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What is the best car insurance?

What is the best car insurance?
Live and hi im a in NYC i am not multiple alone in a business house in Brooklyn NY i workin an armani change shop and right now im also choosing acting and also have previously nailed some gigs. Our concern is if anybody knows how I could get car insurance under $4000 (BTW i dont have any1 residing in another condition) i checked most organizations plus they offer 10-13k whether year or six months so please if any1 knows how I - can get insurance help me out I'm in serious need of the car. 
"Republicants"I am transferring to toronto 
"I just cannot delay that long I would like some treatment like at this time and that I understand that we get medical dental benefits after one year although i just work at shoprite! Just how do i get medical health insurance How difficult is it to really have a baby without insurance? 
"In California... basically push an insured carCar Insurance Toronto: Which car insurance business is cheap? I am an initial period automobile driver.? 
How come car insurance so costly for an 18-year old? 
What type of auto insurances occur? 
When can the U.S. government cease the gender discrimination on Car insurance? 
I reside in scarborough toronto and that I'm paying my auto insurance $ 450/ month. You folks realize any cheaper and better insurance companies? Additional info: I am 20 male Scarborough G2 and certificate insurance for 2000Oldsmobile intrique. PLEASE HELP!! 
I am buying a dental insurance policy that is good. One which is therefore cheap and ideally with or no 
Listing with medical assessment of medical and living insurance companies? 
Which insurance providers keep the smallest to driving documents? 
"I am of buying my first property along the way and do not know if I need insurance

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