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>>16035488, >>16035536 Jimmy Kimmel brands MTG a 'sociopath' for reporting him to cops for 'threatening violence' after he asked 'where is Will Smith when you need him?'…
>>16035523 WH "Scheduled" Events for 08APR22
>>16035543 President Trump is coming up live on the KC O’Dea Show. Tune in!
>>16035588, >>16035607, >>16035631, >>16035643 There It Is, The Canadian 2022 Budget Authorizes a Central Bank Digital Currency.  And 'mandatory' gun buy-back program
>>16035614 Federal “Derogatory Geographic Names Task Force” (Yes, Really) Announces The US Will Rename 660 Mountains, Rivers, and landmarks to Remove “Racist” Language
>>16035673 Baker Change
>>16035741 Food prices are soaring at a record pace, rising another 13% in March. (#StartAGarden)
>>16035800 France prepares gas rationing
>>16035823 LIVE: SpaceX Launches Axiom-1 Crew to Space Station
>>16035866 Politically punished doctors go on tour to tell the other side of the COVID-19 story
>>16035870 Big win for unvaccinated Richmond city hall workers
>>16035874 California Organ Procurement Companies with Links to Hillary Clinton Admit Guilt in Illegal Body Parts Trafficking
>>16035893 @JackPosobiec I don’t know who needs to hear this but God is going to win
>>16035903 Rigged: The Zuckerberg Funded Plot to Defeat Donald Trump (2022) FULL DOCUMENTARY
>>16035894 Sunscreen causes cancer?
>>16035912 The Swamp Schedule Today
>>16035916 Sen. Collins tests positive for COVID-19 (Just In Time for Voter Fraud)
>>16035892 Hunter Biden emailed best wishes from the ‘entire’ family in $10M Chinese tycoon ask
>>16035937 4KEKS RRN - Putin Calls Elon Musk a “Trojan Horse”
>>16035968 Nobel Peace Prize winner attacked (RED PAINT)
>>16035984 @SeanParnellUSA keeping it based 
>>16035992 @FortBenning It's a marathon, not a sprint. (Q?)
>>16036136 Current list of Pedocrats with Covid #JustInTimeForMidterms
>>16036168 In case you missed it, German and Austrian Mayors Under 60 Are 'Suddenly and Unexpectedly' Dropping Dead
>>16036193 #20282

Baker Change
>>16034698 Shirley Teter Sued Project Veritas, Lost, and is Ordered to Pay Veritas' Expenses
>>16034712 Emory University Restricts Wi-Fi for Students Non-Compliant with COVID-19 Booster Mandate
>>16034764 Four more US school teachers charged with sexual abuse of minors
>>16034778 Scott Ritter, former UN weapons inspector and retired USMC intelligence officer has been suspended from Twitter. He is a critic of Zelensky
>>16034783 Brian Cates: Maxey is claiming to have done the impossible in recovering 450GB of deleted files
>>16034784 Pennsylvania man arrested for allegedly putting anti-Biden sticker on gas pumps
>>16034791 Jack Posobeic retweet: (Marc Andreessen) Buy physical copies of any books you plan to read in the future. Do it now
>>16034802, >>16033963, >>16035374 Pepe Lives Matter: I’ll remind people - Kentanji isn’t going anywhere until Breyer leaves in late October 2022
>>16034821 Walmart drivers could make up to $110K in first year
>>16034851, >>16034852 Vladimir Zhirinovsky and the Art of Political Predictions 
>>16034861 Wendy Rogers telegram: Congrats to all of the candidates for making the ballot in Congressional District 2. I would especially like to congratulate Eli Crane (Navy Seal),Ron Watkins (Election Integrity Fighter), and John Moore (Close Friend of Mine)
>>16034864 Ron Watkins telegram on Elon Musk appointed to Twitter Board: This has sent a massive message to tech companies. This is a MAJOR WIN for Free Speech.
>>16034879 Pepe Lives Matter: Zelensky actually brought nazi Azov members with him to address the Greek Parliament. He's parading them around out in the open now but they call us conspiracy theorists
>>16034905 Politico: Trump says Secret Service blocked him from joining Jan. 6 march to the Capitol
>>16034931, >>16034932 A3P Releases Transcripts of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Sentencing Hearings
>>16034942 "I'm Calling You Out" - Biden Nominee Blindsided by Their Own Words (rumble vid link)
>>16034945 KanekoaTheGreat: Total Information War On The Great Reset's Grand Narrative
>>16034953 Colorado-Based Foundation Houses Dozens Of Ukrainian Orphans In Romania (video)
>>16034957, >>16034959, >>16034961 Arizona AG’s Interim Report on 2020 Election Fraud Investigation Was Just Released (.pdf link on third post)
>>16034991 Reminder: Q Drop #30 "WOULD YOU believe a device was placed somewhere in the WH that could actually cause harm to anyone in the room and would in essence be undetected?"
>>16034995, >>16035278 Mitch McConnell Donates to Liz Cheney
>>16035029 Rentals are soaring across the US to unsustainable levels
>>16035030, >>16035032, >>16035038, >>16035040, >>16035044 Memo Reveals State Department Assessed in Early 2020 That Lab Leak Was Most Likely Origin of COVID-19
>>16035034 Pelosi Suddenly Tests COVID Positive Conveniently Cancelling Taiwan Trip 
>>16035067, >>16035073 Anon calls out two year Delta on Q Drop #3909
Baker Change
>>16035097 The Legacy Media Have Not Conceded the Laptop from Hell Reporting – And They Don’t Deserve Credit
>>16035101, >>16035102 Video: Disney Producer Boasts About Exploring ‘Gay Advanced’ and ‘Gay 101’ Content
>>16035116, >>16035122, >>16035122, >>16035179 Dozens reported killed in rocket strike in Donbass. Warring parties accused each other of hitting a railroad station in Kramatorsk
>>16035138 Divisions in Germany over military aid to Ukraine. Chancellor Scholz reportedly reluctant to deliver 100 old armored vehicles as demanded by coalition partners
>>16035140, >>16035143, >>16035157  Disney’s Child-Predator Problem
>>16035149 US sanctions ‘world’s largest diamond mining firm’
>>16035163 Horrifying Discovery: Over 100 Aborted Babies Found in Truck Labeled “Medical Waste”
>>16035178 KEK BEE: President Barack Obama Returns to the White House After Growing Tired of Working Remotely
>>16035184, >>16035192 Friday Grennell - House laptop forgetfullness, Jen Psaki MSDNC move
>>16035195 “Half Of Obama’s Administration Had Personal Servers, XI May Have Been Chairman Of One Of Hunter’s Companies”, Jack Maxey And Laptop From Hell
>>16035209, >>16035231, >>16035272 Pepe Deluxe - I mean if it blows your mind that pedos have been gravitating to Disneyland to abuse kids, brace yourself for a SHOCK.  
>>16035213 New Jersey to require 2nd graders learn about gender identity in fall, alarming parents
>>16035235 Proposed bill would require financial institutions to ask for sexual orientation and gender identity under ECOA
>>16035268 Soros family quietly bankrolls committees supporting 'defund the police' candidates
>>16035302 Pakistan parliament to meet Saturday to decide PM Khan's fate
>>16035303 Explosive Pennsylvania Testimony Explains How Leftist Money Infiltrated Election Offices In 2020
>>16035320 Nunes: Building Truth Social piece-by-piece to prevent Big Tech cancellation
>>16035327 (continued from 2 last breads) more Fox comms?
>>16035407 #20281

>>16033918 State Department Memo In Early 2020 Assessed That Lab leak Was Most Likely Origin Of COVID-19
>>16033947 Clockfag: QClock April 7, 2022 A Supreme Court Seat
>>16033955 National Guard troops in riot gear conducting military exercises along Rio Grande
>>16034079 Sputnik tweet: Ukrainian Security Service Involved in Illicit Network of Drug Labs in #Russia, Detainees Reveal
>>16034101 NBC News tweet: The ruling by a federal district court judge found that the Dept. of Defense policy that barred the deployment of HIV-positive service members is discriminatory.
>>16034111 Plan for the largest space ship ever built that would be able to transport humans to Jupiter and back have been revealed in Pentagon files
>>16034131 Prince Charles once asked sex fiend Jimmy Savile to help the Royal Family’s public relations
>>16034168 New search warrantrequests GoogleDocs in probe involving Harris County judge Lina Hidalgo, team
>>16034177, >>16034183 Dr. Robert Malone Strikes Back at NYT
>>16034211 DC killed the fox kits too! (more fox comms like lb?)
>>16034277 Dailycaller: The White House’s ‘Advocacy’ TikTok Campaign Was Actually A Democratic Front The Entire Time
>>16034379 Anon opines on Presidential legalities
>>16034412 RT: Russian energy paid for in yuan is heading to China – reports
>>16034567, >>16034613, >>16034629, >>16034638 US government diagnosing chickens with bird flu using fraudulent PCR tests, then slaughtering them
>>16034642 #20280

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