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>>17719170 Hey guys the new system will be done soon maybe tonight, but prolly tomorrow
>>17719291 Q Post #837 Mar 4 2018 1:22:06 (EST) Listen carefully. TRUST. WE are FIGHTING for YOU. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. Q
>>17719298, >>17719303 Complaint form to use against Judge Hoyt for his True the Vote debacle (Texas)
>>17719310 Left's 'threat to democracy' narrative jumps the shark following incidents at Pelosi home, Hobbs HQ
>>17719315 Coastal village of Kusiong, Philippines on Sat., flash floods, tropical storm Nalgae, mudslide burying villagers
>>17719333 How Is This Legal? Scientists In London Lab Just Created A Mutant Super Strain of COVID And It’s Reportedly Lethal
>>17719334 Hillary Clinton Demands Trump Pay Her Legal Fees After Clinton Judge Tosses RICO Lawsuit Over Russia Collusion Hoax
>>17719340 Keystone State: Trump & Obama/(with Biden) Hold Dueling Rallies Pennsylvania Sat. time/location Dem rally not released yet
>>17719559 CEO of GETTR says former President Trump will delay his 2024 announcement until the start of 2023 (Gut feeling)
>>17719561 Woman says Weinstein sexually assaulted her in 1991 and 2008 
>>17719565 Shock Video: New York High School Student Stabbed by Classmate as Fellow Students Record Attack
>>17719576 Tucker Carlson: Without censorship, the Democratic Party can't continue to hold power
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