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Google's Social Impact Strategies

Google's Social Impact Strategies
When Google announced the new Google+ platform, many were quick to write it off as another gimmick. That would be a shame, because this new social networking platform has some big potential. The idea is that you will be able to make posts on Google+ that appear on your stream or articles that show up on your website. This could be a real boon for Internet marketers who want to reach their target markets through multiple platforms. There are also some other features in place that could further boost the potential for success. 
If you have used Twitter before, you might be aware of the way in which it tends to promote your brand name. Facebook currently uses the same strategy, and it's working quite well for them. However, it isn't easy to take advantage of social marketing in this medium, especially given the current state of other services like Digg. The new Google+ platform could change that, though. 
As mentioned above, you will be able to share posts from your Google+ account with your other accounts. These posts may also appear in your stream on YouTube. If you have a blog on your website, you can use the same strategy to share blog posts with your Twitter account, for example. magazine is that these posts will be visible across all of your accounts. That certainly opens up a lot of new possibilities. 
You will also be able to track your activity in a number of different ways. You can see exactly which keywords are being used to bring you traffic, as well as which ones are driving you sales. It's possible that this could make keyword targeting much easier for small businesses, giving them a significant edge. 
Google has a number of ideas in store for how Google+ pages will evolve over time. In fact, it has already begun to roll out new features. Google hopes that these will help to increase the social impact of posts. That means that you'll be able to share more information about your products and services, and that people will be more inclined to engage with your content. That should lead to increased conversion rates, because people are more likely to buy from someone who seems passionate about what they're saying. 
The future of social impact could lead to even more changes. For one, Google is considering ways to give its pages some extra SEO juice. It currently only has one major feature, but it's expected that it will eventually offer a few more. That could easily help your SEO efforts. 
Google also has plans to expand its AdSense program to include more businesses. Those businesses would display ads on your Google pages. This could be useful for both SEO and advertising purposes. It could also be seen as an effort to support local businesses, as well. 
The future of Google is looking very bright. It's clear that the company is moving in a smart direction. It has clearly realized that not every web page is going to provide the growth and success that it needs. That's why it's introducing new features like Google+, which could positively impact your online business. Stay tuned! 
Google+ pages are also making waves on the Internet right now. There are many business owners who are seeing for the first time the potential of reaching a lot more people through this social platform. The fact that it's free means there are no monetary barriers. That could mean huge profits for your organization! 
As mentioned earlier, Google plans to expand its AdSense program to include more pages. In fact, it's already making moves to target certain demographics through its advertising. It has already launched mobile apps that target specific geographic areas. So, if your business is based in a specific region, you'll be able to take advantage of Google's latest social impact marketing initiative. 
Google's latest endeavor is aimed at preventing "spam." Spam is a problem that has affected the entire online industry in some ways. Spam is annoying and it disrupts the flow of conversation on many different sites. But worse than all those problems is the impact it has on the search engine rankings of websites. Google plans to fix that, and it's possible that eventually the search results for search terms associated with spam will get much harder to come by.

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