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BTS Bound Notebooks

BTS Bound Notebooks
BTS merchandise will let you show your support. Their fans have created a range T-shirts, stickers and albums by collaborating with brands. These items are available as XS, XL, or extra large sizes and are gender-inclusive. They are available in a range of prices from $9 to $133. 
There are many places that sell BTS merch. But Amazon, Mercari, eBay and eBay are all great options. They are full of jackets, hoodies, and T-shirts. You can also find a variety other items, such as pens and tote bag to collectible figurines to pens. There are also limited-edition items available like vinyl records, Pop Sockets, and other items. 
Nordstrom has official BTS merchandise. You can also buy it from other websites like Etsy. This website is a great place for unique and handcrafted BTS merchandise. You can even order your favourite members' dolls through the BTS x Mattel range. This line features the likenesses for all seven members from Jungkook through RM to the rest. There are many sizes to choose from so that your little one can have a doll of their choosing. 
BTS merchandise can also be found at the Weverse Shop. It sells both official and fan-made pieces. You can actually get a unique set of the ARMY. This includes 12 button-pins and a Lanyard all made from the boys’ ARMY signature logo. You can also download the Weverse Shop application, which has limited-edition exclusives. 
Bangtan Boys merch offers more than clothing, accessories and household goods. It also includes keychains and mugs. These BTS pieces will go with you everywhere. To give your home that K-Pop feel, you can even find adorable decor with BTS inspiration. 
BTS fans are able to take their boys everywhere they go, in honor for the upcoming tour. bts merch includes the Permission - Dance on Stage tour shirt, available in a variety. If you prefer a more classic look, the T-shirt in white is also available. 
BTS fans might also enjoy a fleece pouch called "Mic Drop". It can hold all your accessories and is ideal for running errands. It has a glittered BTS Army logo. Even etched light fixtures can be ordered in 7 different colors. You can also purchase a biodegradable PLA food cutter. 
There are many other cool products that you can buy, including tees, enamel pins and photocards. You can also give the photo cards out as party favors. You can also find them in sets up to 240 to give out to all your guests. Additionally, an activity book is available that teaches how to draw BTS.

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