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Insurance related question to a 1987 5.7L...

Insurance related question to a 1987 5.7L IROCZ?
"Took a hpt also it was positive. I am planning to the health department to have another pregnancy test. I really don't have insurance (I am aware it had been ridiculous to have prego without insurance ) but I know I will get TennCare. Basically take a note from the health dept nurse to dhsHow long does it try be under insurance for vehicle? 
Just how much will insurance charge on a 94 eclipse? 
Here is my predicament that I am confused about. A few week before I visited chapel and parked my car. Next thing I understand is the fact that somebody was operating stolen (Yukon) vehicle and it has hit the...display more 
"A person hit my left car and damaged the body"Just how much around can my car insurance ?__xtblog_block_id=1#xt_blog">insurance go up easily make a claim to have it resprayed due to vandalism

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