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'''Here are notes I collected from #18193'''

>>14380119 Q Research General #18193: Loyalty to no crown edition
>>14380171, >>14380191 Dough Baker Ghosts

==NOTABLES Are NOT Endorsements==

>>14380198, >>14380578 Psaki Delivers Word Salad *And Tries to Blame Trump* When Asked About Joe Biden Having Released a Taliban Leader From Gitmo as VP
>>14380221 State Dept declines sev Xs to say Taliban seized power by force, raising ?'s about Biden admin assertions US would not recognize a Taliban gov that seized power militarily
>>14380228, >>14380299, >>14380552, >>14380881 National Guard Mass casualty simulation at Mall of America?
>>14380229 COVID-19 positive children 'very frightened' and separated from parents at Sydney's Westmead Hospital
>>14380251 NSW Police issue stark warning as plans emerge of another anti-lockdown protest
>>14380273 Afghan vice president says he is "caretaker" president
>>14380276, >>14380282 Statement from Commander, U.S. Central Command, Gen Frank McKenzie
>>14380293 Taliban Tells Joe Biden to Withdraw All US Troops from Afghanistan by September 11 – The 20th Anniversary of the 9-11 Attacks
>>14380313 Fewer than half of Americans surveyed approve of the president’s performance, according to a poll conducted by Rasmussen
>>14380343 Pittsburgh Groups Preparing For 2 Dozen Families Of Afghan Refugees
>>14380344, >>14380392, >>14380431 #USNavy is utilizing its Scan Eagle unmanned air system and P-8 Poseidon aircraft to provide aerial images of earthquake devastated areas...Haiti
>>14380353 The Taliban spokesman gives an exclusive interview to Israeli state TV
>>14380380 '''Georgia's Fulton County Elections Board to Be Investigated Under State's New Voting Law'''
>>14380385, >>14380390 Sacramento, CA Nurses, doctors, paramedics, firefighters, police Mon 8/16/21 protest, stand against any mandate of EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS not approved by the FDA
>>14380404 LA County now requiring face coverings at major outdoor gatherings like sporting events, concerts
>>14380406 St. Louis MO Mayor Jones, County Executive Page 'ready to welcome at least 1,000 Afghan citizens' 
>>14380408 US State Dept that abandoned their embassy in Kabul attempts to say that they still should be trusted
>>14380437, >>14380509 Re vaccines: A message to all MILITARY SERVICE members!!!!!
>>14380438 Terror Alert has been issued from U.S. Dept of Homeland Security ahead of 9/11 anniversary mp4 
>>14380461, >>14380683 Isolated and Alone, Nat Sec Advisor Jake Sullivan Admits Biden Has Not Spoken to Any World Leaders Since Taliban Took Over in Afghanistan
>>14380489 '''Update: 13 Wisconsin GOP County Executive Committees and Frederick Douglas Society Now Sign On to Support Full Forensic Audit'''
>>14380528 '''Just found this Presidential Vote Fraud documentary published by Epoch Times from December 2020''' 
>>14380555 Pope Francis sued by three Australians allegedly sexually assaulted by Melbourne paedophile priest Michael Glennon
>>14380608 '''Excited to announce that @realLizUSA will be joining us @ our #AudittheVote event in #PA tonight'''
>>14380611, >>14380627, >>14380837, >>14380885, >>14380645, >>14380656, >>14380666 Francis Ricciardone, Afghanistan, Bacha_bazi Dig
>>14380663 @usairforce correction re twat: Nine C-17 Globemaster IIIs arrived in Kabul, Afghanistan recently delivering equipment and approximately 1000 troops
>>14380680 Oregon Squanders federal money to maintain hospitals, and has lost 5,000 beds since March 2021
>>14380684, >>14380722, >>14380784, >>14380908 TX Governor Abbott has the covid, received COVID-19 vaccine Tues, Dec. 22, 2020, receiving Regeneron's monoclonal antibody treatment
>>14380752 New Mexico now has vaccine requirements and total masking indoors again
>>14380788 Biden spoke with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson about Afghanistan, the White House says
>>14380795 Jen Psaki Not Sure When Hidin’ Biden Will Return to the White House
>>14380915 Florida doctor says he was locked up in hospital for pointing out neglect of COVID patient
>>14380925 Biden will return to the White House this evening, his team announces
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