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>>15759292 China Buys 700K Barrels of Iranian Oil Every Day, Violating US Sanctions
>>15759262 Gov. Abbott to face off with O’Rourke after Texas primary win
>>15759140 Pat Robertson, 91, comes out of retirement to declare Putin is following God's wishes 
>>15759072, >>15759073 State of the Underworld Links
>>15759549, >>15759535, >>15759467, >>15759416, >>15759328, >>15759204, >>15759131, >>15759130, >>15759111 We Don't Need No Stinking Images
>>15759286 POTATO Twadder: My plan to fight inflation will lower your costs and lower the deficit.
>>15759634 #19927

>>15758354 LIVE FACT-CHECK! Biden’s First State of the Union - Louder with Crowder 
>>15758361 State Of The Union 2022 Links
>>15758394 Biden’s Approval Rating Hits New Low
>>15758586,>>15758649 Ukrainian ambassador to US on board of University connected to NIH and Soros Ukainian school of public health
>>15758593 Visa, Mastercard Block Certain Russian Firms Due To Sanctions
>>15758694 Special Counsel Finds Mark Zuckerberg’s Election Money Violated Wisconsin Bribery Laws
>>15758742 Condemning Russia on global stage, Israel at UN says Ukraine invasion must end
>>15758830 Klaus Schwab's Global Leaders of Tomorrow → Forum of Young Global Leaders, CRISPR Tech. and Bill Gates
>>15758909 BIDEN AT #SOTU: "Putin may circle Kyiv with tanks, but he'll never gain the hearts and souls of the Iranian people
>>15758947 Hillary Clinton compares Ukraine to Afghanistan
>>15758969 Kamala silently wording "ukrainian", wondering why this big dope is the president and not her
>>15759006 #19926

>>15757543, >>15757544, >>15757550, >>15757701 SOTU live links
>>15757561 Here's a Legitimate SOTU because he's the Real president
>>15757581 China reacts to idea of Japan hosting US nukes
>>15757607 Trump holds event for GOP candidates at Mar-a-Lago
>>15757620 Summers: Biden Needs To Pivot From COVID, Prepare America For 'Struggle Ahead' (preview of new Dem strategy?)
>>15757665 Trump slams 'RINOs, Warmongers, and Fake News' over Putin
>>15757677 Panic in Wisconsin - The special counsel investigating the 2020 election calls for decertification
>>15757692 Putin is the only adult in the room
>>15757821 NCGOP Statement Ahead of President Biden's SOTU Address
>>15757864 Tonight on RSBN - 8:30pm EST: President Donald J. Trump addresses Congress in 2020 State of the Union
>>15757866 Russian Embassy [in canada] Statement - Russia continues military operations to de-nazify Ukraine
>>15757886 CSpan SOTU coverage
>>15757915 A Little Known, Clinton-Approved Treaty Lets Ukraine Help US Investigate Criminal Cases
>>15757929 Smells like comms. Somebody lose a lot of transport in Ukraine? Ship carrying 4,000 luxury cars sinks off the Azores
>>15758095, >>15758180 LIVE: Large number of New Zealand Police have moved on protesters; tearing down tents
>>15758116 Judge Denies AZ SecState Katie Hobbs’ Request To Block AZ AG Brnovich From Potentially Prosecuting Election Law Violations
>>15758152 Mexico’s President Won’t Impose Economic Sanctions on Russia
>>15758202 #19925

>>15756747, >>15756782 Scott Morrison gets help to cover up his corruption and dodgy past from Amazon billionaire owner Jeff Bezos & CEO Andy Jassy
>>15756764 DOD Biolabs Operators try to cover up their activities in the labs
>>15756767 [They] want the Russia-Ukraine conflict to escalate at risk of the lives of their proxies in Ukraine
>>15756798 US Senate Republicans Release Video Announcing “We Stand With Ukraine” – Ignore Stolen 2020 Presidential Election
>>15756816 Whistleblower Sues Delaware Over Election Laws That Unconstitutionally Extend Voting Time
>>15756830 Wendi Mahoney is reporting for UncoverDC from the lead truck in the convoy. Check out this overpass! 
>>15756849, >>15756865 More on the Pfizer release of documents on vaccine injuries
>>15756795 Biden's face shows up when anchor says: "a 71 year old man in a case of inappropriately touching a girl…."
>>15756892 Top Kek - A Karen losing her shit at Walmart, shouting over and over "Black Lives Matter and My Pussy Matters"
>>15756895 Canadian officials who met with Ukrainian unit linked to neo-Nazis feared exposure by news media: documents
>>15756914, >>15757140, >>15756778 Hundreds of men, including some allegedly in law enforcement, charged as part of a global child sex abuse crackdown
>>15756927 Russia was concerned about US Biolabs in Ukraine in 2021
>>15756937 Trudeau's public safety minister says Emergencies Act was necessary because truckers were potential rapists
>>15756939 Pfizer vaccine effectiveness plummets to 12 per cent in children aged five to 11
>>15756943 Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds set to deliver Republican response following State of the Union
>>15756975 UK Gov. released a Report confirming the Fully Vaccinated now account for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 Deaths in England
>>15756999 Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Goes Into Liver Cells and Is Converted to DNA: Study
>>15757069 U.S. to ban Russian flights from American airspace - WSJ
>>15757102 House Dems Block Investigation Into Dem Senate Candidate
>>15757122 PEOPLES CONVOY: arrival at It’s final destination in Cuba, MO for day 6
>>15757141 Trucker convoy protesting COVID mandates will travel through St. Louis Tuesday
>>15757149 Anon reports on voting observation at Precinct Polling Station - All Republicans voting
>>15757187 Special Counsel finds Mark Zuckerberg violated Wisconsin Election bribery laws
>>15757192 European Union wants to go to mandatory vaccination with QR code requirements.  next stop, digital currency 
>>15757202 Pelosi Claims Americans Have a Low Opinion of Joe Biden Because They are Ignorant
>>15757232 French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire declares “a total economic war” on Russia to “cause the collapse of the Russian economy"
>>15757236 New General Flynn Watch Episode One of the docuseries many are calling “the BRAVEHEART of documentaries AWAKENING - EP:1
>>15757240 A whistleblower lawsuit alleging fraud during Pfizer’s COVID vaccine trials is moving forward
>>15757247 FL National Guard was in Ukraine?
>>15757268 Voting location to vote republican is closed in Houston for the Texas primary election, but democrat is open
>>15757279 The brother of Scott Morrison is Allan Morrison. He heads up AHPRA. This is the group that have silenced doctors in Australia
>>15757331 Ericsson risks being ‘uninvestable’ after Ericsson List revelations on ISIS payments and misconduct in Iraq, analysis says
>>15757432 #19924

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