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>>16552853 ————————————–——– What is at stake? Who has control? SURPRISE WITNESS. Who is Cassidy Hutchinson? Trust the plan.

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>>16521604 rt >>16520866, >>16521137 —— Established. (Who was "Jane Roe"? 50 years of conditioning.)

'''Friday 06.24.2022'''
>>16506930 ————————————–——– Are you ready to serve your country again? Remember your oath.
>>16505677 rt >>16505361 ———–––——–— It had to be done this way.
>>16504957 ————————————–——– Shall we play a game once more?

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>>16750053 UAE sentences former Khashoggi lawyer to 3 years in prison
>>16750104 Big pharma pours millions into medical schools — here’s how it can impact education
>>16750107 Sen. Joe Manchin is “intentionally sabotaging the president's agenda, what the American people want, what a majority of us in the Democratic caucus want,” Sen. Bernie Sanders tells @MarthaRaddatz. Twitter
>>16750138 Flashback TRUMP’S BROTHER DIES Robert Trump died age 71  ‘after brain bleeds following recent fall’ as Donald calls him ‘my best friend’
>>16750291 Ukrainian plane loaded with mines crashes in Greece
>>16750369 Biden Says Saudis Lying After FM "Didn't Hear" Him Confront MbS On Khashoggi's Killing (Twitter/Zerohedge)
>>16750477 Panama Strike update day 14 Twitter
>>16750502 Flashback Jewish God Yahweh Originated in Canaanite Vulcan, Says New Theory
>>16750660 Virologist tells BMJ the Hepatitis of Unknown Cause killing Children is due to AstraZeneca Viral Vector COVID Vaccine in combination with Lockdowns
>>16750677 London falling: Britain's military decline exposes NATO's collapse in credibility and capability
>>16751141 #21128

'''#21127''' @300+scrape
>>16749466 Taste the Brain Damage! Skittles will be banned in the EU 
>>16749464 Federal court blocks Biden administration's interpretation of federal law to conflate gender identity with biological sex
>>16749457 Incarcerated 'Transgender' inmate who impregnated two women moved to different facility (new Jersey)
>>16749453 China cutting phosphate exports in half. Man made shortages…
>>16749444, >>16749458  Nikki has a warning for Potato
>>16749440 Schumann activity resonating
>>16749399 Anti-Gravity Propulsion mini Bun 
>>16749390 Ralph Scholellhammer on WW protests and deafening media silence
>>16749334 Anon Opine: Do not invent associations. The posts have been clear, "We've had THE BALL the entire time".
>>16749322, >>16749328, >>16749337, >>16749348, >>16749350  The UK Government: Vaxxed account for 94% of all COVID-19 Deaths since April
>>16749315 Former Islamic State stronghold in Syria hosts Jackie Chan film set
>>16749291 For $60K you can live in the middle of the ocean in this WWII sea fort
>>16749258 Corpse Flower ready to bloom at San Antonio Zoo - la Llorona
>>16749495 #21127
>>16749469 Anon on Climate Change -> Political Change
>>16749487 Dr. R. Blaylock video -> tragedy of biblical proportions (date unk)
>>16749558 Flashback The World Future Society’s “Top 10 Forecasts” for the coming decade and beyond
>>16749586 The man behind critical race theory.
>>16749798 Georgia: Election Group Founded By Stacey Abrams Didn’t Report Millions In Spending
>>16749847 Chinese PLA General -> Land near Laughlin AFB purchase tweet
>>16749900 San Francisco DA Brooke Jenkins fires 15 of Chesa Boudin’s staffers
>>16750444 #21127 posted in #21128

>>16748427, >>16748732 There is no greater [current] threat to the American people than the FAKE NEWS MEDIA
>>16748514, >>16748689 moar schizo CornComms
>>16748551, >>16748656 Filipinos are buying books to preserve the truth about the Marcos regime
>>16748559, >>16748579 Great moments in /qr/ history, which age too well for [them]
>>16748731 Zelensky, 2022, Stalin 1942: the US propaganda machine can easily make heroes, but it can quickly change the script - RT
>>16748790, >>16748810 Schuman still Boomin'
>>16748876, >>16748847 Fourteen passengers have died in the crash of a navy Blackhawk helicopter in Mexico following the arrest of drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero
>>16748911, >>16748918, >>16748923 CCP just purchased 140,000 acres of land in Texas, Right near Laughlin Air Force Base
>>16748954, >>16748955, >>16748968 Pantifa is picking fights with bikers in Oregon
>>16749000, >>16749052, >>16749063 Minnesota Demoncrats have turn the state into a cesspool of filth and crime
>>16749023, >>16749071 Biden says Saudi minister is LYING and tells press to 'talk about something that matters' when asked if he regrets fist bump
>>16749131 Who is Maria Farmer? Why did Les Wexner let Epstein and Maxwell rape her? Why did the Albany, NY PD not respond?
>>16749143 #21126

>>16747696 Adam Schiff tweet Panic/Comms/?
>>16747722 Who are the Americans being held as 'political prisoners' abroad?
>>16747867 Saudi prince reminds Biden of US torture in Iraq
>>16747880 Iran issues warning to US and Israel
>>16747881, >>16747799, >>16748232,  PF: Potato has landed
>>16747906 Kiev wants to strike Crimea with US-supplied missiles
>>16747968 US is ‘priority’ of every Middle East country – White House
>>16747987 US approves arms deal with Taiwan
>>16747994 Russia’s defense minister pays surprise visit to Ukraine
>>16748005, >>16748007, >>16748028 RE: Nygard impregnating to kill and harvest the stem cells 
>>16748015 White House Edits Transcript of Biden Comment in Saudi Arabia
>>16748021 Rockets fired from Gaza soon after Biden visit (VIDEOS)
>>16748080, >>16748131 Report: Hunter Biden Laptop Reveals He Frequently Met with Joe Biden After Foreign Business Meetings
>>16748127 Ukraine accuses top Western banks of 'war crimes'
>>16748136 Newsnight photographer claims to have picture of Prince Andrew that would rock the Monarchy if it was ever made public
>>16748176 Notespassing o7
>>16748177 RUMBLE Ariz. candidate sues Pinal County over ballot errors (3:17)
>>16748190, >>16748212 RUMBLE Bongino Reacts To The New Hunter Biden Leaks, And Forsees Increase In Republican Hispanic Voters
>>16748199 Move Over Disney, ‘Stranger Things’ Is Getting in on the Groomer Racket - pjmedia
>>16748210, >>16748267, >>16748274, >>16748279, >>16748290, >>16748301, >>16748333 Schuman boomin again
>>16748281, >>16748312 Who is Cassidy Hutchinson! She works for the company that OWNS Politico
>>16748349 #21125

==Previously Collected==
>>16746825 #21123, >>16747567 #21124 
########## #21120, >>16745296 #21121, >>16746042 #21122
>>16742166 #21117, >>16743012 #21118, >>16743642 #21119
>>16740329 #21114, >>16740690 #21115, >>16741444 #21116
>>16740129 #21113, >>16740329 #21114, >>16740690 #21115

>>16463405 '''Notables Bread #14: Gonna Rise Up'''

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