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'''Sunday 11.27.22'''
>>17830326 ————————————–——– Protect your DNA.
>>17830259 rt >>17830253  ———————— In time.
>>17830238 ————————————–——– Focus on the mission.
'''Friday 11.18.22'''
>>17788718 ————————————–——– Patriots in trusted positions.
'''Friday 11.11.22'''
>>17751801 ————————————–——– PUT AN END TO THE ENDLESS. 1913.
'''Tuesday 11.08.22'''
>>17734020 ————————————–——– Taking control.
'''Monday 11.07.22'''
>>17728969 ————————————–——– White hats have secured many systems, but problems still remain.
'''Sunday 11.06.2022'''
>>17724555 ————————————–——– You have all the tools you need.

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>>17900106 DOUGH
>>17901574 Moar Baker 
>>17901578, >>17901579, >>17901582, >>17901583 FBI asking about videos and racist website in connection with Colorado shooting
>>17901588, >>17901655 Ben Collins I was invented in a C_A lab?
>>17901590, >>17901591, >>17901617, >>17901755, >>17902031 Germany Arrests Dozens Suspected of Planning to Overthrow Government
>>17901599 Today's Deltas
>>17901607 12:41 = 17 @BarackObama Once again, Georgians have proven that when it comes time to vote, they’ll show up and vote 
>>17901620 Potato: On National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, we honor those whose lives were cut short that tragic morning.
>>17901636 Cruz's 14-year-old daughter Caroline was hospitalized in Houston last night
>>17901639 Lara Logan TELLS ALL: Dark Elitist Secrets They DON’T Want You To Know 
>>17901649 DeSantis says state will 'hold vaccine manufacturers accountable' for alleged COVID vax side effects.
>>17901659 @TomiLahren  We are losing winnable races. Back to the drawing board, GOP.
>>17901689, >>17901691 2001 Refresher: Researchers Debate Human Cloning
>>17901703 Virginia Restaurant Kicks Out Family Foundation Over Abortion, Traditional Marriage
>>17901742 Ukraine's Zelensky named TIME Person of the Year.
>>17901743 Elon Musk’s SpaceX Sponsors ‘All-Ages’ Drag Event?
>>17901762 @Kash In case you missed it, we got worked in Georgia, Again.
>>17901789 @marcorubio We have a historically unpopular Dem President,record inflation,a violent crime wave & total chaos at the border & not only did we fail to win a majority, we lost a seat
>>17901790 @RealJamesWoods Poll - Wealth
>>17901816 @ForgiatoBlow47 I Think I Might Get In Trouble #DisneyPedoWorld
>>17901844 UK Supreme Court upholds Northern Ireland buffer zone law in blow for pro-lifers
>>17901851 @TulsiGabbard We are walking 50 miles from Kaneohe to Pearl Harbor to honor the 81st anniversary of the attack on #PearlHarbor
>>17901863 The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.
>>17901922 @jack Replying to @elonmusk If the goal is transparency to build trust, why not just release everything without filter and let people judge for themselves?
>>17901924 December 7 marks the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, #Hawaii, in 1941,
>>17901930, >>17901953, >>17902034 Call to dig anons - Fauci's Daughter working for twitter
>>17901969 Coronavirus Sequences Removed From NIH Database At The Request of Chinese Researchers.
>>17901972 NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day NGC 7293: The Helix Nebula
>>17901987 Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters Praises FTX Founder In New Tweet
>>17901994 Multiple federal sources tell me a 38-year-old Border Patrol agent was killed in Mission, TX 
>>17902011, >>17902037 Rod Stewards 11yo son is rushed to hospital - Heart Attack
>>17902025 @SebGorka Ingraham did not hold back.
>>17902032 UK signs digital ID deal with Ukraine to ‘keep people safer’
>>17902050 @MayorRudyGiuliani The #TwitterFiles is just the tip of the iceberg, but I refuse to concede that the United States will share the Titanic's fate.
>>17902060 Marjorie Taylor Greene Seeks to ‘Defund’ Special Counsel
>>17902093 Calls Mount For Investigation Into Katie Hobbs Over Emails To Twitter
>>17902096 In case you missed it - King Charles can’t be charged by Admiralty Laws.
>>17902111 @NEWSMAX Official New York Rep. Lee Zeldin said he will not run for Republican National Committee chair
>>17902115 Anon eyes spies April 15th
>>17902129 Warroom Reminder Keep Focus, Keep pushing back. Keep fighting.
>>17902152 @TheBabylonBee Elmo Dies Of Myocarditis After Receiving COVID Vaccine
>>17902157 @elonmusk Oh, what a tangled web they weave, when first they practice to 
>>17902158 What the heck was Lindsay Graham in Georgia with Herschel Walker?
>>17902185 @RepAndyBiggsAZ Levin is the biggest fraud in politics right now. 
>>17902199 @CERN Today’s #PhotoOfTheWeek takes you to the construction site of #CERNScienceGateway, 
>>17902181 @JudiciaryGOP HUGE WIN. The #COVID19 vaccine mandate is OUT of the NDAA for our troops!
>>17902210 @seanhannity The House Oversight Committee will get answers.” Botched Afghan withdraw
>>17902217 6 common COVID myths busted by a virologist and a public health expert #COVID #Health
>>17902225 2023 NDAA link
>>17902232, >>17902234 Loudoun School Board Fires Superintendent Scott Ziegler immediately and without cause.
>>17902242 @@RepAndyBiggsAZ We cannot have a Speaker that rejects the "motion to vacate the chair" rule—a rule that allows members to remove the Speaker if they are not performing well.
>>17902263  Journalist and author Jefferson Morley claims the CIA holds documents showing Oswald was involved in an intelligence operation in the summer of 1963 
>>17902266 #21938

>>17897176 James Baker was on “National Task Force on Election Crises” an anti-Trump litigation group funded by Protect America PAC
>>17897189 James Baker was, and will ALWAYS be, a RAT.
>>17897202, >>17897204, >>17897207, >>17897249,  >>17897666 James Baker was the FBI's asset at Twitter and scrubbed the Twitter Files before Matt Taibbi received them; Bannon on Baker
>>17897747 Mike Davis: Thanks Elon for firing Jim Baker
>>17897261 Baker worked on Task Force for Elections
>>17897224 FLASHBACK: Disgraced Twitter counsel James Baker was one of the architects of Russian collusion hoax
>>17897384, >>17897580 Kash on James Baker
>>17897594 , >>17897621, >>17897652, >>17897747 Poso posts tonite
>>17897191, >>17897230, >>17897253, >>17897268, >>17897266, >>17897268 Houston police called to Cruz home
>>17897216 Potato opines
>>17897225 WH claims Twitter Files drop is "distraction" and falsely claims "hate speech" is rising on the platform
>>17897264, >>17897318 Snowden dig
>>17897246 Biden signs bill to avert nationwide rail strike
>>17897342 /RD/ - Raelism Discussion #2  4 chan
>>17897365 Planefagging
>>17897551, >>17897551  Elon Musk is no longer Twitter's largest shareholder - Vanguard is
>>17897587, >>17897593 US defense bill authorizes more Ukraine and Taiwan aid
>>17897738 Mike Davis: I’ve seen enough: We need new RNC leadership: Elect Harmeet Dhillon as RNC chair
>>17897850 Andy Adds Live interview with Garland Favorito. Georgia Elections
>>17897861 Forgotten digs - anons, DIG IN!
>>17897856 Elon Musk caught the FBI in bed with Twitter and exposed it for the whole world to see
>>17897869 Harmeet Dhillon Expands Discussion on Her Priority for RNC Change During Interview with Steve Bannon
>>17897880 LIVE: Police chase in Los Angeles
>>17897883 Bannon: RNC Chair Candidate Harmeet Dhillon Slams Repubs' Chamber Of Commerce Policies
>>17898917 #21937

>>17896414 Democrats Attempting to Pack Defense Bill with ‘Grab Bag’ of Unrelated Policies
>>17896421 AFL has obtained new documents uncovering a secret Twitter portal U.S. Govt officials used to censor dissenting COVID-19 views and violate the First Amendment. 
>>17896431 Twitter Files Supplemental part 1
>>17896436  Walker in the lead
>>17896441, >>17896488, >>17896910 Comiche Group/Anastasia Mann/24th Ave Theatre/corniche travel
>>17896461  FBI Ramps Up Spending to Fight MAGA Terrorism 
>>17896495 Q clock dark to light
>>17896497, >>17896528 [P]DJT & 17
>>17896507, >>17896586 DOE Touts $200M Grant to Lithium Battery Company as Boon to American-Made Clean Energy. The Company Operates Primarily From China.
>>17896516 Worncock ahead, again
>>17896547 They are starting to call it. Warnock win
>>17896560 Trump Organization convicted in executive tax dodge scheme
>>17896584 no callsign 676 Israel Air Force Gulfstream Aerospace G-V Gulfstream V SIGINT 'Nachshon Shavit'
>>17896598 RecordYourTeacher.Com
>>17896638 Warnock lead is closing <4K votes
>>17896650 Tomorrow is 5 years since Qclock 00:00, 12/7/17
>>17896658, >>17896663, >>17896669, >>17896704, >>17896714 Twitter is Fun Again!
>>17896660 WALKER PULLS AHEAD.<2K ahead
>>17896662 this guy knew back in 2020.Patrick Howley, National File. Fauci's daughter worked at twat
>>17896721 US Army Selects Bell's V-280 To Replace Black Hawk Helicopters
>>17896724 WH framed We The People Of (nothing else)
>>17896741 Walker down by 14k now steal is on?
>>17896751 now fidy fidy
>>17896874 funny how they call the race for Warnock and then the numbers stop coming in
>>17896875, >>17896886 Warnock wins by nearly 40K votes
>>17896890 @95%  Warnock
>>17896917 Stu Varney: Trump losing iron grip on GOP
>>17896995 said less than 99% votes were in a second ago now it's back to 96%…fuckery
>>17897034 full moon Dec 7  Cold Moon
>>17897078, >>17897103 Sen Cruz home, 14yr old girl suffers self inflicted stab wounds on arm
>>17897106 Musk: Oh, what a tangled web they weave, when first they practice to …
>>17897135 #21936

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>>17895862 #21932, >>17895380 #21933, >>17895619 #21934
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>>17881660 #21926, >>17882427 #21927, >>17883163 #21928
>>17879377 #21923, >>17880127 #21924, >>17880892 #21925

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