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>>15657172 Plz check the sauce re reports on Russian aggression in Ukraine - could be propaganda 
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>>15678754 Digs on Donbass, Ukraine and US Involvement
>>15678785 [Resident] Joe Biden has agreed "in principle" to a meeting with Putin as long as Russia does not further invade Ukraine
>>15678857, >>15679011 Anon opine -  People with frozen accounts are being used as scapegoats
>>15678870, >>15679352 Possible sonic weapon (LRAD) on the ground in Canada?
>>15678905 Dan's Truth post. Notice the logo. TruthSocial starts with Q
>>15678901, >>15678908, >>15678915 Discussion of Findings on Flawed Study Showing "Ron W is Q"
>>15678891, >>15678922, >>15678929 The model, Karen Mulder, on the cover of George’s February 1997 was abused by Jean-Luc Brunel
>>15678958 3rd Infantry Division - Our Division Artillery Dogface Soldiers recently practiced driving their tactical vehicles in both daylight and nighttime
>>15679001, >>15679161, >>15679262 Statement by DJT on the harassment of his accounting firm by Cabal DA's and AG's
>>15678983 Should the public be made aware of the reasons for the change in HIV testing policies?
>>15679353 Democrat Abby Broyles US House candidate under fire for alleged boozy, profanity-laced tirade at pre-teen slumber party
>>15679394 Clock: 2/22/2022, 1776 & Ruler of the Underworld
>>15679371 CDC Officials Admit Agency Has Withheld Critical Covid Information From the Public Over Fears of “Vaccine Hesitancy”
>>15679479 #19825

>>15678082 The model, Karen Mulder, on the cover of George’s February 1997 was abused by Jean-Luc Brunel
>>15678022 Trudeau calls the UN International Mercenaries in to brutalize Ottawa Freedom Convoy
>>15678337 War drums being beat by fake news
>>15678315 Revealed: Credit Suisse leak unmasks criminals, fraudsters and corrupt politicians
>>15678284 Military Vaccine Bait & Switch: “DOD is Trying to Pull off Regarding the Non-availability of the Mandated, FDA-Approved Shots”
>>15678253 NATO and the Origins of the Ukraine Crisis
>>15678166 Rebel News Alexa hits the streets to ask how Truckers feel about the crackdown
>>15678598 Trudeau's Gestapo strikes again
>>15678591 Top Microsoft developer choked his SEVEN-year-old son after he refused to stop playing Nintendo: 'I will stop him breathing'
>>15678553 Italian ambassador to Australia Francesca Tardioli dies after reportedly falling from third floor of her Umbria home
>>15678648 Finance minister Chrystia Freeland announcing their effort to keep the surveillance power "on a permanent basis
>>15678582, >>15678651 "Serbia's ambassador to Portugal died after falling off a cliff in the beach town of Cascais near Lisbon on Friday, the local fire brigade said."
>>15678687 #19824

>>15677227, >>15677508, >>15677521 @TheMarieOakes: Police in Ottawa threaten to break the doors to the Iconic Cafe in DT Ottawa
>>15677257, >>15677425 Biden abruptly cancels President’s Day trip to Delaware during Ukraine crisis
>>15677262 @ThevoiceAlexa: .@OttawaPolice  action in Coventry Rd, the head quarter of the freedom convoy.
>>15677266 Project Veritas announcement and short video documenting MSM groups funded by Pfizer.
>>15677321 Jamal Edwards, founder of the SBTV YouTube channel which helped launch Dave, Ed Sheeran and Jessie J, has died at 31
>>15677356 Winter Storm Nancy to Bring Snow, Ice, Severe Across Country
>>15677409, >>15677845 Kamala Harris Delivers Remarks On Munich Trip
>>15677431 Australia promises cyber support to Ukraine as Russian forces array along its borders
>>15677324, >>15677401, >>15677437 NORTH BAY AIRPORT DIG
>>15677445 President Trump Issues Statement About His Accountants Being Tired of Being Harassed and Threatened by Corrupt Politicians
>>15677469 Doreen, victim of Canadian police misconduct, hires lawyer
>>15677473 Press Release: American Truckers launching The People’s Convoy, a peaceful/unified transcontinental movement Feb 23 from Adelanto Stadium in S Cali
>>15677539, >>15677541 dis guise mp4 as pdf by renaming file extension.
>>15677607 Ron Klain’s Domestic Motive 4 Ukraine Crisis Surfaces: WH to Blame Economic Collapse, Gas Prices/Inflation on Manufactured Russia-Ukraine Conflict
>>15677618, >>15677875 Dig request: Who are these LINGUISTIC EXPERTS that decided Ron Watkins is Q?
>>15677664 Renz Whistleblowers DMED DATA Reveals Incredibly Disturbing Spikes in Vaccine Injuries Across the Board
>>15677693 Ukraine's Defence Minister Says It's Inappropriate to Speak of Russian Invasion in Coming Days
>>15677705 Decatur Central High School’s band has interesting uniforms…
>>15677710 All Unvaccinated Tourists Can Enter Israel Starting March 1 (Negative PCR Tests Still Required)
>>15677761 Not Going to Be a ‘Punching Bag’ for the Police: Freedom Convoy Spokesman Announces Peaceful Withdrawal From Ottawa
>>15677927 #19823

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