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>>16552853 ————————————–——– What is at stake? Who has control? SURPRISE WITNESS. Who is Cassidy Hutchinson? Trust the plan.
>>16950147 06.25.2022
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>>17611609 -dough
>>17611657, >>17611777 DJT Truth
>>17611766 Trump Posts Wild Attack on ‘DEATH WISH’ Mitch McConnell and His ‘China Loving Wife, Coco Chow!’
>>17611904 Obama blamed Hillary, Bill and Comey for her loss to Trump
>>17611936 Naval War Colleget twat on hybrid warfar & climage change
>>17611972 K. Conway says Trump "wants his old job back;" would like to announce within weeks
>>17611978 Burkina Faso soldiers announce overthrow of military government
>>17612024 Witnesses in Vatican mega trial paint bleak picture of how Secretariat managed funds
>>17612063, >>17612190, >>17612308 Panic in DC / Habberman on the clock! / Judgement Day
>>17612067 Strozk's dismissal letter published
>>17612123 Biden warns Putin about NATO.
>>17612232 Crowd chants "Russia, Russia, Russia" in Moscow's Red Square 
>>17612333 #21594

>>17610807 US Hits Chinese Firms With New Sanctions Over Iranian Oil
>>17610842 India, China, Brazil Abstain From UN Vote Condemning Russian Annexation
>>17610853 Feds warn of election day violence
>>17610869 Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, meets with US Capitol riot committee
>>17610873 Newsom Signs Legislation Making California a Trans Sanctuary State
>>17610918 Tennessee high court reverses Naomi Judd death investigation order
>>17610935, >>17610941 Mexican government suffers major data hack, president's health issues revealed
>>17610951 NEW - Biden vows "to ban assault weapons" in the US.
>>17610953 vid: Democracy Partners v. Project Veritas Action, Project Veritas et al.
>>17610958 US weighs in on Ukraine’s NATO membership
>>17611004 Planefag report
>>17611053, >>17611414 VP Harris: Color based relief equity for Hurricane Ian victims
>>17611070 #NorthKorea fired an unspecified ballistic missile
>>17611102 Midwest hospital chain stops using race-based COVID-19 treatment plan amid backlash
>>17611114 Hunter Biden’s Ex-Wife Dishes On Couple’s Marriage In New Memoir
''Bread Ghosted''
>>17611172 For the keks: Happy Hispanic Heritage Month from the Democrats
>>17611190 Hurricane Ian Recovery Update
>>17611198 Biden Hiding Records on Trump Raid, Judicial Watch Sues over YouTube Censorship
>>17611387 US Army: Louisiana National Guard sends assistance to #Florida after #HurricaneIan
>>17611395 Planefag: SPAR181, interesting. What VIP would be flying out of Randolph AFB today?
>>17611600 #21593

>>17609954 - Dough
>>17609987 Jake Sullivan gets asked about The Satanists
>>17609989 Russia vetoed and others abstained from voting on the UN Security Council resolution condemning Russian annexation.
>>17609995 Dr. Fauci and others at NIH received more than $350 million in royalties payments from Big Pharma.
>>17610041 Full List of 2022 Congressional Republicans Funded by Gates
>>17610049 GWP: MI Secretary of State Says Dumping Stacks of Ballots into Drop Boxes Is Completely Acceptable
>>17610076  Allegations circling 4Chan that a US P-8 Poseidon was responsible for the explosions at Nord Stream 2
>>17610130, >>17610017 That baby is a real Q-Tey
>>17610143 Navy recruit, found NOT GUILTY of 2020 arson that gutted USS Bonhomme Richard 
>>17610183 ANALYSIS: Proposed U.S. law seeks to punish African countries for ‘aligning’ with Russia
>>17610221, >>17610223, >>17610225 DC Bar Does Democrats’ Dirty Work By Tarring Opponents Right Before Midterms
>>17610297, >>17610298 Biden: "Hispanic history is American history
>>17610312 Guardsman, 18, who walked alongside the Queen's coffin during her funeral procession is found dead at his Hyde Park barracks
>>17610326 Putin's Full Annexation Speech 9.30.22 (English)
>>17610329 susAF: My friend @dlangenkamp’s wife was tragically killed in a bike accident in DC.
>>17610352 Meta approved personal security services for Sheryl Sandberg, former COO, due to 'continuing threats to her safety' 
>>17610396, >>17610410 Gloria Vanderbilt's Former Upper East Side Townhouse Listed for Sale for $12 Million 
>>17610400 Beijing Arrested 1.43 Million People in a 100-Day Security Campaign Ahead of National Meeting
>>17610452 House PASSES bill to avoid a government shutdown until December 16 - and give$12 BILLION in aid to Ukraine
>>17610481 It’s the worst September for stocks since 2002
>>17610521, >>17610530>>17610517, >>17610491, >>17610507, >>17610504 DJT Truth on Trevor Noah & Others
>>17610538 2 million electric customers are currently without power across the south east #USA due to from #HurricaneIan.
>>17610569 Pelosi says Florida needs migrants to 'pick crops' after DeSantis ships them out 
>>17610602 The Hill Fires Jewish Journalist Katie Halper After Defending Rep. Tlaib’s ‘Apartheid Israel’ Claim
>>17610635 In a reversal, the Education Dept. is excluding many from student loan relief
>>17610713 #21592

>>17609175 Google Losing the Match: Will Shut Down ‘Stadia’ Gaming Service
>>17609198 Ginni Thomas Stands By 2020 Fraud Concerns
>>17609213 Fear Pron: Scientists fear they've found the next big pandemic threat
>>17609214 Britain's Royal Mint unveils new coins featuring King Charles III
>>17609222 Trump to hold rally in Nevada
>>17609230 Former Philly Democrat Sentenced to Prison for Election Fraud Scheme
>>17609232 The Log Cabin 38: The conservative gay lobby’s top 2022 picks
>>17609240, >>17609260 Seattle Children’s Hospital Vows To Keep Performing Gender Surgeries on Children
>>17609246 New Zealand PM calls “free speech” a “weapon of war”
>>17609250, >>17609266 Long way home: How former Ukrainian regions joined Russia
>>17609278, >>17609287 Renew old friendships with SwipeBlue
>>17609315 The end of the Pawleys Island pier has collapsed & is floating south.
>>17609336 Video: Climate ‘Czar’ John Kerry Lauds China, Says They Have More Electric Cars
>>17609346 U.S. Fed reverse repo facility use spikes to $2.426 trillion — a new record high.
>>17609358 Private texts between Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey made public
>>17609393 Virus Kills 100,000 Cattle in India, Threatens Livelihoods
>>17609437, >>17609440, >>17609463 Fascinating article on crypto donated to Ukraine.
>>17609501 Judge Overrules Special Master’s Demands to Trump in Document Review
>>17609518 'This Is a Disaster': The More We Learn About These Jabs, the More Bad News We Get
>>17609537 The Think Tanks…Take Money From the Arms Industry
>>17609549 Gates Foundation boosts funding for Digital ID projects
>>17609551 EU approves emergency measures to curb prices
>>17609571, >>17609573 PDJT Rally Weekend Two-fer weekend fiesta
>>17609595 770,000 excluded from Biden’s student loan relief
>>17609597 Federal Reserve announces major ‘pilot exercise’ for ESG social credit score system
>>17609621 Girls banned from locker room for refusing to undress with boys.
>>17609629 Maintenance of Peace and Security of Ukraine - Security Council, 9143rd Meeting. 
>>17609657 Female Co-conspirator Receives 10-Year Prison Sentence After Jury Concludes She Facilitated Child Sex Trafficking Ring
>>17609681 View of the Cherry Grove Pier that has now partially collapsed 
>>17609683 Former Baltimore City Assistant State’s Attorney Facing Federal Charges for Unlawfully Obtaining Phone Records
>>17609692 President of Radiology Services Company Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for $2 Million Healthcare Fraud Scheme and Identity Theft 
>>17609697 Jumping the queue
>>17609706 Nord Stream pipeline blasts were likely from explosions, not earthquakes, seismologist says
>>17609719 Pelosi wants to keep illegals in FL
>>17609732 American Red Cross Under Scrutiny After Confessing It Does Not Separate Vaccinated from Unvaccinated Blood
>>17609750 BIDEN TO PUTIN: "America is fully prepared with our NATO allies to defend every single inch of NATO
>>17609768 @USArmy: Keep your head up! 
>>17609776 #Russia Now Has Officially Incorporated #Donetsk, #Luhansk, #Zaporizhzhya, & #Kherson Into The Russian Federation & Promised To Protect Their Territory With Nukes.
>>17609779 @USNavy: The flag flies everywhere 🇺🇸. 
>>17609780, >>17609812 Attorney breaks down the judge's rejection of the Special Master Plan demands. (Starts around 13:00 minutes in…
>>17609830 @USNavy Jumping into action!
>>17609888 #21591

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