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Cambios en Enlightenment - E16

Sat 20 Jun 2020 06:21:54 AM CEST

--- 1.0.22 ---
Use installed gettext version, if possible
e_gen_menu: Drop ConsoleOnly apps
windowmatches: Fix use of MAKE_WINDOW_STICKY_...() macros
windowmatches: Remove ancient incorrect case values
definitions: Empty obsolete windowmatch macros
windowmatches: Resurrect USE_ICON_IMAGE_FOR_CLIENT_() macros
windowmatches: Issue notice when discarding invalid one
windowmatches: Remove some cruft
windowmatches: Enable having spaces in name matches
Consistently use @ as token delimiter in .in files
Fix warnings occurring in various situations
windowmatches: Add some consts
bindings: Add 'W' as alias for modifier 4
libhack: Intercept XSendEvent too
Fix unmaximizing by _NET_WM_STATE[_MAXIMIZED_...]
Indent profile - Drop -bad for now as it does silly things
Re-indent with indent-2.2.12
slideouts: Use defines for directions
slideouts: Refactoring
slideouts: Fix potential crash
aclass.c: Fix valgrind complaint
eesh: Fix clang-analyzer complaints
edox: Fix clang-analyzer complaints
src: Fix clang-analyzer complaints Add -n as alternative to NOCONFIGURE
Fix incorrect check for __attribute__ ((unused)))
Hide Group struct internals
groups.c: Correct debug stuff Drop unnecessary prefix stuff
Spec file: Add git tag to rpm file name (if built from git checkout)
edox: Add a couple of forgotten casts
edox: Fix missing return value (at previously unreachable function exit)
Espawn(): Use variable argument list
Enable sounds in combined configuration dialog
Autofoo sound configuration cosmetics
Optionally play sounds using audio player
Introduce path_canexec0() for convenience
Minor cleanups after sound by audio player feature
GSOD: Avoid rendering artifacts when unmapped
Avoid potential crash when attempting to enable sound, cosmetics
Minor cleanups in sound players
Add alsa-lib sound backend
Autofoo cosmetics (AC_HELP_STRING -> AS_HELP_STRING).
Fix obscure m4 problem
Add feature to build with ASAN (--enable-gcc-asan)
groups: Eliminate EwinGetGroups()
groups.c: Eliminate BuildWindowGroup()
groups.c: Mostly cosmetic changes around group configuration
groups.c: Reshuffle code to avoid forward declarations
groups.c: Rename functions for more consistency
groups.c: Refactor _GroupEwinRemove()
groups.c: Fold "group_info" into "group" IPC command
groups.c: Enable popping up ewin group configuration dialogs from ipc
groups.c: _GroupEwinDestroy() -> _GroupDelete()
groups.c: Mostly cosmetic tweaks
groups.c: Fix handling groups with negative id
groups.c: Fix showing empty group
groups.c: Add group del command
groups.c: Fix group deletion
groups.c: Add some debug
groups.c: Fix snapshot updating
snaps: Fix snapshot group remembering when all groups are deleted
groups: Rework group configuration saving
groups.c: Simplify _GroupDelete() some more
groups.c: Eliminate _EwinInGroup()
groups.c: Add group list ipc comand
groups.c: Fold "groups" into "group_op" IPC command
Fix technical/shapewin move mode through edge flip
Fix technical/shapewin move mode with window groups
French translation update (Philippe J. Guillaumie)
Document the "absolute" parameter for the toggle_* window operations (Pierre Neyron) Avoid trouble with missing AM_LANGINFO_CODESET

Pasted: Jun 20, 2020, 10:24:15 am
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