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'''Wednesday 06.29.2022'''
>>16552853 ————————————–——– What is at stake? Who has control? SURPRISE WITNESS. Who is Cassidy Hutchinson? Trust the plan.

'''Saturday 06.25.2022'''
>>16521604 rt >>16520866, >>16521137 —— Established. (Who was "Jane Roe"? 50 years of conditioning.)

'''Friday 06.24.2022'''
>>16506930 ————————————–——– Are you ready to serve your country again? Remember your oath.
>>16505677 rt >>16505361 ———–––——–— It had to be done this way.
>>16504957 ————————————–——– Shall we play a game once more?

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>>16565071 '''The verdict is in! Adios EPA'''
>>16565553 Meme of the thread
>>16565336, >>16565605 Call to Meme
>>16565302, >>16565448 !Trip ZERO DELTA Q -  Qpost was in chronological order AND NAILED IT (Proof)
>>16564884 Supreme Court decision on West Virginia vs EPA    6-3 to limit EPA
>>16564961 Biden takes aim at America's largest oil field, threatening to stop production
>>16564966 Supreme Court Terminates Remain in Mexico
>>16564972 Anon: Is Ketanji Brown Jackson the "sleeper" Q discussed?
>>16564980, >>16565118  PF reports
>>16564981, >>16564992 President Trump on Newsmax: Sham J6 Testimony is "Absolutely Crazy"
>>16565019 SCOTUS news on N Caroina redistricting case today?
>>16565028, >>16565040 Dems lose grip on Senate while Leahy recovers from fall
>>16565044 Excellent recap of "the crime we call covid" - interview of Greg Hunter w/David Martin
>>16565057 NY Atty Gen Letitia James has partnered with pro-choice groups and more than a dozen law firms to launch a hotline for abortion advice
>>16565063 Space Force Recruiting: defending against asteroids
 >>16565080 Australian bank collapses with thousands of customers told to withdraw funds IMMEDIATELY before it closes all accounts on Tuesday 
>>16565099 OAN: Florida grand jury to investigate human smuggling
>>16565071, >>16565063 Space Force Recruiting: defending against asteroids
>>16565080 Australian bank collapses with thousands of customers told to withdraw funds IMMEDIATELY before it closes all accounts on Tuesday   
>>16565099 OAN: Florida grand jury to investigate human smuggling
>>16565071, >>16565118, >>16565118, >>16565185 SCOTUS limits the power of ETP to regulate greenhouse gas emissions
>>16565170 Graphene device monitors blood pressure continuously
>>16565139 Ex-FBI leader John Bennett joins Kroll Institute
>>16565170 Graphene device monitors blood pressure continuously
>>16565192 Philippines inaugurates Ferdinand Marcos Jr. 36 years after father booted from office 
>>16565194 WHO: COVID-19 cases rising nearly everywhere in the world
>>16565198 New "thermos" tech German building stores heat, can heat Berlin homes this winter
>>16565239 Afghan Taliban hold clerics’ assembly, aiming to boost rule
>>16565240 Ortega regime expels Missionaries of Charity from Nicaragua
>>16565424 Ketanji Brown Jackson Will Be Sworn into the Supreme Court Today 
>>16565433 Shall we play a game? Clinton and Rabbi
>>16565512 Xerox CEO John Visentin dead at 59 after complications from illness
>>16565494 Hochul refuses to provide data on concealed carry permit holders that commit crimes 
>>16565533 Leak of California concealed-carry permit data is larger than initially reported #DemocratLeak
>>16565671 #20959

''' #20958'''
>>16564182, >>16564187, >>16564188, >>16564197, >>16564239, >>16564259, >>16564313, >>16564356, >>16564369, >>16564746, planefag posts zulu82 callsign back
>>16564192 DOJ indicted Guy Reffitt for having a gun outside the Capitol (June 2021). The only evidence they had was a holster.- twat
>>16564196, >>16564206, new cat herridge - twat and mp4 vid
>>16564200, >>16564333, >>16564398, Tater Holds a Press Conference - biden topics and admin bonehead news and moves and twats
>>16564178 Internal Limousine Video Release Proves Trump Did indeed try to Commander the Vehicle. - mp4 vid for keks
>>16564236 FedEx Worker Fatally Shot Nonprofit Founder as He Slept Beside Wife, Cops Say - ngo shot
>>16564256 Tucker reporting from Braziland the dangers of China creating a beach head there - utube
>>16564286 chuck grassley - twat
>>16564292, >>16564327, They” are working hard to make America a third world country, like Ukraine - james wood twats
>>16564297, >>16564300, >>16564306, the swamp today, congress and senate hearings bun
>>16564312 #20957 full scrape
>>16564326 Prince Charles Will No Longer Take Bags Of Cash From Gulf Sheikhs - zerohedge (yeah digital instead).
>>16564334 Germany’s ‘Green’ Energy Disaster Is A Warning To The United States - devin nunes t.s and news link
>>16564384, >>16564621, Controversial Beijing-backed Confucius Institutes opening again in US under a new name - insider papers ( yeah dem critical race and lgbtq+ shit)
>>16564403, >>16564408, >>16564425, Who are Cassidy Hutchinson's parents - cassidy topic
>>16564413 Gen. Wesley Clark: It’s Time To Start Putting “Disloyal” Americans Into Internment Camps - mp4 vid
>>16564470 This Court is going to be looked at as like the Court of Plessy, The Feds can now prosecute child sex tourism on Indian Reservations - twat
>>16564471 Tomorrow the Supreme Court may finally announce if it will hear a case seeking to overturn our redistricting victory in North Carolina - twat
>>16564475 prayers for dr zelenko and dr madjey
>>16564477 Former associate says famous names in Epstein's 'little black book' - msn
>>16564474, >>16564490 Agencies created between 1933 and 1938 are New Deal Agencies.- wiki list
>>16564499 IDF official: Israel thwarted cyberattack targeting US power plants
>>16564494 The Palm Beach Police Department responded at 11:20 a.m. to 1100 South Ocean Boulevard and arrested Donald Cleveland.-msn
>>16564606 One Solution Against Tyranny Is Creating State Guards to Defend the Constitution and Fight Back Against the Deep State - gwp
>>16564600 anon opines
>>16564634 Drug lab busted at alleged NATO nuclear base - russia v ukraine topic
>>16564645 Newsmax: Former President Donald Trump interview with Rob Finnerty  - rumble vid and mp4 vid (13.35 minute clip) noice work
>>16564701 EXECUTIVE SUMARY World Demographic Trends - confidential pdf drop (sister of cia charity laundering funds)
>>16564706 screen caps N.W.O. and NATO directions. (need source).
>>16564717 Air Force to Test 3D-Printed Rocket Motors - twat
>>16564839 #20958

'''#20957''' Partial
>>16563386, >>16563408 Reality Winner, who received the longest sentence ever imposed on a civilian for leaking classified information to the media, has submitted a presidential pardon request to the U.S. Department of Justice
>>16563399 China Sends 3 H-6 Bombers With Supersonic Missiles To Fly Near Japan's Coast
>>16563400 White House Is Quietly Modeling For $200 Oil "Shock"
>>16563426 quick decode of hidden character (missed lb)
>>16563433, >>16563435 >Fantasy Land
>>16563446, >>16563451 Marcos Jr. sworn in as Philippine leader in resurgence of ex-dictator’s family, Pope Francis congratulates, offers prayers 
>>16563474, >>16563480 Ottawa residents, police brace for convoy protests on Canada Day, July 1st
>>16563504, >>16563506 Julian Assange is my husband – his extradition is an abomination
>>16563512 Commissioner calls on UK government not to extradite Julian Assange
>>16563556 Pair of orcas have killed at least EIGHT Great White Sharks off the coast of South Africa since 2017 - Dailymail
>>16563572 Biden immigration policies under scrutiny after 51 migrant deaths in Texas
>>16563575 Primaries decided in Colo., Ill., N.Y., Okla., Utah
>>16563576 John Visentin, the chief executive of Xerox dead at 59
>>16563579 Walk Away founder Brandon Straka shares his side of the story on J6
>>16563606 #20957

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>>16560274 #20952, >>16561015 #20953, >>16561782 #20954
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