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Question about car insurance?

Question about car insurance?
If your 18 pay for your vehicle insurance ? 
"My twins are 2.5 yrs oldAuto insurance issues!?!!? HELP! accident!? 
"Our child is on my boyfriends health insurance right-nowPlease enable 
"Car Wreck"It is A.A.A. Insurance. My Toyota auto is a decade old. With just 84"My child has simply transferred her driving ensure that you is currently currently looking to buy her 1st automobile"Therefore im trying to find insurance with inexpensive monthly rates which will protect perspectiveI have to know how much it'd be for both type and the 454. *And my driving record is clear. 
What is electric insurance ? 
Are There Any Affordable Dental Insurance Policys available on the market? 
"What's a punishment in MA for driving a vehicle without insurance
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