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★ ★ ★ Ongoing Meme Op ★ ★ ★


Hello civilian, our movement is unlike anything the world has ever seen. We bring light to a darkened world.
We need your assistance, creativity, endurance, powers, faith… WE NEED HELP!
we are an Anonymous Army of Digital Soldiers. United as One, Divided by None and No One is Beyond Our Reach.
We are self-organized by duties into four units and One of these duties just might fit your skill set!
With laser focus, we have 2 simple goals: Engage 'Their' narrative with counters, as well as push our own and WE NEED YOUR HELP TODAY!
Whatever your background, your involvement in countering 'Their' narrative is critical.
Choose a role that matches your skill set and Enlist Today!


D.A.R.E to Join the [STFU] Crew.


[S]COUTS — You are the eyes and ears of the Digital Army.
You gather intel including relevant images, facts, numbers, links, Trump Tweets, videos, news articles, open-to-the-public comment sections, phone numbers of representatives' offices, important foreign news (in English translation), Deep State Tweets of importance, embarrassing deleted Tweets by Hollywood/politicians/celebs, comments on news items from professionals (e.g. doctors, lawyers, police) to debunk fake news. LURKERS and ANONS on QResearch General are SCOUTS. So are planefags, diggers and everyone who reads something interesting and posts on QResearch (QR) or on social media. There are millions and millions of SCOUTS all over the world. The intel SCOUTS bring is disseminated by millions of anons. Information considered noteworthy is marked as notable. “Notables” are the QR breaking news and are listed at the top of each thread. Notables are automatically copied to - a site safe for workplaces. Scouts perform the task of identify targets. Targets can be based on POTUS' lead or Q's. Sometimes the media itself will paint a target for you. Take the time to analyze the target. What is the Risk assessment? Is it worth the time to target?  What other targets would compliment. Once a 'High Value' target is identified. Proceed to provision. What are their connections (website, social networks, other people, companies)? Are there any related hashes?. You will then begin to build Documentation DOX on the target. See Sample Here: Once you have a working Pastebin Dox. Post to War Room Thread.Scouts are recon. Our eyes and ears. Lurkers are scouts. Anons on genral are scouts. Planefags are scouts. Diggers are scouts. Everyone reading something interdasting and telling us through SM or posting on the boards are Scouts. We have millions and millions of scouts, all over the world. We have so many scouts that we could fill thousands of hours of news tv eith what our scouts read and watch in EVERY SINGLE DAY. SCOUTS are very VERY important and we have them in every country in the world. identifying topics that need memed, gathering intel that goes into memes. Scouts will do most of the analytical stuff. II think it is up to us, Scouts, to research hashtags, gather stats and so forth. We offer that to Tactical Assault, Unit Operations and Flank, but.. they are free to push something else. We are not their leader. if we pick the right stuff, they will pick our suggestions. If not, they will pick their own stuff. We will need to make logical general instructions. The idea is: assault thinks for itself, they work alone, they walk alone. Noone knows them, noone rules over them.That is how they work best. We help, applaud and support. Flanks follows them and retweets anything they twat.

Scouts - WolfPack - (Ghost Mode Enabled)
  Probe: "Intel" relevant images, facts. numbers, links. targets details, secondary targets
  Support: "Friendlies" Who also want's to disrupt this Target? They are also a vector. Find their deets and their support staff deets. Anything to get it to their eyes.
  Terrain: "Trends" hashtag analysis, discerne trending and why, which tags trend with others (secondary), find hashtags that will hit the target. Find secondary stealth hastags.
  Optics: "Recon" follow gladiators, follow board, understand campaign, interpret results, report back, debrief

[T]ACTICAL ASSAULT — You are a highly skilled social media warrior dropping the booms.
You engage the enemy directly, using memes, replies, videos, comments and articles, on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and any other social media where you/we choose to establish a presence. Your meme warfare has attained "Troll Master" level. You know how to navigate the censorship snares and how to keep your accounts alive so you can fight another day. You have the best memes, articles and videos. You work alone or hunt in packs, whichever you prefer. TA is supported by Unit Operations (UO) and Flanks. TA lights up the targets, Flanks follow your lead and spread whatever message you signal. Assault is our main cannons, they fire directly at targets using information supplied by scout and material supplied by operations. The object of the Assault is to Bomb and Walk away. You do not want to get involved with replies and comments as this is a tangent and could lead to blacklisting. These are our meme warriors, our spontaneous protesters, our shitposters, out commenters, out video creators. Our writers, our anons that pick up the phone and keep calling pelosis office, our creator of Petitions, our anons who hang signs from bridges that say CUOMO KILLED MY MOM, anons that red-pill the neighbors.  Everyone that engages in direct action is part of Tactical Assault.

Tactical Assault - ThunderBirds (The Storm)
 Artillery: "Cannons" MemeCannon Ops, launch campaign, make it rain
 Sniper: "Precision" write clever original posts, incorporate Tactics, finesse final product and deliver to/mention Gladiator
 Gladiator: "Hammer" High Account Stats, retweet memes, then move on, you have created a battlefield for Enlisted, Hunters and UnderGround
 Enlisted: "Infantry" follows gladiators, vigorously defend gladiators, fight club, spread campaign.

[F]LANK — Support Tactical Assault by amplifying the message.
You are the SILENT MAJORITY and now want to be heard. FLANKS follow ONE WAY RETWEET GROUPS set up by a TA warrior. When TA drops ordinance, you hit social media. You also report bots and violence, call representatives when required, flip polls, sign petitions, like YouTube vids, chats etc.  We love FLANKS. Without you, our truth would not be heard. Your mandate, in a nutshell, is to amplify the message exponentially from a WHISPER to a ROAR. The Flank Squad is for RT, Comments, Shares, Likes. They are also responsible for all indirect target attacks. Indirect targets would be considered supporters, commenters, people using anti-trump hash. You would search out that hash and leave an assault comment or one of your own related to the op. Be very very careful as well. do not reply to commenters as this is a tactic to trigger you and get you blacklisted. Visit youtube vids and give likes, chat in the chatrooms, RT assaults, RT Potus. Remember to stay on op though. Flanks are anons or normies that engage in indirect action. They leave WR cards at the gas station. They set up retweet groups. They follow Tactical Assault and retweet their tweets (with tweetdeck to make it laser fast). Tactical Assault lights up the targets, flank moves in for the kill. Without flank, assault can not fully operate. We need a LOT of flanks. Flanks can take it easy. Normies make great flanks. They cant meme to save their lives, but they like the brave Tactical Assault meme warriors, laugh about their tweets and retweet like crazy (can be other platforms as well, but like Q said, battleground is twat and fukbook)

Flank - TrenchHounds (Down and Dirty)
  Hunters: "Scalpers" follow gladiators, search discussion and find and report bots for TOS violation, find high status opposition in meme thread and post on some of their threads
  UnderGround: "Trolls" solo mission, behind enemy lines. follow gladiators, troll the enemy, fake disagree but sneak in hidden truth bombs? "Fake News, Cuomo only killed 3500 people in Nursing homes, the other 2500 were assisted care facilities, @mention secondary targets"
  Special Ops: "Rangers" Hit secondary targets, hit support staff,  find recruits and selectively mention them, hit Friendlies. This is fishing, if a High Stats Friendly reposts a few times, you might level up to Gladiator. (+2 Charisma)
  Recruits: "Asset" anyone that has recently posted #TakeTheOath or similar and has no campaign history

[U]NIT OPERATIONS — The “BACK OFFICE" that supports [S], [T] and [F].
We organize, assist and recruit. We create, reformat and archive MemeWars and MemeMaterial.  We create #Hashtags, make training bulletins, spreadsheets and graphics. We analyze #Hashtags and plan and execute Tweetstorms to discover trends and measure effectiveness. We coordinate between the Digital Army and QResearch General. UO has various specialists. When other specialist skills are needed, UO recruits them from QResearch General. Operations is our meme magicians. they create and supply all material related to scouts op. They will coordinate with scout to supply the best material to assault and flank squads. They also generate op material for scout to share as well as generate material for recruit to use. Recruitment is a vitle role in this quest. IF we dont have the manpower then we wont be able to build a country. It takes and army to build a country. You can not do it alone. Operations creates materials (memes, graphics, flyers...) for the use in the recruitment of personnel. Recruitment is not op based Recruitment can be done any and everywhere by anyone. voat.gab.pol.bant.parler.general.fb.twt. making memes, harvesting memes from wherever they are found, making the memes available to Assault and Flank…. and dont forget meme farming.

Unit Operations - WarPigs (The Wizards of Memes)
  Recruits - "Asset"
  Tactics: "War Room" target choice, campaign description, goal definition, hashtag development, adjust based upon reports from Optics anons.
  Editorial: "Story" drop short one sentence ideas in thread (blurb), multiple per post. Best will be assimilated
  Art: "Graphics" high quality graphic design, leave room for hashtags/text, deposit blanks for Munitions
  Munitions: "Armory" overlay hastags and Story onto Blanks, multiples, deposit completed product for Artillery and Snipers.


★ ★ ★ Ongoing Meme Op ★ ★ ★

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