With President Al-Assad
>>18772210 @AprilDRyan is now a contributor for @MSNBC, what a waste of time
>>18772219 An Amazing Coincidence! Three Conservative Supreme Court Justices Under Investigation for Ethics
>>18772247 Tammy Bruce - much better than H!
>>18772260 Prime Minister Anthony Albanese gets bombarded by hecklers during trip to Hobart, Tasmania on Saturday
>>18772265 Eight House Republicans Join Democrats to Protect China from U.S. Tariffs
>>18772303 School district defeats 'equity' ideology
>>18772304 Mormon church to pay out $2.3 BILLION to California woman in sex abuse case
>>18772309 'Transabelism': Latest trans trend sees people identifying as disabled
>>18772316 Amazing Polly: 'Meet the So-Called Independent Alternative Media - Dig into RUMBLE'
>>18772322, >>18772327 Drag Q, Tranny dig
>>18772546 FBI Houston to conduct ‘large-scale nuclear incident’ training is SE Houston, Harris County next week
>>18772555, >>18772557, >>18772569, >>18772559 Anon: where we'd be now without Q and Q+
>>18772579 27,000 Massachusetts drunk driving cases in jeopardy after SJC's breathalyzer ruling 
>>18772595 Tempers flare as furious religious groups protest SatanCon and white supremacists brandish crucifixes at Devil worshippers in Boston
>>18772605, >>18772610 “A Knox County man was arrested and connected to multiple child sex crimes, according to officials with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.”
>>18772620 Bernie Sanders Says US Government Should Confiscate All Money You Earn Over $999 Million
>>18772614, >>18772658 Behavior Analyst Reacts to Steven Crowder GASLIGHTING his Wife
>>18773211 #23036 in #23037

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>>18771079 #23034, >>18771853 #23035, 
>>18768746 #23031, >>18769538 #23032, >>18770283 #23033
>>18767219 #23029, >>18767984 #23030-B, >>18767983 #23030-A

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