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what is your target?
your target will end up on the news.
but the connections must be made clear
they will only report what you make clear, not any moar most times
fake news won't even show it; they))) push fake narratives
Knowing what you have allows you to ask the next questions, which will be repeated on news
What do you have?
GM, RM, JE, weinerLaptop, sdny, berman, strauss, cf, clintons, obamas, china, biden, etc
Make connections clear, be LOUD, and it will be on the news.

few nights ago on Lou mentions sdny weinerLaptop and obamaGate 1 eve after we pushed it on 8.
Hannity and others sends many Q signals.
It use to take longer and harder pushes to get it on the news, like 2 days out, 3 days out, after 4 days out, your not sure what caused it to hit the news.
However, if you talk about it, then it's on the news, and can repeat the results, then it can become a technique.

start here and work to current:
#4484 June 20, 2020 Qmap
Importance of SDNY control?
Weiner evidence collection
Clinton Foundation 
Epstein evidence collection
(focus on above [for now])
[Watch NYC]📁
POTUS refusal to formally nominate? 
APPOINTED TO POST BY SDNY JUDGES [unusual][removal of 'acting']?
The stakes are high.
They will fight.
Super bowl > puppy show'



does #ObamaGate connect to #Maxwell?
if so, how?
if they connect, twtPros can use both #ObamaGate and Maxwell#
Would make sense they would connect somehow, imo
obama > hillary > bill > maxwell
PatchPro advised to push obamaGate awhile back.
Then Q posted about SDNY
then maxwell arrest, almost like a story leading to the next part, imo
the whole map drawn out, Newbies/People will overlook (too big)
small striking part of the map will cause Newbies/People to dig on their on
personally, i think links on the meme goes a long way.
Some people might think infoGraphics are not memes and memes are better.
winner of that debate doesn't matter much, imo, but which will be more helpful in the Future/Present?
Try memeing with links/source/sauce on the memes/graphics also, along with other dank memes.
Main thing is work together, all Boards.
The thing about WR is any place can be WR, a place to gather people and ideas and direction.
The BOOMs happen when many gather.
When our stronk Fren see us, they become loud and encouraged.
The see us so they speak to us during those times, imo.
When deepstate sees the dust kicked up by many reporting news, their))) fake news must counter.
There, their))) mistakes await.
Counters at the ready.

>then maxwell arrest, almost like a story leading to the next part, imo
maxwell arrest, big news
now what?
what are we waiting on?
What can we put pressure on?
What do they want us NOT to talk about?
these Questions create the mission, imo.

Q drops ghislanine b4 that gave, us sdny, berman, epstein, cf, ukraine, weinerLaptop
weiner / huma / hillary / podesta / china / sa / cf
what does this mean for ghislaine?
what should the People know?
with berman out, who replaced him?
did this make berman happy?
will sdny continue to block laptop or release?
depends on the replacement?
remove roadblocks by being '''LOUD'''

current event(1):
maxwell arrested
awaiting who she rats on
if wait too long, election
therefore: deadline
GM, make deal, say names b4 date: _ 
Otherwise, do the full prison time, stacked
Leads to others
GM > clintons > epstein > (sdny, cf, ukraine per Q)
Not sure how sdny cf ukraine berman strauss fit in but that info is prolly open source and others are prolly hinting at where to look now.
Connections to clinton are powerful enough images to hold people's attention until we figure out moar.
Once puzzle piece is found, meme piece with source links.
That becomes a key to SHOW Normies and a Historical record in 1 move.
Decent meme can go far and reach many
it doesn't have to be a great meme, just 1 that will make ppl wonder and leave them with some facts.
Facts need source to be checked so add it to infoGraphic/meme.

so all that being said: kek
simplify for Normies
waiting on Maxwell confession
can't wait long, election soon
no deals for no names
are pedophiles courageous or cowards?
what will GM do at the last minute; therefore set a last min, stronk Frens might listen
GM deadline date of no deal : _ 
ds is known to waste time so must command the timeline, imo
meanwhile, while waiting on GM confession, make the obvious connections for Normies
thas why number2 is so liked >>458
Q mentioned Robert Maxwell, good place to start articles/timelines/inforGraphics/memes
we don't need 1000 memes of RM.
once we have 20 good memes or even 10, go to work spreading across all platforms
1000 memes shared with 10 ppl?
10-20 memes shared with 10 milli ppl?

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