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>>16552853 ————————————–——– What is at stake? Who has control? SURPRISE WITNESS. Who is Cassidy Hutchinson? Trust the plan.
>>16950147 06.25.2022
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>>17579967, >>17580313, dough baker on duty
>>17580023 Corporate greed, not wages, is behind inflation. It’s time for price controls - theguardian
>>17580025 The U.S. has ordered 171 million doses of the new boosters for the fall.-
>>17580026 gen flynn - they want to turn us into cyborgs - twat
>>17580029 , >>17580033 Anti-LGBTQIA+ protestors show up outside of Drag Bingo event at a church in Katy -
>>17580039, >>17580051, >>17580065, >>17580082, >>17580107, From respect to resentment: My history with the CIA - (non profit irs and klaus asset)
>>17580368, >>17580381, >>17580435, Early turnout numbers for referendums on joining Russia revealed (bun)
>>17580057 no one tell commander that summer's over - biden twat (is he talking to trump, dark winter coming)
>>17580081 Pope Francis instructs Vatican entities to move all funds to Vatican bank by Sept. 30 - (reminder and qdrops 1950 and 2606)
>>17580108 compare this bean plant w green 3 wks ago - twat chuck grassley
>>17580123 London Banks Prepare For Possible Blackouts - zerohedge (re-nom)
>>17580143 Jamie Raskin just suggested on MTP that “election deniers” shouldn’t be on the ballot in the fall. - twat
>>17580264, >>17580338, MELONI'S BLOC AT 228 SEATS IN ITALIAN LOWER HOUSE: SKYTG24 - Twat
>>17580164 Americans Tell U.S. 'Health Experts' Where They Can Shove Their Booster Shots - pjmedia (covid topic)
>>17580195, >>17580578, Italians Vote in Election that May Overturn EU Order - breitbart
>>17580208 Michael Moore Predicts Democratic 'Landslide Against the Traitors' - pjmedia (for moar keks)
>>17580211 In 2017, a gunman opened fire on a Las Vegas country music festival. - rolling stone twat 25th sept 2022 (why now?)
>>17580243 Animal Shoots 84-Year-Old Pro-Lifer. Tell Me Again How 'We the People' Are the 'Semi-Fascists -
>>17580286 Starlink now over 1M user terminals manufactured - twat elon musk (only c.i.a will buy them)
>>17580181, >>17580474 djt link to daily wire quote ''it will soon be a flood.'' - djt t.s post
>>17580476 It’s time to pass the assault weapons ban. I’ve taken on the NRA, and I beat them before. - joe biden twat
>>17580478 CEO of Pfizer announces he has Covid again, second time in 40 days - twat albert bourla
>>17580490 Newly Unsealed Court Documents Reveal FBI Got Warrant For Beverly Hills Raid of 1,400 Safe-Deposit Boxes, Seizure of $86 Million in Cash by Misleading Judge - gwp
>>17580502 New Orleans Police Department hiring civilians to bolster force as murderous crime wave hits city -
>>17580511 =She was killed for refusing to have sex with guests, says police -
>>17580588 South Australian Catholic schools defend receiving tens of millions in JobKeeper funding -
>>17580612 South Australian Catholic schools defend receiving tens of millions in JobKeeper funding - boatfag post
>>17580615 Federal government to unveil new security measures following massive Optus data breach -
>>17580626 diane-feinsteins-husband-wins-ca-rail-contract/ - 
>>17580651 Likely next Italian PM, Giorgia Meloni of the nationalist FdI, is known for posting anime fan-art of herself - twat (art like manga to those who remember it before the 4chan fags got a hold of it)
>>17580688 When Crain's exposed Trump's (lack of) wealth - (helped Letitia get lawsuit on trump)
>>17580722 #21554'

>>17579246, >>17579286, >>17579321, >>17579374, >>17579516, >>17579530, >>17579537, >>17579656, >>17579668, >>17579681 Clockfag reports
>>17579522 Newsom Seeks to Delete Law That Makes it a Crime to Kill a Baby After It's Born 
>>17579535 Open Society Foundation Funded Pro-Prostitution Organizations
>>17579542 Pope joins population control activist Jeffrey Sachs to push ‘climate change’ agenda at conference
>>17579552 Liz Cheney: I’ll ‘Do Everything I Can’ to Stop AZ Republican Kari Lake
>>17579566 Marvel Comics head connected to Israeli intelligence?
>>17579571, >>17579627, >>17579701, >>17579714, >>17579719 "QAnon leaders look to rebrand after tech crack downs" 
>>17579587 Uniformed soldiers tried smuggling people into Texas
>>17579595 Mexico near the top of the list of the world’s most dangerous countries.
>>17579603 Epic Video Shows that “FJB” Season is Back!
>>17579608 Feds award $1 million to nonprofit that funneled tax dollars to Chinese bat coronavirus lab via EcoHealth Alliance
>>17579616 Inflation May Cost Average US Family Extra $11,500 This Year
>>17579663 21 Arrested in Child Sex Trafficking Operation in Arizona
>>17579675  Ukrainian Army War Crimes in Donbass
>>17579742 Republicans have an advantage of =8,888= voter registrations in Pinellas County, FL
>>17579744 MP4 Archive Updated
>>17579749 @bennyjohnson  Hillary compares MAGA rallies to Hitler speeches and claims that young men have their “arms raised” like Nazis at Trump events
>>17577921 (pb), >>17579752  Employed people being disabled at an alarming rate due to vaccine mandates
>>17579754, >>17579764 Liz Cheney says she will leave GOP if Donald Trump is 2024 nominee
>>17579757 Bill Gates says political polarization 'may bring it all to an end' & could even lead to a civil war (predictive programming)
>>17579763 Dem Mouthpiece Says MAGA Wants to Destroy the Country while Joe Biden Wants to Reach Across Aisle (KEK)
>>17579765 Judge bars enforcement of Delaware 'ghost gun' restrictions
>>17579784 NSW government to appoint its first ever Chief Behaviour Advisor to boost respect at schools 
>>17579782 Far-left activists cheer Capitol Police killing Ashli Babbitt, then get triggered by Capitol Police on bike
 >>17579801 President Trump just posted some dasting numbers - the market comparison between Trump and Biden
>>17579808 Kash on FBI choosing J6 investigations over CP
>>17579818 DOJ admits there were informers inside the OathKeepers
>>17579819 PDJT on Biden prediction
>>17579813, >>17579859, >>17579887 Tropical Storm Ian soon to be Hurricane Ian
>>17579848 Alexander Soros: Great to meet the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys_Shmyhal at @Zelenska_FND launch event!
>>17579861 Lead Prosecutor for Robert Mueller Rips the Mask Completely off in Insane Display-Weissman   
>>17579914 Garrison and others try to warn, but free speech is still under attack
>>17579916 Nat’l Black Farmers Assn. Pres.: We’re Losing Farmland to China that ‘We’re Never Going to Get Back’
>>17579922 Italy, national parliament election today
>>17579926 Are Hillary Clinton and the Democrats Secret Admirers of Hitler?
>>17579956 #21553-B

>>17579245 Tropical Storm Ian headed towards Tampa Bay?
>>17579332 FBI Agents Raid Home of Pro-Life Author With Guns Drawn in Front of His Screaming Kids
>>17579333, >>17579400, >>17579526, >>17579490 Andy Ngo exposes another child sex offender, Lucas Dietsche
>>17579335 Another one predicting the Queen's death
>>17579346, >>17579358, >>17579376 Gavin Newsom says he is definitely not running for president in 2024 after his 'vulnerable' 2021 recall
>>17579352 "Ben Santer"with University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit Scientific Fraud Fabrication Unit 
>>17579356 These 210 housing markets are now vulnerable to 20%-25% home price declines
>>17579384 Disturbing 1987 Photo of Joe and Ashley Biden Goes Viral 
>>17579386, >>17579397 Trump Slams Former 'Great Friend,'Now 'Ungrateful' DeSantis  1 of 2
>>17579388 Enormous Fire Breaks Out at World’s Largest Wholesale Fresh Produce Market in Paris
>>17579394 US threatens Russia with ‘catastrophic consequences’ in case of nuke action
>>17579396 Biden administration launches environmental justice office..."underserved" communities to get pollution relief
>>17579404 Memphis' DA to push bail reform despite critics blaming it for crime increases
>>17579406 Top Vaccine Expert & FDA Adviser Says Young Healthy People Should NOT Get the New Booster Shot
>>17579407, >>17579516 Sorry Liberals, But The Nazis Were Progressive Leftists
>>17579417, >>17579426 FBI Stole More Than Documents During Unlawful Raid of Mar-a-Lago – Stole 1,800 Other Items as Well
>>17579427, >>17579427, >>17579485, >>17579486 PDJT reposted 2016 article: Trump's Classified Disclosure Is Shocking But Legal
>>17579429 London Banks Prepare For Possible Blackouts
>>17579437, >>17579461, >>17579479 Family = final barrier to the total state
>>17579438 Wisconsin co takes away Dominion approval
>>17579462, >>17579477 FBI Whistleblower Says Many Agents ‘Don’t Agree’ With Bureau’s Direction
>>17579470 Top Trans Medical Org Recommends Castration For Those With ‘Eunuch’ Identity
>>17579476 Sixty Labour MPs Attend Anti-Monarchy Event Slamming King Charles as ‘White Privileged Male’
>>17579493 Zelensky: Europe Cannot Be Stable with Putin in Power
>>17579506 Do ‘Trump Judges’ Exist? We’re About to Find Out
>>17579508 PF on Harris trip to Asia
>>17579511 Ex-Clinton adviser predicts Dems will ‘dump’ Biden in favor of Hillary in 2024 
>>17579521  Pelosi being booed as she tries to push a climate change narrative at a music festival
>>17579846 #21553-A

>>17578424, >>17578441, >>17578452, >>17578579, >>17578922 Planefag reports
>>17578435, >>17578436, >>17578600, >>17578610, >>17578733, >>17578944, >>17579008, >>17579086, >>17578733, >>17578944, >>17579008, >>17579086 Learn Russian / Red October bun 
>>17578446 Fire breaks out at world's biggest produce market in Paris
>>17578454 Warehouse Fire Burns Near Paris-Orly Airport
>>17578467 Germany wants EU citizens banned from top posts at Russian state firms
>>17578477 DJT Truth TT2028: [44's] Weaponization of Government
>>17578497 UK to double military spending amid cost-of-living crisis
>>17578507 Anon Opines: This place isn't being watched 24/7 and infiltrated
>>17578523 Russian soldiers who voluntarily surrender face jail
>>17578528 Police in Memphis Tenn shut down "all ages" drag show.
>>17578574 Scientists ‘confident’ that Saturn’s moon has the ingredients for alien life
>>17578604 Russia’s invasion of Ukraine should 'make your blood run cold,'
>>17578620 FDA vaccine adviser warns healthy young people should NOT get new COVID booster: 
>>17578623 A British Airways flight was forced to make an emergency landing after its windshield 'broke' mid-air
>>17578648 23 Dead After Boat Sinks In Bangladesh
>>17578658 Soviet planes modified for US missiles destroyed in Ukraine
>>17578740, >>17578749 After 90 years, German bakery to close as energy costs soar
>>17578762 Pelosi heckled in Central Park at NYC Global Citizen Music Fest
>>17578790 US ARMY Ft. Sill - Suicide Awareness message
>>17579884 #21552

>>17577639 Iran protests continue but regime restricts social media
>>17577643 Smart Thermostats are Very Stupid
>>17577646 “Save Our Children” Burden (video)
>>17577648 Ukraine conflict fails to make list of top concerns for US voters – poll
>>17577651 Jimmy Kimmel and kids (video)
>>17577656, >>17577661, >>17577675 US Psy-Ops exposed: Washington isn't concerned about morals, it's worried about getting caught
>>17577694 organizing memes
>>17577702, >>17577742, >>17577767 Lead Prosecutor for Robert Mueller Rips the Mask Completely off in Insane Display
>>17577724, >>17577730 Ukraine, EU’s dictatorship and change of global order: Lavrov speaks at UNGA
>>17577750 Trump Loyalist Kash Patel Touts QAnon Greeting In His 'King Donald' Children's Book
>>17577797 Liz Cheney goes after Kari Lake
>>17577814, >>17577874  bill AB 2223 will change a California law “in a way that radically undermines protection for newborns,” and if signed, “will allow certain forms of infanticide.”
>>17577828, >>17577926 Scavino: Superspreader
>>17577844, >>17578132 Nancy Pelosi booed in guest appearance at NYC’s Global Citizen music festival
>>17577851, >>17577869, >>17577878, >>17578030, >>17578291, >>17578330, >>17578367 PF update
>>17577907, >>17578282 website with daily updates of the battle map
>>17577921 'This is a sign': people with jobs are suddenly becoming disabled at an alarming rate.
>>17577961 Who does the Sergent at Arms of the Capitol answer to, & TAKE ORDERS FROM DIRECTLY?! Pelosi
>>17577968 Rungis, the largest wholesale fresh produce market in the world, is on fire in Paris.
>>17577976 DeSantis takes action to curb CCP influence, stop Chinese gov’t from buying Florida land
>>17577982 What's mind-boggling is that she gave £3 billion more to Ukraine and nobody raised a voice
>>17578063 It presents an alternative theory about the Federal Reserve.
>>17578159 Elon Musk, US ponder ways to help Iranians under internet blackout
>>17578174 NOAA Hurricane Hunter "Gonzo".
>>17578204 Child predators are systematically finding and following children on Twitch, a Bloomberg investigation has found
>>17578331 Lavrov to UN officials: "You still don't understand Russian? High time to learn"
>>17578556 #21551

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