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Marvellousfiction Dragon King's Nice Son-In-Law - Chapter 712 - Qiu Niu~ cheer abhorrent propose-p2
Topgallantnovel fiction - Chapter 712 - Qiu Niu~ gate abandoned -p2 
Novel-Dragon King's Son-In-Law-Dragon King's Son-In-Law 
Chapter 712 - Qiu Niu~ reaction endurable 
Hao Ren appeared up and could only see white colored. 
Su Han was already a highest Qian-levels cultivator, but there were a very good, impressive profile that suppressed Su Han to the ground. 
Qiu Niu's realm obtained decreased considerably, but he was still mighty! 
Su Han's shoulder blades shook as she slowly established her sight and asked yourself if she were alive! 
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Buzz… Su Han's longsword instantly flew lower back from afar. 
Hao Ren checked out the golden s.h.i.+eld with wonderful astonish! He did not count on it to own observed them secretly and help you save them in this vital second. 
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He spat a mouthful of dragon inhalation, and large software immediately turned into a sea of blaze! 
“Little s.h.i.+eld…” Hao Ren referred to as outside in shock. He noticed in this way supreme divine value experienced absolutely no way of emergency. 
Su Han realized very clearly that it yellow dragon was Qiu Niu, the leader of the ancestral dragons. 
Hao Ren retrieved his several thousand sword energies immediately to ensure he could surrounds himself which has a lightning vitality sphere. 
He immediately comprehended the circumstance once the self-detonation of Girl Zhen's purple great hairpin he understood who directed them listed here. 
“Get out!” Qiu Niu blasted out his frustration. Its human body was only one half a meter very long, but none of us could refute that he or she possessed wonderful energy. 
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Just like what Girl Zhen reported, Qiu Niu was weakest in these few days. If not, he wouldn't have dropped two lower limbs with just an assault using a cherish! 
Hao Ren understood that Su Han's longsword was associated with her heart and soul. If it would break, not merely would her kingdom fall season drastically, she would even be severely injured. 
Su Han had a single breath and already observed the slight development of her realm no surprise it was the sacred place for dragon cultivators. 
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He struck out a dark colored cone-fashioned electricity wave toward the longsword along with his distinct claws. All at once, a packed and piercing electrical power aimed toward Hao Ren and Su Han! 
Hao Ren suddenly escaped, and that he tapped his feet on to the floor and incurred to Su Han. 
He didn't possess treasures with him, so he would kick the bucket if he have hit at Gen-point. 
They had been through much to arrive at the top of the the Paradise-Reaching Tower. She didn't want this all energy to get thrown away. 
Su Han's shoulders shook as she slowly opened her eyes and pondered if she were still lively! 
Hao Ren did not think twice even for one next, and that he moved Su Han and jumped up. 
“Hundun!” A spherical light came out in Hao Ren's palm. 
The discolored dragon that was hovering around the black color palace was sluggish to react, but it brought up its sharp dragon claws over time. 
Buzz… Su Han's longsword suddenly flew back from afar. 
Qiu Niu's discolored dragon variety was just half a meter extended, which was shorter than Su Han's longsword. However, he became a G.o.dly monster, so he was extremely tough for Su Han's sword even to get shut! 
Su Han turned over to think about Hao Ren she knew that Hao Ren was on a single boat as her. Instantly, their souls and heads grew to be a single, in addition to a five-tinted mild shone through the longsword. 
Su Han could not proceed her foot in anyway. All she could do would be to open up her eyes extensive and observe Hao Ren fee over it appeared like he was attempting to get this. .h.i.t on her behalf! 
That they had been through much to attain the top of the the Heaven-Getting to Tower. She didn't want pretty much everything effort being squandered. 

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