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>>17614053 Washington, DC police officers under investigation after confiscating guns without making arrests
>>17614064 Dan Scavino FB Stopped and took this📸today—simply, beautiful!
>>17614082, >>17614294 @DanScavino Friends don’t let friends shave with WOKE razorsGet your UNWOKE razors from a Patriotic business, Jeremy’s Razors, today! 
>>17614123 Supreme Court poised to keep marching to right in new term
>>17614144 @DonaldJTrumpJr Media bias has never been more prevalent. The Kids Guide to Media Bias & Fake News is FREE and will help kids easily sort fact from fiction. 
>>17614156, >>17614363 RALLY DAY @realDonaldTrump Join me tonight in Warren, MICHIGAN—LIVE at 7:00 PM EDT
>>17614164 Churches defend clergy loophole in child sex abuse reporting
>>17614165 Mark Levin Sells 1,000,000 Copies of Book Exposing TheFranklinSchool, Levin would refer to “The Franklin School” when he apparently meant the Frankfurt School.
>>17614203 Vatican completed securing it’s true love at Helms Deep yesterday. What does this world’s oldest management and consulting firm know?
>>17614225 Far-right pundits baselessly claim Hurricane Ian was created by the 'deep state' to target Gov. Ron DeSantis and other red states: 'They are angry with us' - insider
>>17614277 Florida Christian school asks girl to send photo doing homework in the bathtub
>>17614320, >>17614336 "Trump was dead right about the EU and so many other things" - Jordan Peterson
>>17614264, >>17614352, >>17614433, >>17614625, >>17614268, >>17614663, >>17614737, >>17614797
 Muh Russia / Ukraine News Bun
>>17614353, >>17614374, >>17614445, >>17614527 Biz News bun 
>>17614365 @BarackObama Happy 98th birthday, President Carter! Your dedication to public service and the work you and the 
>>17614390, >>17614404 Anon questions RE Solar Flash
>>17614410 What is this ROD air traffic radar station? Small planes fly directly over it ever 10 minutes. Why does it need monitoring so often?
>>17614413 ‘IT’S A CULT’: Whoopi Unveils ‘Little Amal,’ A Terrifying 15-Foot Puppet That She Calls A ‘Powerful Symbol Of Human Rights’
>>17614442 ZUCKBUCKS 2.0? Milwaukee Mayor Caught Working On “Get Out The Vote” Effort With Left-Wing Operative
>>17614454 Nicaragua bans US envoy, cuts diplomatic ties with the Netherlands
>>17614459 “Katie Hobbs Discriminated Against Black Staff” Billboards Pop Up in Arizona
>>17614492 Lebanon receives response from US mediator over maritime borders
>>17614504 United Airlines to halt service at New York's JFK airport in October
>>17614513, >>17614520, >>17614534, >>17614537 CIA's 'unworthy' spies in Iran left behind, just like elsewhere
>>17614560 Ginny Thomas Ruins J-6 Committee's Plan to Destroy Her - PJ Media
>>17614610 Baltic Pipe starts pumping gas from Norway into Poland
>>17614629 Cayler Ellingson The strange killing of teenager Cayler Ellingson, his accused killer's (MK?) statements to 911 op., Updates, Including New Charges for His Killer
>>17614666 Watchdog: 515 Voters Registered Twice in Six Minnesota Counties
>>17614684 Critics fear MBS is after legal cover, immunity by assuming Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's PM title
>>17614687, >>17614701 PA Supreme Court Chief Justice and Pittsburgh native Max Baer dies at age 74
>>17614716 Is China cloning Arctic wolves? 
>>17614773 Feminists Attacked at Pro-Abortion Rally for Not Believing Men Can Have Abortions
>>17614819 @realDonaldTrump RT: BIG EARLY CROWD in Warren, Michigan for President @realDonaldTrump’s rally
>>17614189, >>17614577, >>17614582, >>17614588, >>17614603, >>17614608, >>17614623, >>17614722 RED OCTOBER BUN

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