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>>16395978, >>16395985, >>16396000, >>16396011 China To Invade Taiwan - Rumor or fact?
>>16395986 Baby die-off or culling of humanity? con't.
>>16396024 Dr. Peter McCullough on CRISPR tech and human cells - Ingraham vid
>>16396041, >>16396016, >>16396278, >>16396058 Chelom Leavitt - wife of Utah Co Atty David Leavitt, accused of child ritual sex abuse in Utah
>>16396163, >>16396166, >>16396166, >>16396300, >>16396349, >>16396427, >>16396495, >>16396518 Leavitt dig, con't.
>>16396042 Report: Can China destroy Musk's Starlink?
>>16396121, >>16396123, >>16396127 Why The Special Counsel Needs To Fight For More Spygate Docs, Stat
>>16396059 Spain's being sprayed with dangerous chemicals
>>16396069, >>16396258 SHOOTING at Phoenix strip mall
>>16396161, >>16396459 Co-Chair Bilderberger is a member of the boards the Intl Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC) and Board for Population Control
>>16396162 First Open Testimony Before January 6 Committee
>>16396173 Southern Cali hospital attack
>>16396259 Ben & Jerry’s Puts Up Billboards Across Multiple States Supporting ‘Trans’ Kids
>>16396263 California court rules bees are now fish
>>16396264 WH Postpones Joe Biden’s Trip to Israel and Saudi Arabia
>>16396291 Michigan Election Fraud - Co sheriff sued AG Dana Nessel
>>16396302 Policymaker Push Against Fossil Fuels Means "Will Never Be Another Refinery Built In US" - Chevron CEO 
>>16396307 US general wants fighter jets sent to Ukraine
>>16396323 US Navy Super Hornet Crashes In Southern California 
>>16396330 Israel Uses US Weapons To Blow Up USAID facilities
>>16396338 Beijing Calls on US to Stop Trade Talks With Taiwan
>>16396454 Ukraine war footage staged by British government – Russian MoD
>>16396455 Biopharma plasma plants in Ukraine
>>16396473 Handcuffed Uvalde mom says cops threatened her w/probation violation
>>16396484 Recent crises: So What’s Really Going On?
>>16396503 NATO Chief Says Ukraine Shouldn’t Drop Goal of Driving Russia Out of Crimea
>>16396562 Resident B rushed to safe house due to unauthorized plane breaching air space
>>16396540 Two Studies suggest the Monkeypox manipulated in a Biolab
>>16396573 Top Lib Firms - two are hosting drag queen bingo
>>16396576 PF reports
>>16396580 Just the News on impact of LGBTQ agenda on lunches for low income kids
>>16396583 Big Bear pilot dies in Lucerne Valley plane crash
>>16396596 Ardern visited hdqtr's of BlackRock
>>16396600 "Child friendly" drag show in Dallas today
>>16396602, >>16396611 Monkeypox fake news cont....
>>16396696 #20742

>>16395164 At Least One Dead, 8 Injured After #Train Derails in Guizhou, #China
>>16395168, >>16395222 Sputnik claims Gina Haspel observed waterboarding at CIA black site
>>16395194 New leads suggest CIA spied on Assange to secure his extradition to the US
>>16395211 Creepy United Airlines twitter post
>>16395235, >>16395242, >>16395264, >>16395430 Obama/Orange Revolution Dig, con't.
>>16395266, >>16395267 Some Q drop deltas from June 4
>>16395283 The Wicket World of Croquet Day - June 4, 2022
>>16395305 Pizza Hut has gone full woke - children's book club w/story about boy in DRAG
>>16395315 Journo tries to crash Uvalde funeral, bikers have a different idea
>>16395329 Three top press officers leave White House amid reports of "dysfunction"
>>16395336, >>16395340 The Washington State Patrol says drivers are increasingly refusing to stop for troopers
>>16395344 Gregg Phillips says the AG and people of Arizona scored a huge victory
>>16395347, >>16395349, >>16395359 Whisteblower’s Lawyer: Pfizer Got Away With Vax Fraud Because Govt Was Co-Conspirator
>>16395354, >>16395398 (You) States with the most electric vehicles
>>16395357 Musk tweet - who is this? DIG
>>16395363 PDJT: WE WILL WIN tweets.
>>16395186, >>16395194, >>16395213, >>16395213, >>16395386 Anons opine re JA & Spanish Court story
>>16395403 PF reports
>>16395404 The Left Despises People of Color (American Thinker)
>>16395405 May 2022 update on looking glass tech
>>16395407 Navarro arrest YT
>>16395412 Backlash hits feds' program to make monkeys transgender (WND)
>>16395415 2022 Bilderberg Agenda: Disinformation, Deglobalization, & Disruption Of The Global Financial System
>>16395420 Will the public ever get to see cop bodycam footage of Uvalde shooting?
>>16395421 Was Navarro arrest Nancy Pelosi’s way of diverting attention away away from her husband’s arrest?
>>16395424 Looks like vax mandates for pilots are the real cause of air travel delays
>>16395485 Box of loaded guns found in Florida school near 2018 Parkland shooting site belong to principal, police say
>>16395674 Ron DeSantis vetoes $35M Tampa Bay Rays baseball complex after team’s gun control tweet: report
>>16395753 Scouts sell off camps under strain from sex abuse suits
>>16395765 2G and 3G rules and mandatory testing in certain risk areas will also be part of a legally secure package of measures that the federal states could quickly implement if necessary. It's good that #MPK has now dealt with this.
>>16395840 Over 800 U.S.-Bound Haitians Accidentally Land in Cuba
>>16395855 32nd Anniversary of 1989 Tiananmen Square protests reminder
>>16396015 #20741

>>16394370, >>16394387, >>16394531  Found on TS Gregg Phillips Q4241?
>>16394375, >>16394393 Ketanji Brown Jackson applauds New Zealand's assault weapons ban at Harvard commencement
>>16394379 PATRIOT GAMES with Gregg Phillips on Fri. Night Live stream
>>16394564 @greggphillips Featured in 2000 Mules. Managing Director of OPSEC Group. Election intelligence
>>16394394, >>16394521 Donald Trump Jr: So we are sending civilians GUNS in the Ukraine… Who’s going to send them to us when we need them?
>>16394438, >>16394428 Severe Thunderstorm Warning including Crane TX, McCamey TX and  Rankin TX until 11:15 PM CDT
>>16394451 Rudy Giuliani The arrest of Peter Navarro and the failure to arrest Biden and his son means we live in a Democrat police state
>>16394366 Mob Whistleblower: Pelosi Family Hired Me To Intimidate Ex-Girlfriend of Nancy Pelosi’s Son
>>16394480 John Kerry bows to Queen like a dog
>>16394505 Hillary Clinton charm bracelet up close 
>>16394523 This is not going away. Corruption at highest levels of gov.  Q 4939
>>16394527, >>16394545 Robby Starbuck: The court has instructed Tennessee Republican Party to tell the state that their decision to kick me off the ballot is invalid
>>16394532 Elon Musk: Disney Diabolical!
>>16394535 59 YEARS AGO tomorrow, JFK's Executive Order 11110
>>16394541, >>16394537, >>16394593, >>16394603 Nancy Pelosi’s Son, Paul Pelosi Jr is Accused Of Physical Assault of A 6-Year Old Before He Used CPS To Get The Girl Taken From Her Mother
>>16394632, >>16394633, >>16394635, >>16394636, >>16394639, >>16394642, >>16394644, >>16394647, >>16394650, >>16394651, >>16394652, >>16394653, >>16394655 Nancy Pelosi’s Son, Paul Pelosi Jr Used CPS To Steal Karena Feng's children with Pedophile Dr. William Ayres involvement 
>>16394596 Karena Feng says she's been harassed by ex-boyfriend Paul Pelosi Jr. : Rumble (32:22)
>>16394640 OAN: Paul Pelosi, Jr. faces allegations of abuse, fraud  (3:46) 
>>16394728, >>16394734 Richie Albertini hired by the Pelosi family to be part of a harassment and intimidation shakedown campaign against Karena Feng Phone recording part 1 and 2  
>>16394676 Gregg Phillips from True the Vote wiki page defaced with typical left wing propaganda and smears, including a poorly photo-shopped swastika on his hat
>>16394687 DOJ_FBI_MSDNC 'political elite' protection struggles during BRIGHT SUNNY days. Q4939
>>16394853, >>16394903 New york Rabbi Aaron Zayin arrested for selling thousands of foreskins on craigslist
>>16394786 The mom that ran in and saved her kids after being handcuffed in Uvalde finally spoke out (Cap 2:35)
>>16394874 Mind control…for the out of control. How?
>>16394983 First Asking $125 Million, Jeffrey Epstein’s Caribbean Islands Now Available for $55 Million Each
>>16395032, >>16395054 President Donald J. Trump's birthday in 10 days occurs during a Super Strawberry Moon
>>16395033 Dubai Police arrest Sanjay Shah over the biggest $1.7b of tax fraud and money laundering cases in Denmark
>>16395105 #20740

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>>16385638 #20728, >>16386522 #20729, >>16387285 #20730
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