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>>14865560 : Victorians could be fined up to $90,000 and jailed for TWO YEARS just for not wearing a mas (Seriously its about your health)
>>14865630 Louisiana gave a 16 year old the Covid vaccine without his parents knowledge or consent:
>>14865640 Job listings for employers who do not have Covid vaccine mandates.
>>14865666 Durham unloads thousands of documents to Sussmann defense
>>14865676 A law firm that employed Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe is being paid handsomely to fight victims of alleged sexual abuse in schools
>>14865682 demons are real
>>14865687 Here Are Some Of The Consultants Raking In Millions Promoting CRT In Schools, According To Conservative Advocacy Group
>>14865688 Wisconsin Senate Finally Decides to Request Investigation into 2020 Election
>>14865692 Missouri and Ohio Leave National School Boards Association
>>14865731 Huma Abedin: Clinton aide details sex assault by US senator
>>14865797, >>14865909 Ex-US Embassy staffer accused of drugging, molesting women worked in CIA, FBI urges victims to come forward
>>14865812 A California man was busted for threatening to kill Rep. Matt Gaetz and shoot his children in a profanity-laced phone message to the Florida congressman’s office, reports said.
>>14865857 anon speculates 2 years of stormy weather
>>14865935 US to appeal British judge's decision to block Assange extradition
>>14866056 Steve Bachar, former White House staffer and former co-chairman of the Clinton Global Initiative, charged with felony theft and securities fraud
>>14866099 RightForge, an internet infrastructure company that courts conservatives, will host former President Trump's new social media platform, 
>>14866176 People arrested for sex crimes against children mysteriously change their race and ethnicity to white.  WTF?
>>14866246 Denounce Trump and you walk free.
>>14866300 #18804

>>14864794, >>14865185 The George Soros 'Good Information Inc.'  is a panicked response to TruthSocial
>>14864986, >>14864994, >>14865009 [They] are losing their grip on [Info Control]. And [They] are scared.
>>14865125 FDA Panel Votes Unanimously to Approve 5 to 11-year-old Vaccinations: “That’s Just The Way It Goes
>>14865142, 3 year olds get the jab in China
>>14864918 This is why Terry McAuliffe shrugs at the rape of teen girls in Loudon County and the coverup
>>14864966 ANOTHER California In-N-Out shut down over vaccine mandate
>>14864976, >>14864993, >>14865003, >>14865014, >>14865020, >>14865042, NEW MESSAGE FROM ARCHBISHOP CARLO VIGANIO
>>14865027 AT&T Promises Its 5G Network Is About to Get Better…
>>14865075, >>14865085, >>14865112, >>14865123 [eyes on]
>>14865094 jim this is shit
>>14865139, >>14865146 Everyone knew it was a rigged election, except the voters.
>>14865177 Microscope evidence of phizer vaccine causing blood clotting/clumping, blood loss of oxygen carrying capability
>>14865230, >>14865240 WA has gone full retard
>>14865420, >>14865471 Kim Wyman to become Election Security Lead for DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)
>>14865470 On this Telegram channel, we teach you how to escape tyranny by 'big tech' companies
>>14865480 Without election integrity we have a dictatorship; with a dictatorship we have no rights.
>>14865510, >>14865517, >>14865521, >>14865522, >>14865523 Who is Ray Epps?
>>14865513, >>14865515 Trump endorses Charles W. Herbster and President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil
>>14865170, >>14865319 We salute on this #DayOfTheDeployed (NSA proof)
>>14865528 #18803

>>14864438, >>14864583 378.62 million are watching the board WINNING BITCHES 20:36 central time
>>14864645, >>14863065 pb,  George Soros 'Good Information Inc.' is a panicked response to President Donald Trumps
>>14864628 CONFIRMED: John Durham has interviewed the Clinton Foundation whistleblowers, all the evidence. In detailed, chronological order @LWDoyleUSA
>>14864695 [Sussman’s] next court date Dec. 08
>>14864011 Pediatric COVID Hospitalizations Plunge As Schools Reopen, Baffling Experts
>>14864025 Establishment Media Shut Down Secret Chat Room Coordinating Facebook ‘Whistleblower’ Document Releases
>>14864126, >>14864198, >>14864543, >>14864550, >>14864639, >>14864696 Huma
>>14864035 Corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson Releases Jan. 6 Protester from Pre-Trial Custody After Repudiates Donald Trump: THE REGIME IS REAL
>>14864089 Australian news Senior NSW bureaucrat told Daryl Maguire 'had the ear' of then-premier Gladys Berejiklian, ICAC hears
>>14864162 Australian news NSW Health Minister signs new law targeting anti-vaxxers as state records 304 local COVID-19 cases
>>14864257 Australian Billionaire Tuckshop: plutocrats don’t just steal the show
>>14864107 Former Clinton Operative Charged With Securities Fraud Steve Bachar
>>14864122 78. "Who Killed Diana?" - Best and Most Rare Documentary -2005
>>14864127 In today's episode of TACAMO callsign wordsmithery… MAVIS52 is E-6B Mercury 164387 #AE0414
>>14864129 Washington State Employees Salaries Database and Dept. of Labor and Industries Employees List
>>14864139 Crowd at tonight’s #McAuliffe rally 2,500 per campaign Does This Look Like A Crowd Of 2,500?
>>14864157 Durham's 15 Grand Jury subpoenas Clinton fought to hide a reminder from last year ish
>>14864184 U.S. Army @USArmy The #USArmy unveiled the newest variant of the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter,
>>14864194 Report Reveals European Firms Have More Than $255B Entwined in Illegal Israeli Settlements
>>14864203, >>14863187 (pb) NSBA chief who penned ‘domestic terrorism’ letter named to federal post
>>14864207 [They] are losing their grip on [Info Control]. And [They] are scared. Enter: Good Information Inc. owned by George Soros, Reid Hoffman, Kenand Jen Duda and Incite
>>14864211, >>14864222 With Overdose Deaths at a Historic High, FBI and Partners Target Online Drug Markets
>>14864252 Trump got rid of Killary, English Killary, and German Killary.  French and Canadian Killaries pending…
>>14864313, >>14863022 pb, >>14863054 pb Three Ohio judges “die unexpectedly” in nine-day span after vaxx mandate / Hal Turner major red flag, He was a FBI informant just like Oath Keeper Ray Epps
>>14864314 Two DC police officers say they were forced to have an abortion or lose their job
>>14864318 NJ Gov Phil Murphy Repeatedly REFUSES COMMENT When Questioned About Vax Mandates AFTER Re-Election
>>14864325 Prince Andrew must submit to interview in sex abuse suit by July
>>14864341 CDC designates Ukraine as 'very high' COVID-19 travel risk? What are they up too?
>>14864330 PURE BLOODED (The UnVaxxed Anthem)
>>14864339 Maskless Biden Spits on Woman at McAuliffe Rally CDC designates Ukraine as 'very high' COVID-19 travel risk
>>14864368 FAKE NEWS pushes the Business lobby to call for administration to 'pump the brakes' on vaccine mandate
>>14864372 Mainstream Media Operator ARRESTED for Threatening to Kill Matt Gaetz & Family
>>14864502 Tucker: Loudoun County Protects Rapists (3:36)
>>14864531, >>14864548 Criminal charges of whom: Criminal charges are on the table in Alec Baldwin shooting case say prosecutors
>>14864539 Dukes Dogs AKC Beagles
>>14864574, >>14864590, >>14864620, >>14864640 Anon kicks shill in the ball sack, shill cries salty tears
>>14864719 #18802

>>14863261 Fulton County Georgia Ordered More Than One Million Absentee Ballots from Printer Days Before the 2020 Election Knowing There Was No Time to Mail Them Out – Why?
>>14863299 Trump's Truth Social beta site violates open source license President Trump's Truth Social = Mastodon?
>>14863300 If You Take the COVID Vax, You Can Never Achieve Full Immunity Again
>>14863313, >>14863594, >>14863327, >>14863356, >>14863378, >>14863339, >>14863634, >>14863639, >>14863639 German Chancellor #Merkel is out. Era ends after 16 years (Cap 0:32)
>>14863325 Durham about to question Michael Sussman and James Baker (0:57)
>>14863872, >>14863326 "FUCK Joe Biden"
>>14863351 Michigan over 616,000 people in the Qualified Voter File at time of 2020 election More "voters" than people
>>14863355 Tracking the FDA advisory panel meeting on Covid-19 vaccines for kids
>>14863360, >>14863363, >>14863666, >>14863729, >>14863787 Alabama Governor Orders State Agencies To Defy Vaccine Mandates
>>14863379, >>14863410, >>14863437, >>14863447, >>14863706, >>14863766 "Lets go Brandon" is officially topping the charts
>>14863381 NIH Director Shredded Over Risky Research In Wuhan After CNN Interview Goes Sideways
>>14863383, >>14863625 Texas Governor Signs Bill Requiring Student Athletes Play On Teams Matching Birth Sex
>>14863400 ABC News’ ‘Gun Violence Tracker’ Pads Numbers with Non-Crimes: Officer-Involved Shootings, Suicides
>>14863438 Based NZ mayor basically says 'Fuck the Pfizer'.
>>14863464 The Passion of the Christ actor Jim Caviezel tells QAnon conference to send their enemies ‘back to hell where they belong’
>>14863487 FAKE NEWS: Jim Caviezel recites Mel Gibson’s ‘Braveheart’ battle cry at QAnon conference
>>14863515 Bidenflation: U.S. Home Prices Jump by Record 19.9%
>>14863519, >>14863532, >>14863546, >>14863563 DOJ RELEASES Chicago Tech Executive Guilty of Illegally Exporting Computer Equipment to Pakistan
>>14863523 Comcast Censors Vaccine Paralyzed 13-Year-Old Girl
>>14863537 Era of Big Tech Over? Big Threat to Tech Monopoly Emerges
>>14863554, >>14863858 Those who were vaccinated are sentenced to death
>>14863580 Joint Base Andrews to Gitmo flight tomorrow morning
>>14863592 General Flynn created a new word: Faucism The practice of eugenics to determine what a society should be instead of what God has created for all of humanity
>>14863489, >>14863595 Celine Dion sick Vegas shows cancelled
>>14863611 PEDO BUN 26 October 21
>>14863612 Ron Watkins: Ray Epps instructed protesters to enter the Capitol, why did the government ask people to commit crimes?
>>14863682 Member Cambridge Analytica? Ann Sarnoff is married to the nephew of General David Sarnoff, the spook from Minsk who founded RCA and NBC
>>14863664 Sidney Powell: has sued on behalf of multiple members of the military who do not want their cell structure altered
>>14863680 Berejiklian ‘lied’ to then-chief of staff and friend about relationship: ICAC
>>14863707 PETA Calls on Fauci to Resign After (More) Allegations His Agency Funded Horrific Experiments on Puppies
>>14863736 Chelsea Clinton Clown Comms
>>14863747 Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald Google has deleted one of the best and largest left-wing media outlets in the UK Novara Media @novaramedia
>>14863748 McAuliffe/Biden supporters are in line for security. Gates opened a little less than an hour ago (Cap 0:10)
>>14863765 Action Alert: Send RFK, Jr.’s letter to your elected officials now regarding potential FDA Authorization of COVID vaccines for five- to eleven-year-old children
>>14863768 Why Is The Media Letting Hillary Clinton Sell Her Book Without Getting Epstein Questions?
>>14863773 U.S. Navy @USNavy Cruising the night sky! Waxing gibbous moon symbol
>>14863775 Law Firms That Raced To Defend Terrorists In Gitmo Leave Jan. 6 Defendants Out To Dry
>>14863779 JUSTICE marker
>>14863781 What To Do About Your Local Library Putting Porn On Kids’ Shelves
>>14863786 McAuliffe-Linked Law Firm, NSBA Fighting Student Who Said She Was Gang-Raped, Asks Supreme Court To Alter Title IX To Diminish Victims Rights
>>14863788 Joe Rogan: Dr. Pierre Kory Said 200 Members of Congress Were Treated With Ivermectin
>>14863808 VAERS Admits Fewer Than 1% of Vaccine Adverse Events are Reported
>>14863812, >>14863816, >>14863869, >>14863829, >>14863893 FOLLOW HUMA
>>14863828 PF Reports 40 Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawks in the sky
>>14863361, >>14863842, >>14863818 The Covid-19 Timeline. No Evidence of a “Pandemic”
>>14863874 FCC Votes to Terminate China Telecom’s Operations in US Over National Security Concerns
>>14863917 Durham probe: 15 Grand Jury subpoenas….Clinton admin emails they fought to hide…
>>14863942 Navy Tweet digits bun
>>14863949 #18801

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>>14863227 #18800
>>14860929 #18797, >>14861710 #18798, >>14862461 #18799
>>14858577 #18794, >>14859338 #18795, >>14860162 #18796
>>14856106 #18791, >>14857074 #18792. >>14857778 #18793
>>14853380 #18788, >>14854767 #18789, >>14856315 #18790
>>14851299 #18785, >>14852532 #18786, >>14854213 #18787
>>14848997 #18782, >>14849758 #18783, >>14850524 #18784
>>14847112 #18779, >>14847476 #18780, >>14848901 #18781
>>14844315 #18776, >>14845360 #18777, >>14845872 #18778
>>14842040 #18773, >>14842798 #18774, >>14843565 #18775
>>14839615 #18770, >>14841534 #18771, >>14841662 #18772
>>14836179 #18767, >>14836976 #18768, >>14838572 #18769
>>14834461 #18764, >>14835361 #18765, >>14836204 #18766
>>14832852 #18761, >>14834430 #18762, >>14834430 #18763

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>>14588182 Q Research Notables #9
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