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'''Wednesday 06.29.2022'''
>>16552853 ————————————–——– What is at stake? Who has control? SURPRISE WITNESS. Who is Cassidy Hutchinson? Trust the plan.

'''Saturday 06.25.2022'''
>>16521604 rt >>16520866, >>16521137 —— Established. (Who was "Jane Roe"? 50 years of conditioning.)

'''Friday 06.24.2022'''
>>16506930 ————————————–——– Are you ready to serve your country again? Remember your oath.
>>16505677 rt >>16505361 ———–––——–— It had to be done this way.
>>16504957 ————————————–——– Shall we play a game once more?

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'''#21184''' TBC

>>16793062 Top U.S. delegation visits Kyiv, vows to ensure continuing support
>>16792976 Federalist: If they want to convince voters on election fraud, they should try harder
>>16792912, >>16792928, >>16792938, >>16792944, >>16792951, >>16792974 Planefags out there?  Wyoming, Michigan in play
>>16792911 Trump’s Endorsement Record: The Pieces Line Up Ahead of 2024
>>16792909 Group With Nazi Flags Outside Turning Point Event Sparks Cries of 'Fake Op'
>>16792904 33 Dead & Sick Friends Since Our Wedding 8 Months Ago
>>16792892 Al Gore: Climate Deniers are Like Uvalde Police who Sat Back and Didn’t Rescue Children 
>>16792878, >>16792959, >>16793126, >>16793157 Monkeypox vaxxed are contributing to data collection on effectiveness plus moar
>>16792836 Lin Wood: Where is Hunter???
>>16792793 ICYMI: Feds investigating actions of Eric Holder's wife
>>16792779 'Gays Against Groomers' Organizes to Join Parents to fight sexual grooming in schools
>>16792751 Neurologist Blames Vaccine for Upsurge in Young Patients' Neurological Problems and 'Unexplained Deaths'
>>16792737, >>16792743 Ron Watkins letter on Trump's endorsement of his opponent 
>>16792736 Lunatics with Nazi flags driven away from TPUSA conference by attendees
>>16792726 Truckers shut down Port of Oakland in protest of Gavin Newsom's labor law
>>16792633 Anon opine: did Bannon just get put into protective custody?
>>16792612 Multiple Trans Activists Arrested for Sex Crimes Involving Children
>>16792603 Biden admin says climate change can ‘force’ military intervention
>>16792534, >>16792553, >>16792561, >>1679256, >>16792645, >>16792710, >>16793130 Scavino Aircraft Tampa wing shot: anon forensics
>>16792519, >>16792533 Church of Scientology Asks SCOTUS to Force Danny Masterson Rape Accusers into Binding ‘Religious Arbitration’
>>16793891 #21183

>>16791735 the dough
>>16791795 President Trump: Shifty Adam Schiff. Smart guy, he's a wackjob, looks like a watermelon head. 
>>16791810 What kind of SCUM knows the story is a lie and wants to put someones son in jail?  [schiff] -PDJT
>>16791814 President Donald Trump At TPUSA Student Action Summit Live In Tampa, Fl 7/23/22 Links
>>16791840 President Trump: Crazy Nancy Pelosi, she's nuts. She's a nutjob. You talk about people in politics; look at her husband, every time something happens, he goes out and buys stuff. He's made a lot of money. Made a hundred million dollars, and he started with nothing…it's called inside trading. Insider trading.
>>16791856 Used the term snuff out earlier which seems an odd choice of words.  Videos to surface?  Must be extra careful about what gets posted here.
>>16791858 President Trump: I had a very good and luxurious life before deciding to enter the wonderful world of politics. 
>>16791863, >>16791865 "This nation belongs to you"
>>16791884, >>16791887 GETTYSBURG = getty?
>>16791905 President Trump: From the grim December of 1776, to the epic struggle at Gettysburg, Gettysburg, Gettysburg. So horrible a time, so viscous, so many deaths. From the perils of the Oregon trail, to the battles with Soviet communists, the story of our nation is filled with bold young Americans, who poured out their blood, sweat and soul to make America into the greatest nation in the history of the world.
>>16791914 President Trump: Everyone knows that the Green New Deal will lead to our destruction.
>>16791929 “We’re going to take back our liberty. We’re going to take back our destiny. We’re going to take back, very soon, our country.” -45
>>16791933 President Trump: China is using the trillions of dollars it has taken from us over many, many years, to build a military that will outrival our own.
>>16791959 President Trump: Right when the situation looks the bleakest for America, that's when America digs in, fights back, and begins it's incredible comeback. And standing before you tonight, I believe our nation is ready for a comeback like no one has ever seen before.
>>16792085 Twitter Data Breech Boys…
>>16792123 5000 young people were in the Rally
>>16792203 Real America's Voice did that rally justice, by listening to the people and letting them speak.
>>16792234 President Donald J. Trump speaks at the Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida: "Because we are Americans, and Americans kneel to God, and God alone."
>>16792281 Chinese-Made Huawei Equipment Could Disrupt US Nuclear Arsenal Communications, FBI Determines 
>>16792298 Bigger Than Watergate?
>>16792323 Gregg Phillips - Patriot Games Episode 1 Fusion Centers With Major Jeffery Prather
>>16792397 Gaetz: "Why is it that the women with the least likelihood of getting pregnant are the ones most worried about having abortions? Nobody wants to impregnate you if you look like a thumb."
>>16792399, >>16792408 trump rally notes
>>16792403 wingspan
>>16792445 #21182

>>16791000 the dough
>>16791013, >>16791073 President Donald Trump At TPUSA Student Action Summit Live In Tampa, Fl 7/23/22 Links
>>16791045 "the green new disaster"
>>16791084 President Trump: In April, an illegal alien in Georgia was arrested after allegedly going on a rampage of sexual assaults, attacking more than twenty different women, and hurting them badly.
>>16791152, >>16791206 President Trump: You'll have to figure that out, Abdul.
>>16791155 Save this truth. @greggphillips
>>16791210 Found the leaker = Kagan
>>16791238 Counting down; BOOM BOOM BOOM; Congressional Medal of Honor; Comms meant for US; Raising Cain
>>16791273 dark scary landing…three weeks
>>16791280, >>16791218 "Mattis told me 2 years". The Raising Caine story is a shade to Mattis.
>>16791306 Australia- PDJT
>>16791313 Outside Australia -PDJT
>>16791381 We May Just Have To Do It Again! - PDJT: The crowd chants USA
>>16791391 President Trump: Iran, very shortly, is going to have a nuclear weapon that they never, ever, would have had. They were ready to make a deal. They would have made a deal within one week of the election if it wasn't rigged and stolen.
>>16791395 "Our movement is the future. It is the future."
>>16791402, >>16791412 Climate change hoax, doesn't have the power - PDJT; President Trump: We have to defeat the climate crisis hoax. It's a hoax. It doesn't have the power to generate and move our factories.
>>16791433 We have to go back to PAPER ballots and same day voting - PDJT
>>16791440, >>16791443 "they want to get rid of the cattle" "you'll be next"
>>16791449 President Trump: The climate crisis hoax is even risking famine and starvation.
>>16791478 He said starting gate
>>16791481 WINDBURN: Talking about cheating by men, in women's sports
>>16791492 President Trump: Whatever it takes, the conservative movement must liberate America's children from the captivity of these marxists teachers…unions, what they're doing to our children and our country is incredible. This is a matter of national survival.
>>16791503 Dan showing love to the anons!
>>16791539, >>16791517  weight lifter, is this comms?  "never lifted before"
>>16791558 President Trump: They [media] get their marching orders [from democrats], or they give the democrats the marching orders, it could be that also. Nobody really knows.
>>16791560 "Carbon Laundering" I need a meme for this, Anons.
>>16791579 "Who is coordinating all of the stuff going on?"
>>16791582 President Trump: As soon as we have the power, congress should immediately launch a full-scale investigation into the rise of totally anti-American practice.
>>16791601 Liz Cheney is unhinged, lets use that - PDJT; There are more of us, then there are of them - PDJT
>>16791622 President Trump: Her [Cheney] with the endless wars, the wars that never stop, so that the corporations can keep selling missiles.
>>16791640 President Trump: We have to abolish all COVID mandates and lockdowns, re-hire every Patriot who was shamefully fired from the military, with an apology. We have to give them an apology and all of their back pay.
>>16791644 248 & 315
>>16791688 #21181

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