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'''Tuesday 12.08.2020'''
>>11953143 ————————————–——– We're Not Gonna Take It (CAP:  >>11953295)

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'''#19271''' Q Research General #19270: Houston we are CLEAR for takeoff Edition posted in #19272
#19271 Scrape
>>15233931 Oldfag Christmas Greetings
>>15233967 Judge upholds felony obstruction charge against Oath Keepers in Jan. 6 Capitol riot
>>15233980 Micron joins the WEF Global Lighthouse Network
>>15233990 Intel tells unvaccinated workers they will go on unpaid leave in April
>>15234031 CNN producer John Griffin tried to bribe witnesses, bragged about sexually training girls as young as seven, and offered a woman $30,000 for a 'mother-daughter' getaway with him, court documents say
>>15234101 UPDATE - Blick has altered the headline of the article.
>>15234107 Israel begins fourth Covid-19 dose vaccine rollout for people 60 and over as Omicron cases surge
>>15234154 PF UPDATE 
>>15234270 As hospital capacity grows urgent, Justice announces initiatives to train more nurses
>>15234313 Jake Sullivan’s Wife Faces Growing Calls for Recusal From Durham Probe
>>15234342 Troops could be disciplined for 'liking' social media content under new DOD rules 
>>15234494 No. 2 GOP Sen. Thune Weighs Retirement, 'Closing In on Decision'
>>15234503 Fauci: Tell Unvaccinated Family Members Not to Show Up at Christmas Gatherings
>>15234519 GOP Rep. Perry Says He Won’t Aid ‘Illegitimate’ Jan. 6 Committee
>>15234547 Joe Biden ‘Asymptomatic’ of Coronavirus as He Coughs Throughout Speech (Superspreader?)
>>15234593 EXCLUSIVE — Dr. Sebastian Gorka Vows ‘Political Battle’ with January 6 Committee Following Phone Records Subpoena
>>15234616 Aliyev Slams Western Media
>>15234623 State of Emergencies are abused to enact treasonous laws.Note the pattern:
>>15234707 US Army Creates Single Vaccine Effective Against All COVID & SARS Variants, Researchers Say
>>15234900 #19271

'''#19270''' TBC Q Research General #19270: E/Bake Trump news conference January 6th Edition posted in #19272
>>15233132 Jury Note Tweet Ghislaine Maxwell / AUSA Comey
>>15233180 Center for Vaccine Development’s Hotez: Every Three Months We Might Need Another Booster
>>15233227 SPLC Lables Woman’s Group That Helps Rescue Children from Child Rape Gangs ‘White Nationalists’
>>15233250 Mayor Lightfoot Announces Chicago will Require Proof of Vaccination to Enter Bars, Restaurants, Gyms, Theaters and More
>>15233265 Putin: "What is the United States doing in #Ukraine, on our doorstep?
>>15233342 Plane collided with paraglider before fatal crash in Fulshear-area field, FAA says
>>15233355 NSA/CSS & USNI historical tweets
>>15233367 Reminder Eyes On Joe Oltmann and Jovan Pulitzer coming down sick
>>15233373 NY Times: US Hid True Toll of Air Wars; Thousands of Dead Civilians, Many of Them Children
>>15233440 Minnesota Gov. Walz, Family Test Positive for COVID-19
>>15233493 Youngkin’s Education Sec Pick Founded Org That Calls For Collecting Children’s Data, Raked In Nearly $26 Million From Bill Gates
>>15233496 Often a critic, Biden praises Trump twice for COVID-19 vaccine speed and boosters
>>15233517 As His Presidency Founders, Biden Scapegoats The Unvaccinated
>>15233526 $150 Million Embezzled from Sony, Deposited Into Bank and Converted To 3,800 Bitcoins
>>15233540 Microsoft is accused of “stealth takeover” of UK health service
>>15233571 "There's a storm coming and we need to get in our safe place, and the safest place we can be is with vaccines," Tweet
>>15233573 “I’m Not Even Supposed to be Having This Press Conference Right Now” – Joe Biden Admits His Staff Doesn’t Want Him Taking Questions From Reporters
>>15233598, >>15233610, >>15233624 BREAKING: A renowned Harvard University professor was convicted Tuesday of hiding his ties to a Chinese research program while accepting U.S. grant money.
>>15233620 4Yr Delta EO Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption
>>15233651 WHO urges cancelling some holiday events over Omicron fears 
>>15233652 Biden claims ‘almost all’ Covid victims in America were unvaccinated:
>>15233773 Covid microchip developer explains why people want vaccine passport implant
>>15235066 #19270 E/Bake Trump news conference January 6th

'''#19269''' posted in #19270 E/Bake Trump new conference January 6th Edition
#19269 Scrape
>>15232216 Q Research General #19269: Trump news conference January 6th Edition
>>15232276 CIA Advisor Says Civil War Is Closer Than Ever Before (Reminder WaPo -ClA tie)
>>15232279 China Sanctions 4 US Officials In Retaliation Against Washington’s Pressure Over Xinjiang
>>15232290 Boris Johnson: No COVID Lockdown in UK Before Christmas, Maybe After
>>15232297 Florida Moves to Disentangle State Investments in China
>>15232310, >>15232354 Biden administration plans to mail out 500 million COVID-19 tests and deploy additional medical personnel
>>15232341 Remains from abortions, miscarriages must be buried, cremated under new Delaware city law
>>15232674 EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden did business with missing mom Heidi Planck's 'fraudster boss' - who was director of the financial firm that pitched multi-million-dollar deal to the president's son Chinese partners in 2015, emails reveal
>>15232858 BinaxNOWTM COVID-19 Antigen Self TEST (contains Sodium Azide) Bun
>>15234185 #19269

>>15231694 President Trump news conference January 6th @ Mar-a-Lago!
>>15231529 @Ggreenwald Talking Jan 6th
>>15231535 Hustler strip club offering drive-thru vaccinations in Las Vegas today (#Panic)
>>15231544 LEAKED: Fauci, NIH Head Planned 'Devastating Takedown' of Non-Compliant Physicians
>>15231561 LIVE from AmericaFest 2021 -Day 4: Jack Hibbs, Brandon Tatum, Jack Posobiec, and Kayleigh McEnany
>>15231625 @PapiTrumpo status MERRY FRIGGIN CHRISTMAS
>>15231627 ALL PB Follow the Pens
>>15231639 il Donaldo Trumpo LOVE MI JIM JORDAN!!!
>>15231580, >>15231686, >>15231745 Boron as an essential Mineral for human Health
>>15231693, >>15231707 NYS Assembly Bill A416 has been tabled
>>15231696 Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu claimed on Tuesday that U.S. private military companies have stationed troops in Eastern Ukraine and ...
>>15231738 Anon Opines #NaturalImmunity - How to Combat Omicron
>>15231740 @HillaryClinton Becoming a local election administrator is one of the most impactful ways you can help. (#VoterFraud)
>>15231753 Madagascar minister swims 12 hours to shore after helicopter crash
>>15231790 NSO’s Pegasus used to target Khashoggi’s wife before his murder, claims WashPost
>>15231794 #NaturalImmunity Trending (AKWTD)
>>15231822 Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki
>>15231823 Love the Science.
>>15231895, >>15231901, >>15231935 Bill Gates has canceled most of his holiday plans? #WatchTheWater
>>15231905 Don’t judge children who still believe in Santa Claus when so many adults still believe in mainstream media.
>>15231922 2021 Winter Solstice in Northern Hemisphere Has Begun
>>15231928 Anon got the HCQ from india today.
>>15231930 @USMC #Marines with @3rdMLG are providing fresh water and support services (Check for Comms)
>>15231938 Jurassic Park in the making and this time they mean business.
>>15231957 NYC Getting for Full Lockdown? #MoveOutOfTheCities
>>15231975 A New York lawmaker has taken down a 6-year-old bill that would authorize the state to detain infected individuals and their contacts deemed a threat to public health during a pandemic (Dasting TIming)
>>15231977 Anon dropping proposed Q1828 interpretation
>>15231982, >>15231983 The Ghislaine Maxwell Updates
>>15232022 Ukraine Crisis: When Facts Don’t Matter And It’s All About The Narrative
>>15232029 Is Bongino Jabbed? Anons want to know
>>15232066 Operators of Three Texas Pharmacies and Two Pain Clinics Arrested for Illegally Dispensing Nearly Four Million Opioid Pills
>>15232069 As of today there are more accused pedophiles at C[P]NN than Americans who have died of the so-called Omicron variant. #ItsTrue
>>15232085, >>15232103 Obama Caps #PedoPrez
>>15232132 New record-breaking millipede species that lives up to its name, discovered in Western Australia: It has 1,306 legs
>>15232221 #19268

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>>15210684 #19241, >>15210604 #19242, >>15211349 #19243
>>15207537 #19238, >>15208267 #19239, >>15209049 #19240

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