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>>13802689, >>13802749, >>13802702 Games operators play.. More fallout from the B bullshit
>>13792537, >>13792570, >>13792882, >>13792587, >>13792591, >>13792638, >>13792653, >>13793136, >>13793154, >>13793208 Jim confirms it was 'global volunteer' that made the 'B' post on /projectdcomms/ and not Q.
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>>13934234, >>13934224 Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: This Father's Day, I'm Issuing a Challenge to Every Dad in America
>>13934272, >>13934336 University chancellor resigns after questionable photos surface | Follow the resignations
>>13934359, >>13934391, >>13934377 Magnitude 3.9 quake registered off Daytona beach as US Navy conducts "shock trials" on the USS Gerald R. Ford.
>>13934332 Rising star Conservative MP Imran Ahmad Khan, 47, elected in 2019 faces trial for sexually assaulting 15-year-old boy in 2008
>>13934532 General Flynn at the Tampa Health & Freedom Conference. [Video]
>>13934519, 13934547 International Auditor: Maricopa County Audit Report Not Expected for 8 Weeks – A Potential Sign There Are Numerous Issues to Inventory and Report
>>13934454 Lin Wood, [18.06.21 18:08] "The past 3 days have been a distraction"
>>13934413 Dan Scavino’s U2 “Beautiful Day” Instagram story 
>>13934418 Truth About November 3rd You Won't See on CNN
>>13934353 White House contradicts the Politico story on the "freezing" of military assistance package for Ukraine as "nonsense" in a statement just released.
>>13934347 White House freezes Ukraine military package that includes lethal weapons
>>13931990 (pb) Suspicious package at #CIA's headquarters in McLean, Virginia. Parameter closed down. Bomb squad at the site. 
>>13934618 Australian Military going door-to-door to ‘encourage‘ all Aussies to vaccinate.
>>13934762 US to Withdraw Patriot Systems From Middle East, Repair Them for Use Against China, Report Says
>>13934828 ‘Pee-wee’ star John Paragon’s cause of death revealed by coroner 
Dual Baker/Notaker Contribs
>>13934191 So the FBI was preparing for an "attack" from a group in which they already had an informant???
>>13934192 DJT Can anybody believe this? No wonder our Country is going to hell!
>>13934196 DJT pushing the SHOT
>>13934221 General Flynn and Roger Stone trolling
>>13934231 Former principal admits to filming daughter's friends — after blaming 9-year-old son
>>13934233 ARIZONA: Katie Hobbs Crushes Recall Petition Against House Speaker Rusty Bowers
>>13934252  Florida prevailed in our lawsuit against the unlawful CDC order that shut down the cruise industry
>>13934266 DHS chief claims reports of VP Harris laughing at border question are 'untrue,' calls GOP criticism of veep 'unfair and disrespectful' 
>>13934286 So the head of Chinese counter intel efforts in America has defected to USA. He's in the hands of DIA right now. His name is Dong Jingwei. 
>>13934297 International Auditor: Maricopa County Audit Report Not Expected for 8 Weeks – A Potential Sign There Are Numerous Issues to Inventory and Report
>>13934325 Lawsuit: Ex-Calif. Sec. of State Conspired With Twitter to Silence Critics, Secure His Path to the Senate
>>13934547 Maricopa County Supervisors Holding Special Monday Meeting For Legal Advice Re: Election Audit
>>13934562 CM Pence threw Trump under the bus in exchange for support from GOP super donors.
>>13934982 #17638


>>13930931 Oped: ‘Exodus of the rich’ to Florida threatens disaster for NYC
>>13930933 Colorado Secretary of State will have no 'fraudits' in her State
>>13930941 Earthquake in Indiana yesterday (West of Bloomingdale)
>>13931009 Planefag reports
>>13931035 Joe Rogan slams CNN's Stelter: 'Your show is f—ing terrible'
>>13931044 USSOCOM: Didn't a Q drop have a picture of an old guy wearing the 5 diamond patch? 
>>13931086 "Where the pedovores roam"
>>13931094 EXPLOSIVE DEVELOPMENT: Election Worker Ralph Jones Is Now Second Worker Caught Double-Counting Ballots at the State Farm Center on Election Night!
>>13931098 "Giant Mistake" - CDC Delays Emergency Meeting On Post-Vax Heart Inflammation Due To Juneteenth
>>13931109 Soros Spending in Colorado Elections
>>13931113 Human body activity associated with a task provided to a user may be used in a mining process of a cryptocurrency system.
>>13931189 Illinois governor signs law expanding curbside voting, permanent vote by mail
>>13931197 BREAKING: Congressman Gaetz Issues Letter to FBI Requesting Briefing on Wuhan Lab Whistleblower Investigation
>>13931250, >>13931293 HOT auditing review in August?
>>13931312 Four Young Pilots have Mysteriously Died, but NOT from the Vaccine
>>13931336, >>13931357 Col. Dr. Lawrence Sellin: we need to transition from COVID-19 detectives to CCP-Hunters
>>13931397 Osama Bin Laden’s Niece Trolls Biden With ‘Trump Won’ Sign At Geneva Summit
>>13931559 Liz Cheney Puts The ‘Forever’ In ‘Forever War’
>>13931567 #17634

>>13930177 @Cernovich finds out California Democrats have a hotline to Twitter Thought Police?
>>13930201 Reminder that while Newsbot self-doxxed, this doesn't mean BakerTools is comped.
>>13930215 2.54 Billion Vaccine Shots administered around the world
>>13930258 Two More Months: Maricopa County Audit Report 'expected in August'
>>13930262 Former WH Physician called on President Biden to immediately undergo a cognitive test to prove he has 'sound mental capabilities'
>>13930274 Michigan Senate Passes Legislation to Add Voter ID Requirements: ‘Overwhelmingly Popular’
>>13930290 Based Black Clinician gives strong rebuke of critical race theory at school meeting
>>13930293 New Congress Bills, >>13930297, >>13930311
>>13930312 Why hasn't Federal Agent Ray Epps (Capitol Hill Riot instigator) been indicted?, >>13930393 Is it because of this?
>>13930377 Chucky 'Cheese Pizza' Schumer warns of Threat of 'Qanon' to 'Peace' in United States
>>13930425 Child Modelling Agencies: a deep swamp of systematic and horrific phsyical, mental and sexual abuse
>>13930489 North Carolina Senate just passed a bill banning private money from being used to administration elections
>>13930481 Israel says it's willing to transfer 1 million vaccines to Palestine, if Palestine is willing to return 1 million vaccines later
>>13930509 House Republicans Demand Answers After Biden Admin Lifts Iran Sanctions Without Consulting Congress
>>13930544 Positive PCR test result do not provide sufficient proof that people infected with COVID, can infect others, >>13930553, >>13930555, >>13930597, >>13930618, >>13930608, >>13930637
>>13930560 CNN's Chris Cuomo dares 'the Internet' to call him a fact-denier.
>>13930598 Election Fraud: 2nd Atlanta official caught double scanning ballots
>>13930599 Reminder why PCR tests are untrustworthy to begin with
>>13930643 On the Geostate: Jeffrey Prather interview: Deep dive into USA, China and Russia military capabilities and vulnerabilities.
>>13930652 PF Update: AF2 on the move
>>13930655 (Source needed) Colorado Secretary of State has just moved to ban any election audit in the state of Colorado
>>13930705 Meet California's Board of Behavioral Sciences, >>13930717, >>13930722
>>13930737 Kind reminder for newfrens.
>>13930848 #17633

>>13929325 HUUUUGE. Chinese defector held at DIA is fount of intel 
>>13929361 Something is in the food, water and air that's holding everyone in a trance
>>13929411, >>13929433, >>13929455 Witnessed
>>13929525, >>13929546 Qclockwork?
>>13929535 Biden gave Vladimir Putin A pair of Randolph Aviator Sunglasses, in the Concord style
>>13929556 Live Bats in Wuhan Lab & “Intense Clashes” Between China & France
--Baker change--
>>13929628 Recap of last weeks covert wins
>>13929658 (?) Newsbot self-doxxes + an explanation why this is of importance, >>13929964
>>13929690 More about Richard BEEBO Russell
>>13929726 Predictive programming? Large swarts of the American Watersupply is a security disaster waiting to happen.
>>13929807 Voice of Reason: Greenwich parents protest child-masking, 'critical race theory' & the school curriculum.
>>13929848 The 'maybe' line: US-produced make-up sold in Canada, found high level of a marker for toxic PFAS substances.
>>13929857 Gen. Flynn calls Georgian citizens  to demand a resignation of their Senator
>>13929861 CDC wiping Vaccine Deaths from their databases?
>>13929940 'fact-checkrs' got their facts wrong again: it's legal to name an unindicted co-conspirator. 
>>13929970 NSA Reveals in FOIA Response that the FBI Involved in “Improper Surveillance” of 16,000 Americans
>>13930009 Corona insurance fraud? Judge orders insures to pay New Hampshire based hotel 100 million dollars in Corona damages.
>>13930028 US Senate: ‘Establishment Covid-19 narrative is a lie’
>>13930062 #17632

>>13928804, >>13929008 SKY KING ACTIVE
>>13929026, >>13929042 Day of the slave 1776 [Learn].
>>13928542, >>13928661, >>13928701 Literally shaking
>>13928553 Chinese government now admits damage to fuel rods at the Taishan nuclear plant but said the problem is “common”
>>13928557 Joe Biden’s Brother Frank Caught Violating Florida Traffic Law, Case Dismissed Due to Police Officer Out for ‘Training’
>>13928582 “Silent Cry: The Darker Side of Trafficking” as we uncover the SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE happening not only under our very noses but in our OWN HOMES!
>>13928574 @Dan Scavino >>13928611 @Lin Wood >>13928626 @Russ_Warrior
>>13928639 "Buckle up, kids!" The NSA has agreed to produce records about the FBI’s illegal snooping on 16,000 Americans
>>13928676 Anti-Israel protests habbening
>>13928733 HRC Body Double Chronological Comparison Chart
>>13928746 Tucker takes aim at military's newest required reading
>>13928702, >>13928780, >>13928810 Do not try to shrink me, [Gyp]sy
>>13928867 New: An Army judge has been named the new chief of the Guantanamo war court judiciary!
>>13929086 Chinese head of Intelligence defects to US with Intel on covid
>>13929087 時間です, it is time
>>13929110, >>13929117, >>13929133 Noteworthy Images
>>13929182 IRS Denies Tax Exemption to Christian Group, Associates Bible With GOP
>>13929192 RE: The 246th anniversary of Bunker Hill
>>13928909, >>13928930, >>13928933, >>13929223 Tranime (Team) Tantrum Is About Doge Baker Taking Away Their Baking Privilage
>>13929232 #17631

>>13927671, >>13927730, >>13927757
>>13927717 We love you Dan 🇺🇸🦅 @DanScavino
>>13927710, >>13927719, >>13927735,  U.S. Attorney’s Office
>>13927741, >>13927777 Wannabe Vax Mandates RE: Pop Music
>>13927798 FBI Ignored Its Own Warrant And Search Policies To Seize Millions From People's Safety Deposit Boxes
>>13927820, >>13927871 NSA Reveals in FOIA Response that the FBI Involved in “Improper Surveillance” of 16,000 Americans
>>13927840 Former Army Major Apache Pilot Convicted for Murder
>>13927848 US Space Force operations chief: reveals DEWs to the public
>>13927861, >>13927864, >>13927895 Potential Q Proof Incoming
>>13927906 Top Doctor Issues Warning: COVID Vaccine ‘Spike Protein Shedding’ Damages Placenta, ‘We Are Being Experimented On’
>>13928029 Vampires Exist
>>13928120, >>13928095 Cyber Polygon Exercise
>>13928145 FOUR BA Pilots Dead, Potentially From Vaxx Complications
>>13928158 Farmers vs Feds. The “Government Stole Our Water!”
>>13928299 @DARPA high-res multi-waveform implantable stimulator chip and multi-scale electrodes for providing high-res therapy 
>>13928308, >>13928375  CDC is holding an(other?) “emergency meeting” RE: Bloodclots
>>13928319 Biden Attacks Voting Integrity Laws at Juneteenth Federal Holiday Signing Ceremony
>>13928366 Remember Anons, just filter, do not reply!!!
>>13928470 #17630

>>13926863,>>13927215 Heidi Ferrer, a writer for “Dawson’s Creek,” committed suicide in May after a 13 month battle with COVID-19
>>13926874 Boston terror suspects uncle was married to CIA officer's daughter and even shared a home with the agent
>>13926918, >>13926929 RSBN Dan The Man On!
>>13926945, >>13927162 "Fraudits no place colorado" democrat colorado secretary state issues emergency rules prohibiting election audits
>>13926969 PF
>>13927111 @JSolomonReports says: GA Sec. of State Raffensperger sent a contractor to Fulton County, who found "twenty-nine pages of errors, mismanagement, mistakes, grotesque running of an election…"
>>13927187 Fauci Denies Scientists 'Deliberately Suppressed' COVID Lab Theory
>>13927198, >>13927253, >>13927289 Crimes against children, Pedo Roundup News.
>>13927211 Crime boss Bilal Hamze shot dead in Sydney’s CBD
>>13927227 Army Battalion Commander Under Inquiry After Allegedly Telling Soldiers ‘White People Are the Problem’
>>13927240 Ted Cruz Slams the Democrat Election Takeover Bill: ‘Single Most Dangerous Piece of Legislation’ in Congress
>>13927256 Kushner snags book deal with Harper Collins; no deal yet for Trump
>>13927324 Portland's entire riot squad resigns in protest after a colleague is indicted for striking a rioter/activist/photographer.
>>13927379 M Pompeo: "Never give an inch. Period."
>>13927510 CM: Colorado Secretary of State just banned election audits.Why is she scared of an election audit? Surely unrelated: Dominion has (had?) offices in Colorado.
>>13927512 CM: Soros’ biggest mistake this last election was not buying a majority on all the state legislatures.He won’t make the same mistake twice.
>>13927526 CM: A “conspiracy theory” that is proven is called a fact.
>>13927538 Lin Wood: President Trump won re-election by a historic landslide. Just sayin.’
>>13927600 @RealGenFlynn: Fernando Mateo Receives Matching Funds For His Campaign Creating An Even Clearer Path To Victory in November
>>13927622 #17629

#17628 (Anon Bun) 
>>13925947 CLIMATE LOCKDOWN?: Globalist Elite Call For Extreme Measures To Tackle ‘Climate Change’
>>13925970 Rep Jackson: When I was Physician to President Trump, the media relentlessly pushed a narrative that he needed a cognitive test. 
>>13925975 USPacificFleet: #USNavy's Carrier Strike Group One arrives in Hawaiian Islands Operating Area: #CVN70 #US3rdFleet #NavyReadiness
>>13926003 What If the Media Had Told the Truth? Five MSM Lies for Which Trump Has Been Vindicated, and the Damage They Caused
>>13926016 Watch this parent absolutely obliterate Critical Race Theory at an Illinois school board meeting:
>>13926019 Massive 700-pound George Floyd statue erected at Newark City Hall 
>>13926039 Ghislaine Maxwell is awarded just $13.70 compensation after pursuing 'child sex abuse victim' who sued her then dropped case to join Jeffrey Epstein compensation fund instead
>>13926041 JUST IN - Mayor Lori Lightfoot officially declared racism a "public health emergency" today. Chicago to divert nearly $10 million in COVID funds to address the issue.
>>13926095 Louisiana to offer cash prizes, scholarships for vaccinations
>>13926100 Entire Portland Police Riot Squad Quits En Masse, As DA Begins Criminal Investigations Into Officers’ Conduct
>>13926109 Dr. Kelli Ward: Arizona Case on Democrat Ballot Harvesting Will Be Decided by Supreme Court this Month – “We Are Hoping for a Victory”
>>13926132 PEDO BUN 17June 21
>>13926138 IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kohavi will fly to #Washington on Sunday to discuss a range of regional challenges with his #US counterparts, more than a month after he was set to go to discuss #Iran and other challenges.
>>13926212 Hunter Biden was "BLACKLISTED" from Chateau Marmont, a swanky hotel and celebrity hangout in Los Angeles.
>>13926337 HSBC to announce sale of French retail banking operations on Friday
>>13926352 Revolver's Darren Beattie called out Chris Cuomo for smearing him as a "dirtbag" in relation to Revolver News's groundbreaking story about the FBI's involvement in January 6.
>>13926365 NKorea's Kim says must prepare for 'dialogue and confrontation' with US: KCNA
>>13926400 Swiss police reportedly evacuate train in Daeniken city due to 'situation that could pose threat' 
>>13926408 'Dawson's Creek' writer Heidi Ferrer dies by suicide after contracting COVID
>>13926423 Temp Firm Financed By Stacey Abrams Infiltrated All Levels Of GA Government, Including Governor’s Office
>>13926536 Michigan SOS Candidate Kristina Karamo Delivers +7,500 Affidavits Demanding Forensic Audit to Dishonest Jocelyn Benson – BUT HER OFFICE WON’T ACCEPT THEM!
>>13926591 Criminal Charges Filed Against US Marshals For Refusing To Disclose Vaccination Status In Court.
>>13926592 USNG: "I don't think we can do this enough," Lt. Col. Roger Brooks said. "#Patriot21 prepares service members and civilian partners to respond to situations as in the case of a pandemic, earthquake, or overseas in a warfight.
>>13926598 GOP lawmakers, led by ex-White House doc, ask Biden to take cognitive test 
>>13926656 Child-care employee at Stepping Stones Daycare arrested on multiple charges of sex abuse
>>13928620 #17628 (anon bun)

>>13925196 Ex-Trump doctor turned GOP lawmaker wants Biden to take cognitive test
>>13925224 Netanyahu reportedly shredded docs before handing office over to Bennett
>>13925253 IDF Chief of Staff Kohavi to fly to Washington to discuss Iran, Gaza
>>13925259 PF Reports
>>13925277, >>13925773 This texting is between Hunter and his cousin who is really not a high dollar “Madame”.
>>13925294 Rep. Devin Nunes: Republicans Must Stop Talking to Establishment Media
>>13925323 A red shoe a mile from Camp David.
>>13925339 New Report Shows How Lockdowns Destroyed The Middle Class
>>13925283, >>13925287, >>13925295, >>13925306, >>13925326 November 2019, the little fauci piece  
>>13925467 MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Lost 80% of Her Audience Since Trump Left Office
>>13925458 (FROM JUNE 11th) FCC Announces Nationwide Emergency Alerting Test on August 11, 2021
>>13925516 Need eyes on, please
>>13925188 St. Louis couple who pointed guns at protesters last summer plead guilty to misdemeanor charges, agree to forfeit their weapons
>>13925189 Fauci-Funded Researchers Including Ralph Baric Attended Chinese Government ‘Gain-Of-Function’ Conference With Military Scientists.
>>13925633, >>13925846 Reports coming in of British Airways pilots dying after being vaccinated+flying. Seeking confirmation.
>>13925637, >>13925771 Could it be 11. 3 ?  I LIE coding in the books behind biden in Geneva
>>13925677 Herschel Fink, the director of the AZ Democrat Party, says Stacey Abrams helped the Dems “win” in Arizona.
>>13925682 Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., planned to introduce a bill Thursday morning that would abolish the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
>>13925760 President Trump to join Bo Snerdley on his hot new NYC radio show 
>>13925777 Former Pfizer VP: “The thing to be terrified of is your government’
>>13925812 RSBN will also be airing Dan Scavino’s interview with Lara Lea Trump, tonight at 8PM EST
>>13925839 Thomas Massie responds to reporter who wants to know his vaccination status…
>>13925862 #17627

==Previously Collected Notables==
>>13923436 #17624, >>13924225 #17625, >>13925646 #17626
>>13922541 1/2 #17623, >>13922642 2/2 #17623
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>>13919944 #17617, >>13917631 #17618, >>13919244 #17619
>>13915050 #17614, >>13915768 #17615, >>13916593 #17616
>>13912647 #17611, >>13913399 #17612, >>13914259 #17613
>>13910339 #17608, >>13911116 #17609, >>13915693 #17610
>>13907915 #17605, >>13910073 #17606, >>13909889 #17607
>>13905687 #17602, >>13906444 #17603, >>13907185 #17604
>>13909584 #17599, >>13904070 #17600, >>13904886 #17601
>>13900938 #17596, >>13901595 #17597, >>13902374 #17598
>>13901708 #17593, >>13901710 #17594, >>13901711 #17595
>>13901705 #17590, >>13901706 #17591, >>13901707 #17592
>>13893785 #17587, >>13894590 #17588, ##13894594 #17589
>>13893395 #17584, >>13892202 #17585, >>13892990 #17586
>>13893273 #17581, >>13889915 #17582, >>13890514 #17583
>>13888344 #17578, >>13887460 #17579, >>13888246 #17580
>>13893318 #17576, >>13888160 #17577, >>13887347 #17577
>>13882213 #17573, >>13893283 #17574, >>13893303 #17575
>>13879842 #17570, >>13880597 #17571, >>13882183 #17572
>>13877397 #17567, >>13878241 #17568, >>13879177 #17569
>>13875058 #17564, >>13875783 #17565, >>13877307 #17566

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