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'''Wednesday 06.29.2022'''
>>16552853 ————————————–——– What is at stake? Who has control? SURPRISE WITNESS. Who is Cassidy Hutchinson? Trust the plan.

'''Saturday 06.25.2022'''
>>16521604 rt >>16520866, >>16521137 —— Established. (Who was "Jane Roe"? 50 years of conditioning.)

'''Friday 06.24.2022'''
>>16506930 ————————————–——– Are you ready to serve your country again? Remember your oath.
>>16505677 rt >>16505361 ———–––——–— It had to be done this way.
>>16504957 ————————————–——– Shall we play a game once more?

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>>16772420 Dough
>>16772478 Quick dig on St. Vincent Ferrer
>>16772587 Kidnapped by a Clown
>>16772683 CNN boss wants to poach MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski: report
>>16772546 Boston biotech Verve tests ‘CRISPR 2.0′ in a patient for the first time
>>16772583 video-michigan-school-employee-who-called-for-lgbt-lessons-mocked-parents-arrested-for-pedophilia
>>16772650 Big News: USDA Settles Lawsuit Challenging Its Bird Flu Response Plan
>>16772679 Chinese spent $6.1B on US real estate last year
>>16772737 China fines Didi Global $1.2 bln for violating data security laws
>>16772771 Biden appears to admit he has serious illness (VIDEO)
>>16772804 Russia becomes the country with the most Ukrainian refugees
>>16772787 Solar storm to hit Earth’s magnetic field on July 21
>>16772818 Russia resumes gas flow through Nord Stream
>>16772948 Port Oakland shuts day row trucker protests
>>16772951 Migrants sent to NYC amid homeless shelter crisis have no local ties, were directed here by Biden admin
>>16772952 italian pm draghi confirms resignation
>>16772954 news can not decide how many were ~~convicted~~ (indicted)
>>16772967 Facebook URLs just got longer and more complicated.
>>16772976 Pence steps up midterm stumping by touting abortion stance, with eye toward 2024
>>16772980 The US would face a 'deep and immediate recession' if made-in-Taiwan chips were cut off, US commerce secretary 
>>16772986 Uh oh: Home sales fall, mortgage demand
>>16772987 The German government admits hundreds of thousands of people have had severe side effects following mRNA shots
>>16772991 Lightning Kills One Soldier and Injures 9 Others at Georgia Army Base
>>16773002 181 k-12 educators charged child sex crimes 2022

>>16771667 The Vatican bank run, Italy economy danking, euro falling and draghi resigning (eyes on italy, big deep state player)
>>16771695 The mass death of an invasive species of snails on Israel's shores last year caught the attention of the country's scientists - twat (Israel news)
>>16771737 PEDO BUN 20 July 22
>>16771749 Missouri sheriff vows to keep gun-owner data from FBI - (gun grab topic)
>>16771757  Missouri jury found Stephan Cannon, the 26-year-old accused of gunning down retired St. Louis Police Capt. David Dorn  - (rip david dorn o7)
>>16771961 Low country South Carolina swamp getting drained
>>16771791 note taker notes
>>16771867 Charity Commission to take no further action over £2.5m donation to Prince Charles charity
Ex-politician Josh Frydenberg joins financial institution Goldman Sachs as Senior Regional Adviser for Asia Pacific
>>16771962 Customers in NSW, QLD, SA impacted as power company collapses
>>16771962 TV reporter Trent Evans sentenced over drunken high-speed crash
>>16771992 I wonder of Pence knows how much he hated?
>>16772009 Bribes, blackmail, lies and escorts: Former councillor confesses

>>16772070, >>16772047,  >>16772058 Here Are the Senior Biden Officials Entangled in Durham's Criminal Russiagate Probe
>>16771647 Criminal Defense Attorney And Now Law Professor Explains Why You Should Never Talk To Police
>>16772091 Bannon Trial Update
>>16772224 Biden unveils US military thoughts on Taiwan
>>16772236 Elon Musk’s electric car company sold off 75% of its Bitcoin holdings
>>16772242 activist David Hogg gets KICKED OUT
>>16772252 Establishment Tries to Take on Trump Again, This Time in Arizona
>>16772253 MLB All-Star Game Draws Lowest Ratings Ever
>>16772255 The UK’s richer households are more likely to support current sanctions than those with lower incomes
>>16772286 Putin predicts ‘revolutionary’ changes
>>16772342 WATCH: Russian forces repel neo-Nazi attack in Donbass

>>16770919, >>16771176, baker on duty and dough
>>16770902, >>16771010, >>16771141, >>16771477, Military discharging anyone who applied for a religious exemption to the covid vaccine - (covid topic)1
>>16770912, >>16770972, >>16771019, >>16771035, HUNTER BIDEN CHARGES IMMINENT. - hunter topic various newsfeeds
>>16770985, >>16771095, >>16771509, Bidens Bombing! Joe’s Not The Only One - biden topic newsfeeds
>>16770940, >>16770950, 91 Arrested In Crime Reduction Operation In North Carolina And South Carolina - justice.go bun
>>16771323 At least 181 K-12 educators charged with child sex crimes in first half of 2022
>>16770968 A lightning strike Wednesday at Fort Gordon, Georgia, has left one Army soldier dead and nine others injured. - twat
>>16771001, >>16771014, >>16771077, >>16771097, >>16771110, >>16771203, >>16771222, >>16771246, >>16771275, >>16771419, >>16771480, forces twats
>>16770992 eu-seeks-15-cut-gas-consumption-including-mandatory-limits-supply-emergency - zerohedge screencapped full article
>>16771027, >>16771075,  >>16771084, >>16771338, China calls for ‘immediate ceasefire’ in Ukraine - (russia v ukraine) russian newsfeeds.
>>16771032  Bill Gates's Foundation Just Paid for The Chinese Communist Party to Recruit Foreign Scientists.-
>>16771052 trump rally friday az prescott valley- djt t.s post
>>16771064 Elon Musk Plans to Countersue Twitter Over Fake Bot Accounts - (elon topic)
>>16771091 Active shooter in Las Vegas mall. - twat (thats 2 one in indiana last bread)
>>16771163 note taker notes #21155
>>16771111 Les Wexner Hulu series and the spicy red pills therein. - kanekoa
>>16771118 Ford to Fund Its EV Efforts in Part by Laying Off 8,000 Workers
>>16771128, >>16771189, Planefag: E-6B Callsign FARM17
>>16771129 ATF agents and a Delaware state cop show up warrantless at a man's home demanding to see his firearms. So I screen-shotted this and sent it to my local Sheriff… Sheriff advised not to answer the door if this happens and call his office. Those agents would've left in cuffs
>>16771148 Statements by Vladimir Putin after meeting with the presidents of Turkey and Iran
>>16771155 Lara Logan goes off in epic rant on Ukraine, citing ‘fake NGOs,’ Vindman, Hunter Biden, Romney’s son (video)
>>16771156 No coincidences Folks, spontaneous fires raging in Europe since they kicked their Climate Change in a higher gear
>>16771182 Farmers United: Nationwide Protests ERUPT Across Germany In Solidarity With the Dutch - rumble vid (world wide protest 23 July)
>>16771198 South African Leaders Accused of Using Banks to Shut Out and Silence Opposing Voices in Independent Media Group- gwp
>>16771273 new cat herridge twat and mp4 vi on j6 national guard not deployed
>>16771345 WEF Releases Video Pushing for the Use of “Space Bubbles” to Block Out The Sun, Reduce Climate Change - gwp and youtube vid
>>16771449, >>16771462, Denver police opened fire into a crowd, injuring 6 bystanders, while going after a suspect who never fired a gun - yahoo
>>16771551 #21155

>>16770076 dough
>>16770128 planefags posts
>>16770134 Former Trump White House aide who met with January 6 panel attacks witnesses, lawmakers in profane and sexist rant - and other corrupt newsfeeds
>>16770159, >>16770243, DOJ secretly thwarted release of Russia documents declassified by Trump -
>>16770162 indiana mail shooter 4chan - msn
>>16770190, >>16770218, >>16770273, >>16770348, >>16770381, >>16770420, Dr. Malone Gives Analysis On Newly FDA Approved Novavax And Surrounding ‘Misinformation’ rumble (covid topic)
>>16770236 Italy Government On Verge Of Collapse After Coalition Members Abandon Draghi; Euro Tumbles - zerohedge (italy topic)
>>16770671, >>16770711, Italy's PM Draghi is expected to resign tomorrow - twat
>>16770730 Prince Albert of Monaco received by Pope Francis at the Vatican -
>>16770762 rome-the-world-vatican-diplomacy-celibacy-not-linked-to-abuse-deathbed-conversion/ -
>>16770806, >>16770859, New Vatican policy orders foreign investment accounts closed- msn (highly notable baker calls)
>>16770734 Climate Change is an emergency. In the coming weeks, ready to use emergency power - biden 
>>16770753 RECEIPTS: Bill Gates’s Foundation Just Paid for The Chinese Communist Party to Recruit Foreign Scientists. - thenationalpulse
>>16770239 The entire ADL contact list with names, emails, phone numbers and job titles has been leaked. -
>>16770248 john deaton on xrp and ripple - crypto topic mp4 vid
>>16770261 'Swiss Army Knife' of cameras are rolled out to catch drivers doing anything remotely wrong -
>>16770280, >>16770593,  Judge in Bannon trial warns defense team about turning court proceedings into 'political circus' - justthenews (bannon topic) viva free vid
>>16770298, >>16770495, >>16770508, >>16770560, pedo groomer and  cop killers
>>16770325 Senate group moves to rewrite Electoral Count Act - justthenews (federalization of election winner called, chuckys plan).
>>16770338  World Economic Forum Pushes ‘Space Bubbles’ To Block Out The Sun, Stop Climate Change -
>>16770475, >>16770800, PROBE FEDERAL INTO HUNTER BIDEN REACHES CRITICAL JUNCTION - cnn (hunter topic)
>>16770547 Oprah’s Psychic QUITS – Claims ‘Too Many Pedophiles’ In Her Circle To Be a Coincidence -
>>16770573, >>16770649, The 'Handshake' Photo Taken Down at a Congressional Hearing -
>>16770590, >>16770602, Jerry Nadler says the quiet part out loud': Top Democrat makes huge admission about an assault weapons ban - the blaze (gungrab)
>>16770661 Russian air defence systems are intercepting unknown projectiles over Khmeimim airbase in Lattakia. - twat (russia v ukraine)
>>16770665 Charity Commission: no action needed over Prince Charles cash donation -
>>16770670 TRUMP RALLY THIS FRIDAY AZ - djt t.s post
>>16771135 #21154

>>16769300 Dough
>>16769389 Live: Funeral of Ivana Trump, first wife of Donald Trump, to be held in New York ( Caps >>16769397, >>16769430, >>16769907 )
>>16769340 LGBT Characters in Nickelodeon’s Upcoming “Monster High
>>16769349 Rand Paul: "Senate Just Rejected My Attempt To Reaffirm The Constitution"
>>16769357 New York Judge Orders Giuliani to Testify Before Georgia Sham Grand Jury
>>16769380 China tells US to stop plundering Syria
>>16769423 #OTD in 2017, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park is found dead.
>>16769466 @realDonaldTrump A very sad day, but at the same time a celebration of a wonderful and beautiful life. This will not be easy!!!
>>16769519 Boris's last day today
>>16769521 CCP tanks on the street again this time protecting Banks
>>16769543 Biden Delivers Remarks on the Climate
>>16769562 DPRK slams US report over human trafficking allegations
>>16769404 Recovered Text Message Should Lead to Joe Biden’s Impeachment and Hunter Biden’s Immediate Arrest?
>>16769622 ReAwaken America Tour Rochester, NY Momentum Is Growing (And Not Cancelling)!!!
>>16769719 Merriam-Webster Changes The Definition of Female: "Having A Gender Identity That Is The Opposite Of Male"
>>16769730 Anyone else getting that gut dropping feeling that TRUMP is saying more than 'goodbye' to Ivana
>>16769770 Justice Department Charges Dozens for $1.2 Billion in Health Care Fraud
>>16769832 Ivana Qlocked
>>16769872, >>16769958 Biden - Oil in the medicine causing Cancer? (Thats what I Heard)
>>16769902 Judge Rules Against Elon Musk in First Big Decision of Battle with Twitter
>>16769344, >>16769346, >>16769508, >>16769604, >>16769656, >>16770006, >>16770011, >>16770043 Memes of the Thread
>>16770049 #21153

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>>16463405 '''Notables Bread #14: Gonna Rise Up'''

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