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Book Donation Drop Boxes: A Correlation Coefficient...

Book Donation Drop Boxes: A Correlation Coefficient That Is Too Low
My donation drop boxes in my neighborhood are almost full. There are always a few donations that come in, but it seems like people just keep coming and going. There are a woman who bring in almost every week, a man who come in just about every week, and other people who either stay for only one week or longer. They are always very cordial and very understanding. They have never brought a car donation receipt, but they know how to fill out the forms, and they have a very generous spirit. 
 magazine that you can have as many donation bins as you want in your lot (one per block). This is great because it keeps your property looking very neat and orderly. But you have to have them placed so that you can get to them quickly and easily, especially if you need to make a quick pickup and drop-off. If you look at some of the donation bins in other areas around Fort Worth, you will see that they are placed in a shaded area of the lot or in a well ventilated spot with easy access. This is not the case here! 
A friend recently came by my house with three boxes full of old books. She said that she was going to donate the books to a thrift store, but then she thought she would take a little of each book home to bring back to my house for reading. She also indicated that she would like to write stories about her finds no place in the book donation bins. 
I was happy to see her, because her initiative went beyond the call of duty. She was thoughtful enough to take the time to find out what her options were, and that made her a better neighbor. As is my policy, I always ask if someone has a valid zip code. So this person brought in three boxes of old books and told me they were from the Salvation Army. 
I called the local Salvation Army and they sent someone to pick up the three boxes of old books. I asked if they still had the box near my house. They said yes, but it was being held at the thrift store now. It took them thirty minutes to stack the three boxes on top of each other. When I asked why they did not just donate the items to a good charity, they said that they could not find a local group that would accept items donated to the thrift store. 
I was happy to see my local library offer to help me with the donation. magazine called them and they were more than willing to help. In fact, they said that they would match any other group's donation and I could have all three book bins delivered to my house for donation. 
The library offered to match any other group's donation as well. I was very grateful. I knew that my local library was going to match other groups donations and my book donation drop box near me was going to stay in use. 
When I compared these two locations, there was a remarkable correlation coefficient. That means that if a book is donated fifty percent in one location and fifty percent in another, the expected number of people donating to the outlier location is significantly higher. That means that by simply matching donations to an outlier location, the correlation coefficient would be much lower. This illustrates just how important the correlation coefficient is.
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