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''' #20757'''
>>16407671 Family of Clinton Advisor Found Hanging From Tree with Shotgun Blast to Chest Blocks Release of Files Detailing Grisly Death Scene
>>16407716, >>16407757 Binney on NSA Surveillance Programs (mp4)
>>16407686 Supreme Court to receive evidence in regards to President Barack Obama’s classified surveillance program on the Trump Campaign, with records showing evidence as early as January 2016. - DJT truthsocial
>>16407730, >>16407698  Leonardo wins cyber security contract to protect European agency eu-LISA
>>16407734 Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich and possible connections to Roths
>>16407759 Taser company halts its plan for a police drone that could TASER school shooting suspects after nine of the company's ethics board members resign in protest
>>16407779 The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Uncertain Conclusion -
>>16407799 Why Are Goats Synonymous With Satan?
>>16407850 Migrant caravan in Mexico heads for U.S. border as Americas Summit starts
>>16408026 Cabal shakedown of Peter Navarro - youtube (great segment by tucker)
>>16408179 The FDA's proposed "Future Framework" is the worst idea in the history of public health - tobyrogers.substack
>>16408299 Nude Hunter Biden Recklessly Brandishes Illegal Firearm With Prostitute In Leaked Video As Joe Biden Demands Gun Control For Law Abiding Americans - gwp
>>16407741, >>16408334, Qanon 4 am talking points - major news outlets posts.
>>16408319, >>16408335 Tucker segments on the weaponizing of the jan 6th committee and peter navarro and all trump office and maga - youtube (both vids bun).
>>16408343  #20757

>>16406822 Musk breaks down uses for a wall - pay attention commies.
>>16406854 Macron warns against humiliating Russia
>>16406874 Pentagon investigates suspected ‘insider’ attack
>>16406896 Hungary doubles down on remark that Zelensky has a mental problem
>>16406920 Emergency Authorization for duty free solar cells imported from "S.E. Asia"
>>16406924 Kiev being pressed into concessions to Moscow – Zelensky
>>16406949 Ukrainian victory not in the cards – former top US official
>>16407498, >>16407012, >>16407177 Enrique Tarrio, the former leader of Proud Boys faces federal charges of seditious conspiracy 
>>16407016 Former U.S. Congressman and Philadelphia Political Operative Pleads Guilty to Election Fraud Charges
>>16407118 Gov. Wolf says he has tested positive again for COVID-19
>>16407121 Milo Yiannopoulos is working as an unpaid intern for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.).
 >>16407198 Chinese Ambassador to Russia, "We must once and for all end the hegemony of the United States..."
>>16407260 Illegal Alien Who Killed Kate Steinle Sentenced to Time Served
>>16407293, >>16407317, Clockfag June 6, 2022, Follow The Narrative / 666 & Stocks
>>16407325 Paul Sperry: Discovery in the Danchenko trial already has generated more than 66K classified & unclassified documents
>>16407424 Reminder, precipice drop in June
>>16407460, >>16407476 Pete Buttgig tests postive for COVID-19
>>16407478 PEDO BUN 6 June 2022
>>16407490 Mafia Down Under: THOUSANDS of mobsters Italian gangs are found living secretly in Australia
>>16407555 New York governor signs bills that ban semi-automatic rifles for those under 21, outlaws body armor - 
>>16407567 #20756

>>16406674 Donald J. Trump  reTruthed… Stop with the Trump 2024 bullshit, He was elected by US in 2020! This must be resolved!
>>16406451, >>16406446, >>16406459 Donald J. Trump: Twitter is loaded up with Bots and Fake Accounts. Why would anybody want to buy it, especially for $44 Billion? Let Twitter rot in Hell!
>>16406469 Donald J. Trump: Billions and Billions of DOLLARS is being pulled out of NEW YORK STATE. Our Corrupt Attorney General must act now 
>>16406471 Donald J. Trump: exactly 4 years ago, that I signed the incredible VA MISSION ACT, which gave our wonderful Veterans CHOICE. After 44 years of failure, I got it done!
>>16406476 Donald J. Trump : People are fleeing New York State, bringing Billions of Dollars in Taxes with them, in order to get away from people like James. New York State has never receded so rapidly!
>>16406501, >>16406682 Donald J. Trump  reTruthed…Twitter says it will FORCE through Elon Musk's $44B takeover 'at the agreed price' 
>>16406485 Donald J. Trump Our great trade genius, Professor Peter Navarro, was just handcuffed, shackled, and put in jail,while the lowlifes of ANTIFA & BLM are allowed to... FAIRNESS AND JUSTICE must rule the day!
>>16406473, >>16406481 Rudy W. Giuliani: Peter Navarro is a political prisoner
>>16406065, >>16406154 Nancy Pelosi’s Son Accused Of Physical Assault of A 6-Year Old Before He Used CPS To Get The Girl Taken From Her Mother
>>16406077 Washington Post Reporter Dave Weigel Suspended for Retweet of Politically Incorrect Joke: sneaking suspicion this dude will get busted on pedophilia charges soon?
>>16406085, >>16406091 Postage stamp of former first lady Nancy Reagan was unveiled Monday in a White House ceremony 
>>16406133, >>16406124 Keep your eye on the ball Pompeo
>>16406143, >>16406212, >>16406491 Mark Middleton was Bill Clinton's advisor who admitted Jeffrey Epstein into White House seven times has blocked release of files detailing the death scene
>>16406175,  >>16406210 Alarming increase in deaths in yet another highly vaxxed nation
>>16406187, >>16406140  Texas Attorney General Paxton Launches Investigation Against Twitter For Potential False Reporting Over Its Fake “Bot” Accounts
>>16406225 The state of New York, requires social media networks to monitor and report 'hateful conduct' on their platforms
>>16406233 J6 Committee Dems Hire TV Exec To Literally 'Produce' Hearings
>>16406253 Jim Watkins, Thank you for the prayers. I felt the edification. The undeserved favor of grace was with me. God bless the USA.
>>16406283 COMPROMISED: MSNBC Guest and Ex-Obama Advisor Calling for an End to Trump’s China Tariffs Actually Headlined a Chinese Communist Party Event.
>>16406284, >>16406288  the swamp tomorrow morning
>>16406268 QR codes are evil transhumanism and must be resisted. 
>>16406303, >>16406322, >>16406385 , >>16406502, >>1640659888 Arrested, 58 Guns Seized During ‘Largest-Ever’ Gang Takedown in California County
>>16406316 Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officer Charged With Using And Attempting To Use A Minor To Produce Sexually Explicit Images
>>16406319 Boeing E-6B Mercury 164407. Call sign SLUM31. kek
>>16406321 Jeffrey Peterson: Deep fakes are often used to spread fake news and propaganda. 
>>16406387, >>16406692 Live Now, Robert Gouveia Looks At The Hearing On 9th Thursday June 2022.
>>16406401 Posobiec SLAMS Arnold Schwarzenegger's chief of staff over Pizza Hut 'grooming kids'
>>16406404 UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson survives Conservative Party no-confidence motion
>>16406413 CNN Rebrands To JAN6NN
>>16406426 Nancy Pelosi’s trading is just uncanny. She literally nailed the exact NASDAQ bottom on May 24th buying those $AAPL and $MSFT calls. I mean… She’s 82yo, yet trades options better than a Citadel algo running on a dedicated $300m mainframe computer.
>>16406414 Sex-assault civil lawsuit against actor Kevin Spacey can proceed in federal court in New York City
>>16406460 Feds arrest 32 in ‘Operation Blue Ghost’ child exploitation stings in Kansas and Missouri 
>>16406464 Ezra A. Cohen Retweeted: Stay tuned as we join our French allies in honoring the brave individuals who jumped into history 78 years ago! 
>>16406543, >>16406559, >>16406644 'First time this has happened': Doctors left shocked after clinical trial for cancer drug cures the disease in EVERY participant
>>16406764 EXEC1F still on loopy course across the USA, looks maybe headed for Las Vegas. We'll see.
>>16406765 #20755

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