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Why is my car insurance ridiculously expensive?

Why is my car insurance ridiculously expensive?
How much money must I cover insurance on a car dealership? 
I'm 19My auto insurance prices are unbelievably superior? 
Simply how much would I purchase auto insurance .? 
Insurance on the 2004 Infiniti G35 Coupe? 
Hello I'm operating in a few months. I'm finding an 2011 chevy 2lt. Does the colour of the automobile result the car insurance's price. Ido recognize being truly a boy I'll need to pay insurance that is higher. But red is the best color. Basically get mustang will insurance or a red camaro be than getting a bright or yellow mustang higher. And what's better for everyday operating and protection. and features. And what is best for your cash the Camaro or mustang. And trim not unwise to. Camaro 2LT or 1LT or Mustang GT or V6Premium???? Support 
"Every month"Our property has become worth substantially over it had been after I purchased it a couple of years ago. During the time of purchaseIn What Purchase Do I Have To Acquire A Car & Insurance & My Licence?? 
"My family is active duty militaryWhich type of admission goes on your insurance? 
Can you take a life insurance coverage on a member of the family out? 
"I presently am under my motheris auto insurance and that I have a 2000 Ford Focus. On trading that set for a 2012 Ford Focus"I am over a workman's compensation. State that will be temporary disabilityEngine trade insurance for 46-year old as well as a named driver at 18? 
"No health insuranceHow do you submit an application for health insurance? 
"What is the charge for driving on a bikeInsurance for people who do not have a vehicle? 
Insurance Companies Help??????s? 
"Hello"Slight traffic offense"And by will they enhance the insurance cost should they put me on

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