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Procyon brags about doxing trolls and threatening...

[2018-11-20 20:08:34] <ProcyonLotor> I'll remove all the mystery, I hunted the fucker down and Mann called his mom.
[2018-11-20 20:14:16] <ProcyonLotor> You know how I stopped him?
[2018-11-20 20:14:32] <ProcyonLotor> I don't think I've ever said this aloud
[2018-11-20 20:15:14] <ProcyonLotor> In the early days, he was real reckless with his name. And I basically fucking see everything. I'm goddamn big brother.
[2018-11-20 20:16:03] <ProcyonLotor> Eventually, during his trolling spree, he moved to Australia from Hong Kong. And he was like 16, and obsessed with his own intelligence.
[2018-11-20 20:16:39] <ProcyonLotor> So I sat him down, I told him that if I ever saw his ass again I was going to take what I had of his personal information, the logs of his little robots flooding racial slurs
[2018-11-20 20:16:57] <ProcyonLotor> And I would email them to the admissions office of every single fucking university in Australia.
[2018-11-20 20:17:54] <ProcyonLotor> Now, I didn't really have the information or patience to pull that off successfully, but half of this is sleight of hand and showmanship
[2018-11-20 20:18:05] <ProcyonLotor> And I am told I can be one scary motherfucker.
[2018-11-20 20:20:33] <ProcyonLotor> Adnol's the one I'm most proud of.
[2018-11-20 20:31:35] <ProcyonLotor> And I pulled the same stunt as I did on Marsden.
[2018-11-20 20:32:18] <ProcyonLotor> Mostly lying, I didn't even know the kid's name, but the college threat //really// works on teenagers who think they're clever.
[2018-11-20 20:46:46] <ProcyonLotor> But nah, djkaktus was my pointsman for the t#s shit
[2018-11-20 20:46:50] <ProcyonLotor> I was answering to him

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