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How much will my car insurance go up?

How much will my car insurance go up?
I am a 17 going to be 18 on October next year that I desired to find out about cars would purchasing a fresh one be better than a classic one and I am planning to go and study in FL? How much might I pay with possibly aged or new for insurance ? I wish to recognize precise prices to assess if it would be simpler to buy even a one or a new-car? How much would I pay-per month around the insurance ? 
"I'm going into surgery for my meniscus being ripped during a skiing accident. However"A friend took my vehicle without specifically having my choice (had choice to travelAuto Insurance questions? 
Could I challenge my insurance adjusteris estimation of value of the totaled vehicle? 
Alright therefore I was in a personal parking lot and that I suddenly scratched another car i got frightened and quit because I had been silly. The cops discovered me the following day and that I got billed with and more 
Insurance concern for my car? 
What is the lowest priced car insurer for a 23yr old man? 
"ive got insurance on my piaggio fly 50cc which ends may this year"People w/e health insurance how can you pay for health care"I actually don't have any medical health insurance and also have become pregnant"Could you receive medicaid in case your employer provides insurance at an unaffordable charge for a low income household

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