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Are You A Romantic At Heart?

Are You A Romantic At Heart?
Are you ready to get your virtual hands dirty? Build the world you always wanted to live in, all while trying to survive endless attacks of zombies, creepers, giants, mutants, and other enemy mobs. The smash-hit Minecraft that has grown into a worldwide phenomenon is now available on both Apple and Android mobile devices as a Pocket Edition. Never be bored when you can carry around an entire world of adventure with you. 
 The app version of Minecraft brings much of the same gameplay and many of the most popular features of the original hit to mobile devices. Anyone who has played the game on a desktop will quickly adapt to the Pocket Edition version. And for those who somehow missed playing the original, get ready to clear your schedule because this is one addictive game. 
 A Creative’s Dream 
 Do you ever feel that even sandbox games are just a bit too restrictive for your taste? Well, welcome to Minecraft Pocket Edition and say goodbye to limitations. Besides building, fighting, growing, harvesting, mining, and trading for the resources you need to construct whatever you want, you can tweak just about every aspect of the world and how you interact with it. After exploring the vanilla game world, it is time to take things up a notch or two by adding customization. 
 - Are you a builder and not a fighter? Get rid of your enemies and gain access to unlimited resources for designing whatever you want by turning on the creative mode. Build to your heart’s content, and if you wish, you can easily switch back to survival mode to see how your creations stand up against the mobs. 
- Become all-powerful with the God Mode. Use slash commands to modify the world around you as you play. Make it rain, change night to day, summon resources, or sculpt the landscape to suit your playing style better. Is God Mode cheating? That’s up to you to decide, but one thing is certain, it sure is a heck of a lot of fun! 
- Get a mod for just about anything. Want a pet? There is a mod for that. Are you a romantic at heart? Go ahead and download the mod that will let you test your flirting skills with NPC characters. Maybe you just want to build a boat and explore. Go for it. Shop the marketplace for free and paid mods, skins, objects, and more. 
- With tens of thousands of ready-to-download mods out there, you’ll probably find exactly what you want, but if you can’t, don’t worry. You can always make your own. With a mature and robust modding community for help and tools to make modding more accessible for even non-techies, get ready to show off your creative side, 
 Play the way you want without any limitations! 
 Own Your World 
 Do you want to be the king of the world? Well, with the optional Minecraft Realms add-on, you can rule your very own server. 
 Create the ultimate private cooperative society for up to eleven people where everyone works together to build an online utopia or opt to turn your Realm into a destructive PvP Battle Royale. The choice is yours. Currently, you can choose between Realms and Realms Plus. Realms costs $3.99 per month and allows you and two other players to log in to your server. Realms Plus costs $7.99 per month, lets up to 11 players join the fun, and offers free marketplace items and other swag each month. 

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