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>>14083654 Senator Grassley now has eyes on Hunters Laptop
>>14083679 Patrick Bergy and The ShadowNet Case Study
>>14083716, >>14083758 RE: Earthquakes in California (happening as we lurk)
>>14083718, 26 Colombians, 2 Americans behind Moise killing: Haiti police
>>14083721 Operation DisrupTor: Drug Trafficker Sentenced to 6.5 Years in Prison 
>>14083725 How many shootings in the first six days of this month?
>>14083772 Left-wing extremist group stormed the offices of the Austrian news site "oe24" 
>>14083811 Gen Flynn supports former Dem Vernon Jones for The Gov
>>14083858 S.D. Deploying 125 More National Guard Troops to the border
>>14083862 remember how Avenatti flipped out at this post?
>>14083864 #BlameRusia Theater Intercept
>>14083897 FBI Drops Thousands of Pages of Documents on Murdered DNC Operative Seth Rich
>>14083976 Q400 exposed Ketron > Lundgren > Trump ties
>>14084131 James Comey wants to play a game
>>14084245 JP Sears, patriot
>>14084281 They can’t even keep the lies straight anymore
>>14083802, >>14084351 Anyone digging on Seth Rich?

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