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>>17779182 #21881
>>17779184 #21780 notes
>>17779258 Kevin McCarthy beats far-right challenger 188-31 to lead House GOP
>>17779821, >>17779822, >>17781220, >>17781222 Planefag Reports
>>17780402 Police interrogate former OK Senator Ralph Allan Lee Shortey, disgraced politician convicted of child sex trafficking 2017
>>17781223 Bitcoin Slides After Genesis Suspends Withdrawals From Crypto Lending Business
>>17781224, >>17781228 NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day
>>17781226 Earth Views from Artemis I Mission to the Moon
>>17781237 CA: A group of law enforcement recruits in critical condition after hit by car during morning run in Whittier
>>17781241 13 Democrat Senators Revolt After Midterm Election, Vote Against Extending Biden’s ‘Covid Emergency’ Declaration
>>17781258 12 hurt in 2-alarm fire, explosion at apartment complex in Gaithersburg, MD
>>17781262 #21782

>>17778045, >>17778052, >>17778094 Republicans Make HUGE Demands On New Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy
>>17778161 Did Russia Just Strike Poland? No, Ukraine Did!
>>17778196 "A radical plan for Trump’s second term"
>>17778226 Automatic recount triggers at .5% in Arizona…''' Kari Lake now at .6% and gaining…'''
>>17778306 Senate ENDS muhcorona emergency declaration - we win again.
>>17779182 #21781 Posted in #21782

>>17777302, >>17777312, >>17777318, >>17777322, >>17777406, >>17777452, >>17777520, >>17777587, >>17777666, >>17777631, >>17777887, >>17777895, >>17777939, >>17777987 PDJT Announcement Notes 11 15 2022
>>17777323 What you just saw was cyber warfare Absolute Truth Interview with General McInerney 
>>17777324, >>17777360 HISTORIC: President Donald J. Trump Holds Special Announcement at the Mar a Lago
>>17777355 A secretive US Space Force unmanned craft landed after almost 2.5 years in orbit
>>17777389 10 Year Old Boy Died of Cardiac Arrest 7 Days After Moderna Shot, VAERS Data Show
>>17777432 Rep. Steve Scalise Elected to House Majority Leader
>>17777456 Weinstein's lawyer conducts grueling cross examination as judge drops four of 11 counts
>>17777504, >>17777593, >>17777635, >>17777639, >>17777662, >>17777703, >>17777523, >>17777684 WATER COMMS? Is this Fiji shit? FTX #laundry OVER?? 
>>17777640 Residents Revolt Over Oppressive Covid Lockdowns In Guangzhou
>>17777679 Artemis I Launch to the Moon Nov. 16, 2022
>>17777692 CA: Denise Richards and her husband shot at in apparent road rage incident
>>17777777, >>17777888, >>17777896 Q, Love & Miss You!!!
>>17777829 Maricopa County Supervisors Meeting TOMORROW Wednesday AZ Patriots Sign Up To Speak By 8 AM
>>17777847 Arizona Prayer Rally Under Surveillance As Members Gather In Free Speech Zone
>>17777655, >>17777686, >>17777776 Like Epstein and Maxwell, yet another human trafficker without a client list, nor wider network off arrests
>>17777866, >>17777914, >>17777961, >>17778032 POTUS T: The carters of power, these are our carters, we are taking them back
>>17777909 Young people who detransition describe death threats, doxxing, intimidation, and being accused of genocide
>>17777741, >>17777976, >>17777985, >>17777992, >>17778003 The more they say TRUMP, the moar powerful TRUMP becomes
>>17779184  #21780 Posted in #21782

>>17775438 Lobbyists and FTX:Eliora Katz, a former aide to Republican Sen. Pat Toomey who was listed on disclosure reports as FTX’s sole in-house lobbyist FTA (Krach Institute)
>>17775443 Over 100 years ago: James K. Polk 25th Speaker of the House in 1835, the only person to have served both as Speaker and U.S. president. 
>>17775579 F35LTNG squawking 7700 (in-flight emergency) and heading back to Hill AFB-safe landing pilot o7 also has RQ7BV2 drone over spoopy Dugway Proving Ground up fer a few hours already
>>17775581 Walmart To Pay $3.1B In Opioid Lawsuits
>>17775584 Mortgage Rates Could Tank Home Prices by 20%, Fed Study Finds
>>17776613 "We went from "2 weeks to flatten the curve" to "we're going to change your child's sex, ration your food and gasoline, digitize your currency make ballot gathering and counting a 2 month ordeal, you'll own nothing and be happy, and if you aren't, you're a threat to democracy" soc media
>>17776615, >>17776635, >>17776638, >>17776650 Watch LIVE: President Donald J. Trump Makes Special Announcement at Mar-a-Lago - 11/15/22
>>17776618 Rep. Steve Scalise Elected to House Majority Leader
>>17776621 Who’s Really in Charge? John Fetterman’s Wife Escorts Her Brain Damaged Husband to Capitol Hill
>>17776625 PF CONUS SAM500 from LAX to JBA after 1h on ground SPAR65 from Hickam to MacDill
>>17776632 How the Chinese Academy of Sciences financed & developed Konnech's subsidiary
>>17776633 SAM362 C-32A heading to Bali from a stop at Yokota AFB, Japan for a refuel-departed JBA later yesterday
>>17776652 Treasury Targets Actors Involved in Production and Transfer of Iranian Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Russia for Use in Ukraine
>>17776654, >>17776699 moar links for 45's announcement
>>17776660 LCN Opinin’ 020 – LSJohn: Imbalance of Power
>>17776662, >>17776666 Down time Notes multiple stories/links
>>17776667, >>17776678, >>17776683, >>17776701, >>17776702, >>17776718, >>17776878, >>17776936 Caps/quotes from announcement
>>17776715 Gerry Monroe lights up Harris County Commissioners Court with evidence of ballot harvesting and voter fraud allegations.
>>17776780 Biden Refuses Press Question on Suspected Russian Missile Strike on Poland; Reporters Then Rushed Out of Emergency Meeting
>>17776789 Republicans Win the House of Representatives
>>17776835 @bennyjohnson  TRUMP: "America's comeback starts right now."
>>17776959 Donald Trump files FEC paperwork to run for President of the United States in 2024
>>17776970 Downtown Rio de Janeiro, in front of the Army HQ, today!
>>17776995 Marjorie Taylor Green blasts mail-in voting as 'biggest problem' facing elections
>>17777019  The radical-left democrats have embraced an extreme ideology of government domination and control. Our approach is the opposite. One based on freedom, values, individual responsibility, and just plain common sense.
>>17777042 Top Biden DOJ official going to work for law firm that defends Hunter Biden
>>17777214 #21779

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>>17762730 #21768, >>17767668 #21769, >>17771154 #21770

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