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Insurance Cost for Hyundai Elantra in Canada?

Insurance Cost for Hyundai Elantra in Canada?
Criticism a few motor insurance company? 
Typical auto insurance for 25yo gemale no prior injuries? 
Will a stolen restored auto influence the insurance and vehicle price? 
Does having an sr22 lessen my insurance by any opportunity? 
"I have a Chevy Cobalt and have insurance for this. If I wish to obtain a used pickup also therefore I have two cars"I got into an auto accident a few months ago (my problem). My insurance carrier declined my state and did not buy the problems. Fast forward to today I obtain a letter declaring that the person who struck me's insurance provider are challenging that I spend them 6129 bucks. I donot have that type of cash im only 22 and I dwell with my parents. What'll they do in my experience basically cant spend them

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