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To Any Managers That Read This

To Any Managers That Read This
There was not a single positive comment to make about this service that I could legitimately think of. 
 Cons: Terrible performance, customer service and price. They are double the price of our last host, they didn't respond to a ticket in over 3 days despite 24hr turn around time and had to reach out via phone support just to talk to someone and I wish I had never talked to the technician that answered the phone. 
 Overall: The experience with Nitrado's customer support was horrific customer service and completely unhelpful. Our server was brought down multiple times over multiple days unexpectedly through a fully server-side initiated save and shut down, not a crash. game servers I proved through the logs that the server did not crash, the technician refused to believe this and insisted on the issue being with the discord bot. All the modified dates of every file on the server was reset to the current time of the shutdown. This leads me to believe the server was shutdown with no notice to copy our files from one machine to another, interrupting our service with no notice. this is poor business practice and caused detrimental effects to our playerbase. 
 When asked to escalate to a supervisor on the phone, the technician refused and insisted that there were no managers in the call center. When pressed, he said he would check if his supervisor would take the call and then proceeded to tell me that they refused to take the call and we would have to wait 2 business days to hear from the development team, which the ticket was never actually escalated to, and the technician continued to insist on the issue being our mods. The technician was unprofessional, lazy and refused to give any help beyond blaming our mods, which worked without issue on our local server and our previous host. 
 He also claimed there are no surveys to give feedback on about the customer's experience with support. In my 8 years working at call centers, I've never seen a technical support call center not have a survey to fill out. After this experience, I reached out to support to file a formal complaint on this technician, this was never done despite being assured it was. I posted on Nitrado's forums of this experience only to have my forum account banned for speaking out about their customer service with no reason being given to why I was banned. I had to reach out to a volunteer moderator to find out any information, which they let me know that the reason the account was banned was because complaints need to be directed through support tickets or calling support, which was the whole problem to begin with. 
 To any managers that read this, I am extremely dissatisfied with my entire experience with Nitrado as we paid double over our previous host and received worse performance, worse customer service and no tools to monitor our server at all. I do not recommend renting servers with Nitrado. 

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