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>>16552853 ————————————–——– What is at stake? Who has control? SURPRISE WITNESS. Who is Cassidy Hutchinson? Trust the plan.
>>16950147 06.25.2022
>>16950142 06.24.2022

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'''#21547''' '''PARTIAL'''
>>17574495 Dozens Of FBI Agents Surround Pro-Life Author’s House For Arrest
>>17574498 The Gates Foundation is Researching How to Manipulate You Into Taking ‘Future’ COVID Vaccines.
>>17574500 Woman Dies Suddenly Inside the Pharmacy 15 Minutes After Getting a Booster Shot
>>17574501 Phoenix Police Seize Record-Setting One Million Fentanyl Pills
>>17574518 Italian NGO Observer at Donetsk Referendum Says UN ‘Asleep’ as Ukraine Shells Civilians
>>17574521 Tucker: After forcing millions of children to get vax, hospitals normalizing side effect myocarditis
>>17574532, >>17574543, >>17574549 Left-Wing Group Writes Playbook For Biden’s Federal Takeover Of Elections
>>17574534 Israeli company develops “artificial womb technology” to synthetically grow human embryos for organ harvesting
>>17574537 The Demons we're fighting are manifest, and you can confront them most easily in two places: 1) Local Commissioner/Schoolboard Meetings 2) Poll Stations
>>17574578 Putin highlights role of Christianity as constructive force in Alania
>>17574584, >>17574698 @POTATO It's time we ban assault weapons in this country.
>>17574600 This Ohio School District Is Promoting an ‘LGBTQ+ Resource Guide’ With Instructions on Sex Work, Abortions
>>17574629 Postal Service surveilled protesters with pro-gun, anti-Biden agendas 
>>17574655 Future of the World Order Being Decided Today, Lavrov Says at UNGA
>>17574678 Former Maryland State Democratic Sen. David Harrington Dies
>>17574679 China is conducting final maneuvers with its 3 aircraft carrier , before launching the invasion of Taiwan - Teoanon
>>17574704 Students' math, reading scores during COVID-19 pandemic saw steepest decline in decades
>>17574717 Facing calls to resign, World Bank president David Malpass changes answer on climate crisis
>>17574718, >>17574736 Daniel Horowitz: Do the COVID shots erase natural immunity?
>>17574721 @Kash 25 days and counting for a simple return call from dept of politics
>>17574728 Big Pharma EVISCERATED By Member Of European Parliament RUMBLE
>>17574729, >>17574743 Democrat Fetterman Agrees “LGBTQ Education” Should be “Mandatory” For Children in All Schools
>>17574778, >>17574793, >>17574810 Xi Jinping Arrest? RUMOR
>>17574820 Seattle’s housing market is slowing faster than any in the country, Daily Mail study has revealed
>>17574847, >>17574864 City kids seeking therapy after unending exposure to vagrants and addicts - New York Post
>>17574905 LAUSD to Provide All Schools with Narcan Doses in Response to Recent Overdoses
>>17574922 #21547

>>17573882 - updated dough (x2)
>>17573693 - dough
>>17573763 (youtube vid)EU flag has been replaced by Italy flag by the Italian patriots
>>17573781 DJT Truth:  86% support to DJT for Republican Nominee
>>17573810 Denver Riggleman: WH switchboard connected to rioter’s phone on Jan. 6 
>>17573838 DEA Issues Carfentanil Warning To Police And Public
>>17573876 World Economic Forum: ‘My Carbon’: An approach for inclusive and sustainable cities
>>17573906 Kash Patel signing WWG1WGA in his new book
>>17573919 DJT Truth & Securing the Border
>>17573935 John Fetterwoman: "I want LGBTQ education to be mandatory in all schools."
>>17573973, >>17574001 How Red States Can Save The American Republic From Self-Destruction
>>17573976 Florida Election Crimes Chief Dies, Issued Dire Warning Weeks Before Deat
>>17573993 Reminder: This is spiritual warfare
>>17574030 US Naval Institute: Who Can Hold the Sea, and other new and noteworthy books.
>>17574056 Biden DOJ now ADMITS there were federal informants within the Oathkeepers, to testify at trial
>>17574058 Flint, Mich. Clerk Resigns After Elections Group Calls Out Lopsided Number Of Democrat Poll Watchers
>>17574059 Live streamer links for today’s J6 support rally north of the reflecting pool in DC
>>17574067 Spain’s Ministry of diversity and gender ideology’s pimp: “Children have the right to have sex with whoever they want. 
>>17574099, >>17574254 Grenell calls out CA policy and poor Hill journalism
>>17574104 Is Xi Jinping influencing Putin's recent decisions
>>17574121 Graphic Queens Death & Qposts
>>17574140 CT Public Schools Superintendent TONI JONES masking kids that she wrote a book about it.
>>17574222, >>17574144 Speculation: Is Xi under house arrest (Posobiec previously called it CIA propaganda)
>>17574157 Dueling Rallies Held Prior To Greenwich, CT Board Of Ed. Meeting after Project Veritas Vid
>>17574179 US Army helicopters training drills at night over Glendale AZ
>>17574200, >>17574209 FBI raids home of Catholic pro-life speaker w/guns drawn
>>17574218, >>17574230 New study shows rejection of cornea transplants following COVID vaccination
>>17574244 (vid) Barr: NY AG suit against trump is overreach and will backfire.
>>17574279 Woman Dies Suddenly Inside the Pharmacy 15 Minutes After Getting a Booster Shot
>>17574322 Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov: The matter of the future world order is being decided today.
>>17574337 Biden Wraps Arm Around Elton John, Tells Crowd, “It’s All His Fault We’re Spending $6 Billion on HIV and AIDS this Month”
>>17574352 EU Chief Ursula Von der Leyen Threatens Italians If They Vote in Populist Candidate Giorgia Meloni
>>17574359 Barack Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Pushed Books that Encouraged Children to Meet Adults at Gay Bars for Sex
>>17574373, >>17574363, >>17574362 Leaked Video Suggests Israeli Health Officials Covered Up Serious Safety Problems With Pfizer COVID Vaccine
>>17574377 China Lays Out Official Position On Ukraine War At UN Assembly
>>17574431 #21546

>>17572926, >>17572911 - DOUGH
>>17572992 US Navy All That Power
>>17573014 Video: Pompeo mocks Xi Jinping with ‘Pooh mug’ while talking directly to Chinese people
>>17573018 Posobiec Xi just had multiple CCP officials sentenced to death who opposed him (arrest is CIA propaganda)
>>17573047, >>17573164, >>17573617 Chinese President Xi Jinping is currently under house arrest (CIA propaganda?)
>>17573068 A chink in Xi's armor?
>>17573159 Gov. Ron DeSantis declares state of emergency for Palm Beach County, Treasure Coast
>>17573213, >>17573607 Hillary Compares Trump Rally-goers to Nazis: ‘Rows of Young Men with Their Arms Raised
>>17573216 Scientists Find a New Coronavirus in Bats That Is Resistant to Current Vaccines
>>17573295 Royal X-Files: Prince philip spent decades investigating UFOs it has been revealed following Queen's death
>>17573384 Pope Francis names new Vatican prosecutor after predecessor's retirement
>>17573393 California first state to ban natural gas heaters and furnaces
>>17573441 Americans are sick and tired of rising crime in Democrat-run cities. 
>>17573478, >>17573640 NEW: Ebola Deaths In Uganda Climb To Four (2nd report @11)
>>17573580, >>17573610, >>17573631 Special Counsel Must Choose: Risk A Russia Hoaxer’s 2nd Acquittal Or Expose More Deep-State Dirt
>>17573635 Iran's President Raisi is the Butcher of Tehran. 
>>17573664 #21545

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>>17572921 #21544
>>17570542 #21541, >>17571276 #21542, >>17572123 #21543
>>17568312 #21538, >>17568955 #21539, >>17569766 #21540
>>17565825 #21535, >>17566599 #21536, >>17567396 #21537

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