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>>14250818 Pro-Biden groups to spend $100 million on August ad blitz
>>14250826 CNN goes nuclear against Trump
>>14250828 Damning Republican report into Wuhan lab claims COVID LEAKED out in September 2019
>>14250945 WH official this am: “B lockdown speech being drawn up this week…they’re planning to make it sound like one of the most solemn in history, real Bush on the night of 9/11 type stuff
>>14250948 Cuomo Demands Private Businesses Ban Unvaccinated Customers
>>14251102 Pompeo with some anon love this morning
>>14251130 "I am pleased to announce that my request for the audit of the Zuckerberg Buck's that funded the Arizona 2020 General election as being realized, as the Auditor General is getting everything set to begin. It will be interesting to see exactly how this was spent."
>>14251407 Hydroxychloroquine as Chemoprevention
>>14251435 More twisted behavior at the FBI.

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