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trump 2024 running again

🔴 Watch LIVE: President Donald J. Trump Makes Special Announcement at Mar-a-Lago 
- 11/15/22
djt: Starts speech at 9.04pm
djt: Americans come back starts right now.
djt: China played a very active role in the 2020 election. just saying
djt: My opponents made me out to be a war monger.
djt: I made big promises and i kept them unlike other presidents.
djt: We are a nation in decline now
djt: Russia may have sent a missle 50 miles into poland
djt: People are very angry
djt: Republicans won back the congress, happened just a hour ago
djt: 2024 the public will see much clearly what is happening 
to our country.
djt: Get out and vote hershal walker
djt: in the popular vote republicans won 5 million more votes.
djt: we have taken over congress and nancy pelosi has been fired.
djt: in order to make american great i am now announcing my 
candidicy for the president of the united states. 9.22pm
djt:This a movement, we are taking on the most entrenched and sinister
djt: This will not be my campaign, this will be our campaign all together.
djt: We love all people, we are going to bring them all together.
djt: we were coming together until the china virus.
djt: Just as i promised in 2016, i am your voice.
djt: the carters of power, these are our carters, we are taking them back.
djt: 2 years will go very fast, look how time flys.
djt: G20 they had a great big dinner and joe biden is still missing.
they are still looking for him. what happened to him.
djt: one of the important thing about the pause. 
djt: you can see what has happened in 2 years, they will see it easier
in 4 years.
djt: artificial devaluation of currency is stealing by other countries.
djt: china 2025, china wanted to take over the world in 2025.
djt: Energy is very important. inflation will come down fast with 
energy dominance.
djt: china is watching us die with the green new deal.
djt: they are building a coal mine every week.
djt: human trafficking is a ancient thing because of the internet
it is worse then ever.
djt: we will help the democrat gov's even if they do not want them.
djt: The worst gangs are MS13, under obama they could not get them out.
djt: death penalty for drug dealers. they kill 500 people each.
djt: no more blue ribbon committees
djt: we need a defense shield. nuclear a word i do not like to say.
djt: our greatest enemies are from within.
djt: we must do a top to bottom clean out of the fbi and doj a 
festering rot of these organisations.
djt: we will dismantle the deep state and restore the gov by the people
djt: a life time ban on lobbying by congress men
djt: we will be attacked by the most dangerous system every created 
by man or woman.
djt: my fellow americans we will join together to defeat it together.
djt: we will plant our flag on the surface of mars.
djt: This not a campaign, this is a quest to save our country.
djt: we will make america great again.

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