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>>15438099 US Military Report States COVID-19 Was Created by a US-Funded EcoHealth Alliance Program at Wuhan Institute of Virology
>>15438057 The woke left actually believes George Floyd was Satan.
>>15438030 You are watching a movie
>>15437937 Is @Snowden getting nervous?
>>15437931, >>15438079 BO/BVs How about unbanning the IPs that did nothing wrong?  --> They are working on it
>>15437928 Candace Owens needs no introduction. Here’s her piece on the CIA protecting pedophiles. 
>>15437910 In the middle of a supply chain crisis, Biden is banning unvacinated Mexican and Canadian truckers
>>15437886 Joe Manchin Just Defused Build Back Bankrupt’s Catastrophic Inflation Bomb
>>15437866 17-year-old Sean Hartman dead after vax - father wants answers
>>15437840 More Than 300 Twitter Accounts Suspended for Promoting Philippines’ Presidential Front Runner
>>15437830  Secret CIA Files Say Staffers Committed Sex Crimes Involving Children
>>15437820 Israel Prison Services (IPS) does not allow anyone – to visit Nasser Abu Hamid
>>15437819, >>15438265  ‘Patriot Front’ Members Yelling “Seig Heil” Real Or Staged? + Symbolism
>>15437812 CDC Finally Admits Cloth Masks Were Always Political Theater
>>15437793 71 Percent Of Americans Want More Restrictions On Abortion, Not Fewer
>>15437803 U.S. embassy personnel in Ukraine to begin evacuating the country
>>15437792 US Embassy In Ukraine Shows Off First Biden 'Lethal Aid' Shipments To Arrive
>>15437779 Large protest against vaccine passports in central Stockholm
>>15437756 In 2017, Officer Miosotis Familia was ambushed by a gunman as she wrote in a notebook
>>15438665 #19527

>>15436991 @DeptofDefense Prepare for liftoff.
>>15436994 BGA Investigation into Rebuild Illinois projects reveals deep ties to former House Speaker Madigan
>>15437053 US To Close Borders To Unvaccinated Canadian, Mexican Truckers On Saturday
>>15437057 Klaus Schwab Launches The Great Narrative To Centralise The World (video)
>>15437073 Moderna Stock Crashes – Losses Top $130 Billion
>>15437077  New York Governor Hochul Signs Bill to Allow Mail-in Voting in 2022 Election — It Will Help Her Reelection
>>15437080 The World Economic Forum's Great Narrative Conference (video)
>>15437082 “I’M DONE” Former NYT Journalist Bari Weiss Slams Tyrannical US Public Health Response to COVID-19 – This Period Will Be “Remembered as a Catastrophic MORAL CRIME”
>>15437095 @USEmbassyKyiv The first shipment of assistance recently directed by Potato to Ukraine arrived in Ukraine tonight
>>15437096 Trending on Twitter - Feds
>>15437104  Ex-US soldiers with alleged neo-Nazi links arrive at Ukrainian front line
>>15437132 US carrier heads to surprise NATO wargames 
>>15437133 Wildfire along Big Sur coast grows to 1,500 acres, 5% contained
>>15437138 Week of Jan. 10 Basic Cable Ranker: Fox News Continues to Dominate in Total Day, Loses Small Number of Primetime Viewers
>>15437151 British Medical Journal Demands Immediate Release of All COVID-19 Vaccine, Treatment Data
>>15437159 Low Voter Registration Rates Among Teens Threaten To Depress Youth Voter Turnout in 2022
>>15437162 “Anyone who sees or locates the monkey is asked not to approach, attempt to catch, or come in contact with the monkey. Please call 911 immediately,”
>>15437036  Arizona Democrats censure Sinema for blocking voting bill
>>15437170 The ISR has announced its pilot crisis area - Wildfires."with readiness exercises in March"
>>15437173 Democrats shut down schools, but the border is wide open.
>>15437201, >>15437228 Unborn victims violence act
>>15437230 US Naval Institute Mace Neufeld passed away
>>15437259 POTUS and Melania’s Anniversay today. BOOOOOOOM 17 years! 
>>15437333 Experts Warn a Marxist Revolution is under way in America
>>15437346 US Army - It's more than a creed, it's our way of life
>>15437411 Space Force launched two additional satellites today as part of its push for greater Space Domain Awareness, or SDA
>>15437426 Washington state at-home COVID tests out of stock shortly after website launch
>>15437428 Bombshell Revolver News investigation outs Ray Epps, almost certainly a Fed or Fed patsy
>>15437432 Saudis Attack Yemen Prison, At Least 70 Killed, Over 100 Wounded
>>15437436 DIRECT MISS: FOIA Request Forces Pentagon to Finally Release Video of BOTCHED US Drone Strike in Kabul 
>>15437440 Dig on Penny Pritzker, former Obama Secretary of Commerce
>>15437445 Bennett: Israel is ours because it’s the Jewish homeland, not because of Holocaust
>>15437453 Founder of The Infraud Organization hacking group arrested in Moscow - source
>>15437469 Anti Israel sentiments spike on social media during Gaza operation
>>15437484 US Naval Institute #OTD in 1942, the Salmon-class submarine USS Sturgeon (SS-187) reported that she had torpedoed her first ship. 
>>15437502 CBP Released More than 55,000 Migrants at the Border in December
>>15437505 Papi - Texas get ready to FIESTA next weekend
>>15437514 Potato - Jill and I are saddened
>>15437521 Potato whines about muh abortions
>>15437532 Holocaust was engineered by Zionist-Elites
>>15437573 Are we talking Assange? Isn't he supposed to go to court on Monday to decide his extradition?
>>15437603 Jacinda Ardern will force household Covid contacts to isolate for 24 DAYS in new crackdown as New Zealand braces for Omicron outbreak
>>15437608 Where in the Hell is the House Ethic Committees to remove these Jan 6th Gulag Keepers overstepping their constitutional authority?
>>15437610 Papi - The full Melania/Papi Love Story Interview
>>15437630 New Hampshire making Ivermectin an alternative Covid treatment
>>15437683 US Navy - US Navy Reserve Town Hall - listing Q drops?
>>15437615 Global Notable from BO added
>>15437480 #19526

>>15436189 The last-comer was named among the Autists Kekrandir, the Green Pilgrim, for he dwelt in no place, and gathered to himself neither wealth nor followers, but ever went to and fro on the Interwebs...
>>15436198, >>15436622, >>15436817, >>15436825 Footage from the PRO LIFE march
>>15436233, >>15436366 Dark Side Of Metaverse Exposed: Why Your Kids Need To Stay Away From VRChat
>>15436263, >>15436276, >>15436720, >>15436733 IRS in crisis: 'File as quickly as possible,' says tax specialist
>>15436355, >>15436357  Anons notes #19524
>>15436393, >>15436581 FBI activity at Rep. Cuellar's Laredo home connected to Azerbaijan investigation. Agents were seen at Cuellar's home earlier this week, but they did not confirm the reason for their presence there
>>15436439, >>15436555, >>15436343, >>15436885 Re: (All LB) >>15435914, >>15435872, >>15435903, >>15435914, >>15435927 Bari Weiss could help wake people up
>>15436472, >>15436719 US Embassy Orders Evacuation Of Non-Essential Staff & Diplomats' Family Members From Ukraine
>>15436485, >>15436543, >>15436572 UPDATE: Only one monkey still unaccounted for after crash
>>15436492, >>15436630 CASE CLOSED: President Trump on Jan. 6: “I Authorized National Guard on Jan. 6 – Pelosi Turned It Down” re: (PB) >>15435214
>>15436520, >>15436774 Texas woman arrested for allegedly trying to purchase child at Walmart checkout, deputies say
>>15436533 Watch: Psaki Says Brandon Is Working with Congress to Pass a Bill that would Remove Abortion Restrictions
>>15436571, >>15436615 Durham Vs Horowitz: Tension Over Truth & Consequences Grips FBI's Trump-Russia Reckoning
>>15436604 US human rights lawyer banned from entering Cambodia
>>15436621 So Joe's at Camp David for the weekend
>>15436651 NEW - Germany: Former constitutional judges warn against mandatory vaccination and send a clear signal to the chancellor and the health minister
>>15436692 HAPPENING: A huge demonstration against vaccine passports in Stockholm
>>15436702 Clockfag Reports
>>15436736 NHS staff are throwing their uniforms in protest of the vaccine mandate at the police outside Downing Street
>>15436740 Large protest against vaccine passport and vaccine mandates in #Helsinki, the capital of Finland
>>15436789 TSA Backtracks on Allowing Illegal Immigrants to Use Arrest Warrants as ID to Fly
>>15436851 Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakušić Tells French President Emmanuel Macron That He Is Murdering His Citizens With Mandatory Vaccinations
>>15436918 #19525

>>15435381 Happy 17th Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Trump
>>15435392 Biden's betrays America on his first day in office
>>15435404 Canadian truckers stand
>>15435405 Liz Crokin on Pizza Gate Pt. 2
>>15435407 Amazing turnout for this year's March for Life
>>15435419 CCP orchestrates Fentanyl crisis in North America
>>15435421 American's want more abortion restrictions
>>15435424 Natural Immunity beats the jab
>>15435459 Aaron Rodger's makes good points
>>15435468 PapiTrumpo supports Gen. Flynn and Rudy
>>15435528 Canadian MPP on jab induced stillbirths
>>15435633 NH seeks to make Ivermectin an alt ChinaFlu treatment
>>15435728 Minneapolis businesses get together to sue city over jab mandates
>>15435736 CDC continues to betray the American people
>>15435748 J6 prisoners continue to suffer for Pelosi's Insurrection
>>15435803 ivermectin should be globally and systematically deployed in the prevention and treatment of the ChinaFlu
>>15435825 US requires all foreign travelers to be jabbed when crossing anywhere except the wide open southern border
>>15435882 Good morning from Swordy
>>15435937 Denver, CO is screwed
>>15435916 UK mandate protests
>>15435945 France jab passport protests (28th week in a row)
>>15435964 FBI recruitment video
>>15435973 Enjoy your anal swab tests Olympic athletes
>>15436088 Nice ID and dubs to boot - plus Bill Gates wants to kill you
>>15436383 #19524/2 posted in #19525

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