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>>16950147 06.25.2022
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>>17348711 Former Cambridge Man Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud and Illegally Exporting Defense Articles to Turkey
>>17348719 Former Twitter Employee Found Guilty of Acting as an Agent of a Foreign Government and Unlawfully Sharing Twitter User Information
>>17348740 Deep State Infighting: DOJ Fingers FBI for Mar-a-Lago Raid Disaster
>>17348743 POTUS video, storming, "we are a Nation in decline" 
>>17348784 United Nations Verified and wikiHow present - How to Fight Misinformation Online
>>17348775 Large house Explosion with 40+ homes damaged
>>17348831 PEDO BUN 10 August 22
>>17348859 New Orleans School District Will Require COVID Jabs for Students Aged Five and Up
>>17348863 ‘Deplorable’: FBI Director Christopher Wray Denounces Threats After Mar-a-Lago Raid
>>17348907 Most Americans Say FBI Raid on Trump Motivates Them to Vote in the Midterms
>>17348917 Florida Board Of Medicine Moves To Ban Transgender Treatments For Minors
>>17348933 CNN’s Cupp: Americans Not Upset About Mar-a-Lago Raid — A ‘Preposterous’ MAGA Talking Point
>>17348951 Legal Group Unveils Sweeping Records Investigation Into Biden Family
>>17348953 Twitter suspends Paul Sperry after he speculates that the FBI agents spent 9 hours looking for details President Trump took with him on the Crossfire Hurricane FBI spying scandal.
>>17348965 Media Talking Points Around Extremist Reactions to Raid on Trump's Residence (mp4 compilation)
>>17349013, >>17349018, >>17349024 Establishment smear merchants The Daily Beast, Rolling Stone and their perceptible intelligence ties
>>17349032  Deep State Infighting: DOJ Fingers FBI for Mar-a-Lago Raid Disaster
>>17349035 Playbook of the Democrat Party — Cloward and Piven
>>17349074 Thank You to Jim
>>17349107 Fauci booed by fans before throwing out first pitch at Seattle Mariners game (mp4)
>>17349108 Possible Q connection with double posts 3316 & 3317 and US Navy post
>>17349124, >>17349122 Q Proof: 1121
>>17349132 Japan’s government resigns in its entirety

>>17347836, >>17348043, >>17348314 FBI Delivers SUBPOENAS to Several Pennsylvania  Republican Lawmakers
>>17347914 Reinhart video literally doing mental gymnastics for Lois Lerner, head of the Exempt Org Division in Cinci at the time.
>>17347922 Hillary supported Barry Goldwater? - Hillary Clinton and Park Ridge 11/8/16
>>17347944 Anthony Weiner Has a Bone to Pick With His Old Roommate Jon Stewart 5/14/09
>>17347946 DOD - Contracts For Aug. 10, 2022
>>17347951, >>17347978, >>17347980 Guilty until proven innocent? Political world ponders motives for Trump raid as midterms approach
>>17347956 An Informer Told the FBI What Docs Trump Was Hiding, and Where
>>17347973 Illegal Migrants Deny Being ‘Tricked’ Into Getting On Buses To DC, NYC
>>17347983, >>17348068 Rep. Eric Swalwell - LISTEN to this death threat against my children. Is it real?
>>17347985, >>17348029 BREAKING: Project Veritas Action Press Sec RC Maxwell Questions Sen. 
>>17347992, >>17348015 Burning body found hanging from tree near merry-go-round in LA park
>>17347994 PF - Three Boeing E-6B Mercuries. Call signs CAPRA59, COOT55, and TONKA56. TACAMO
>>17348010, >>17348055 An exerpt from the ongoing investigation into Pedowood’s murder of Judith Barsi.
>>17348013 UPDATE: Eric Trump Says Mar-a-Lago Security Cameras Captured FBI Agents Behaving Improperly
>>17348032 ‘I Created It’: Fauci Jokes That He Created COVID-19, Laughs About Gain-Of-Function Research
>>17348038 Report Alleges FBI “Had Personal Stake” in Mar-a-Lago Raid – Agents Were After Spygate Documents
>>17348057 Joint Operations Command - From the sky, to the sea, to the shore.
>>17348075  Anon opine - Q+ is describing to 'them' in code how he successfully coordinated with patriots within the DOJ and FBI to legally enter information into court.
>>17348130 CNN Legal Analyst: Of Course Letitia James ‘Politicized’ Trump Investigation
>>17348147 Eric Trump - is shattering all fundraising records
>>17348150 Hillary Clinton Monetizes Her Email Scandal, Open Corruption After FBI Raid on President Trump
>>17348154, >>17348265, >>17348327 Former President Donald Trump invoked his Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination
>>17348156 Black Lives Matter Activist Convicted of “Felony Lynching”
>>17348159 Prominent Colorado Dem Charged With Felony For Allegedly Lying About Residence
>>17348171 Florida Man With Concealed Firearm Kills Gunman Who Threatened To "Shoot Up The Crowd"
>>17348199 Oversight GOP Launches NARA Probe Over FBI Mar-a-Lago Raid
>>17348255 Two New Trump Truths - One is a 17 timestamp 
>>17348267 FBI's Wray Denounces Threats Following Search of Trump Home
>>17348271 Judge Orders DOJ To Respond To Requests To Unseal FBI’s Trump Warrant
>>17348310 Project Veritas Confronts Murkowski on Her Secret Support For Ranked Choice Voting
>>17348338 Facebook Posts Reveal Epstein-Linked Magistrate Bruce Reinhart’s Woke, Anti-Trump Attitudes
>>17348393 U.S. Navy - Ready for take off! (17 spotted)
>>17348588 Swamp schedule tomorrow morning, Thursday, August 11, 2022
>>17348636 #21297

>>17342342 Leak between Biden/FBI shows RAID was illegal:
>>17343287, >>17344206 Brian Stelter admits Hunter Biden scandal is ‘not just a right-wing media story
>>17347278 Planted evidence at Maralago? George Webb has a theory
>>17347308 Biden Administration Raid on Trump ‘Improper,’ Dershowitz Says'
>>17347309 Powerhouse Dem Lawyer Brags About 'Really, Really Big Reason' FBI Raid Was 'Blockbuster'
>>17347323 DC Bar Restores Convicted FBI Russiagate Forger While He’s Still Serving Probation
>>17347325 Kash Patel weighs in on the FBI's raid on Mar-a-Lago
>>17347376, >>17347409 U.S. Navy - Ready for take off! -  Sailors and #Marines conduct #FltOps aboard #USSTripoli
>>17347381 @lisamurkowski Secret Support of Ranked Voting to Ensure Re-Election EXPOSED
>>17347395, >>17347401, >>17347406 NEW: Recent IRS job listing called for agents to use deadly force
>>17347396 US wants prolonged Ukraine conflict – China
>>17347412 Conspiracy theorist suspected to be behind the cult that believes Satan-worshipping, cannibalistic child molesters are controlling the world moves to Australia
>>17347415 FBI Director Wray Won’t Discuss Raid on Trump’s Florida Residence
>>17347424, >>17347655 Whistleblower Reveals Former Notorious FBI Official Jill Sanborn Led Campaign to Pad Domestic Terrorism Data
>>17347435 Residents of Texas city successfully quash pro-LGBT ‘diversity, equity, inclusion’ gov’t proposals
>>17347439 MSNBC's @jheil: Trump's politicizing the FBI raid on his home
>>17347446 Department of Defense - Air power on display.
>>17347454 An AH-1Z Viper lands on the flight deck of Wasp-class amphibious assault ship USS Essex
>>17347462 JPMorgan Gold Traders Found GUILTY in Market Manipulation Trial
>>17347482 Attorneys continue sparring over prosecutor’s contact with R. Kelly witness in days before Chicago federal trial
>>17347483 U.S. Naval Institute - The battleship token in the classic version of "Monopoly" was modeled after USS Indiana (BB-1)
>>17347492, >>17347520 Operation Popeye was a top secret campaign, highly classified weather modification program.
>>17347496, >>17347553, >>17347561 TOKYO: The entire Japanese government has resigned, Sputnik reported quoting a Kyodo news agency report.
>>17347506 Twitter Suspends Russian Foreign Ministry Account For COVID Origins Theory
>>17347522 IRS faces online uproar over special agent job posting requiring ability to use deadly force 'if necessary'
>>17347546, >>17347556 Corny - Popcorn Comms
>>17347569 Two of Armie Hammer's accusers share messages from the actor where 'he says he is 100% cannibal'
>>17347572 Donald J. Trump - Just leaving the Attorney General’s Office - A very professional meeting. 
>>17347599 Fauci booed by fans before throwing out first pitch at Seattle Mariners game
>>17347603 Second-Largest U.S. Aluminum Mill Idles Due to ‘Untenable’ Energy Prices, Laying Off 600 American Workers
>>17347606 J.F.K. Library - Today is #NationalLazyDay!
>>17347613 Interesting deltas considering recent events here and with Q+ - Q Drops 1837, 1835, 1840
>>17347619 It Was A Trap - FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago
>>17347626 Eric Trump Says Security Cameras Captured FBI Acting Improperly During Raid
>>17347641 FBI Trump raid exposes Washington’s secrecy shams
>>17347653 NASA to Stream Artemis I Rollout, Briefings on Science, Tech Payloads
>>17347669 Insider Led FBI to Trump’s Document Stash, Report Says
>>17347684 Licensed counselor and sex therapist advocates for “MAPs” (minor attracted persons). 
>>17347697 Federal agents barred from investigating CCP holders in Missouri.
>>17347704  Washington Post deletes tweet accusing Merrick Garland of ‘politicizing DOJ’
>>17347708 Judge Who OK'd Trump Raid, Recused Himself in Trump-Clinton Lawsuit
>>17347714 Monkey Pox Vaccines
>>17347771 Truckers For Freedom 🇺🇸
>>17347779 COVID Boosted Have Weaker, Overworked Immune Systems
>>17347808 U.S. Naval Institute - USS Abraham Lincoln Return Marks End of Second High-Tempo Carrier Deployment in WESTPAC
>>17347817 Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force - High and Low tides.
>>17347826 #21296

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>>17224648 #21282, >>17224644 #21283, >>17224642 #21284
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