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Topgallantfiction  - Chapter 512 – Evolve, Jasmine Lily! badge elegant quote-p3
Epicfiction Fey Evolution Merchant webnovel - Chapter 512 – Evolve, Jasmine Lily! attract disgusted recommend-p3 
Novel-Fey Evolution Merchant-Fey Evolution Merchant 
Chapter 512 – Evolve, Jasmine Lily! wanting worthless 
This turned out that this Gold Stamen Gold bullion l.u.s.ter Ca.s.sia nectar got already completely eliminated the purplish-grey character poison from Liu Jie's system. 
The nectar replenished his actual physical sturdiness, giving Liu Jie the power to combat. 
With Mindset Locking mechanism spatial zone's absolutely pure and unique character qi, Lin Yuan realized that his respond would not impact the Ocean Burial Lotus Flower's roots. 
Potentially because it sensed Lin Yuan's stress and importance, the Wind flow Pace Swift Antelope also slowed down down simply because it walked. 
Lin Yuan extended to enhance the Normal I/Regular Water Burial Lotus Blossom on the spirit pool area. 
Lin Yuan ongoing to improve the ordinary I/Standard Seas Burial Lotus Flower from the mindset pool. 
Liu Jie's 75 kilograms possessed now been blown up to the level that there was a maximum of part of it eventually left. 
Following Liu Jie's aggressive struggle, the poison exhausted out from his body system being a thicker compound. 
He willing to makes use of the Sobbing Water Crystals, condensed coming from the pressing of an region of water because of the Sea Burial Lotus Flower, along with the leftover 270 character qi crystals to maximally improve the Jasmine Lily's class. 
After, underneath the whole moonlight, Lin Yuan entered his Heart Secure spatial sector directly. 
As the purplish-gray poison obtained already dissolved in Liu Jie's entire body, this damaging unusual chemical could obviously be perceived as an impurity on his system. 
Perhaps mainly because it sensed Lin Yuan's anxiety and importance, the Wind Quickness Fast Antelope also slowed down mainly because it went. 
Lin Yuan could not assurance that it would overcome Liu Jie. 
If a Imagination Dog breed fey progressed from Fantasy I to Fantasy III, it is going to inevitably metamorphose. 
Soon after its Sobbing Seas Crystals has been ripped off, the water Burial Lotus Flower's grade plummeted to normalcy I/Regular in an instant. 
Silver Stamen Rare metal Ca.s.sia nectar could recover ruined beginnings and cleanse away any pollutants in the body. 
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Each time a Dream Breed of dog fey developed from Fantasy I to Imagination III, it is going to inevitably metamorphose. 
Soon after, Lin Yuan got out another ten mindset qi crystals and smashed them without blinking. 
On top of that, being the Jasmine Lily's Silver grade improved, it was very likely to mutate. 
Since the purplish-gray poison obtained already dissolved in Liu Jie's physique, this unsafe unusual product could obviously be considered to be an impurity on his physique. 
In spite of the Jasmine Lily's special ability of Severed Arms and legs Improvement, Lin Yuan failed to dare to ensure that could heal such a injury. 
After each of the nectar have been added, Lin Yuan instantly conned an item of material from his moon-bright white nature qi clothes. 
Therefore, it had been highly likely that this Jasmine Lily's curing capability can be strengthened. 
Lin Yuan then stuffed the bowl for the brim with nectar coming from the jar while going through the tortured expression on Liu Jie's face beneath the effects of the purplish-grey poison. 
Lin Yuan persisted to lift the regular I/Typical Ocean Burial Lotus Rose on the nature area. 
After discovering this, Lin Yuan was pleasantly surprised! 
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Now, Lin Yuan rejoiced which he experienced previously utilised Morbius' special ability, Absolutely pure Property of Satisfaction, to absorb the Frosty Snow Pine's Planet Grace. 
He have the Gold By/Imagination I Jasmine Lily take up this wealth of absolutely pure soul qi. 
It had been just like a minor follower that implemented closely behind Lin Yuan. 
After he made this connection, Lin Yuan immediately sprang into action, bringing the big jar of Gold Stamen Golden Ca.s.sia nectar outside of his amber-b.u.t.ton-shaped Gemstone fey storage space package. 
He then rolled the towel and allow Liu Jie mouthful it in his mouth. 
On the other hand, this was not an insurmountable trouble for Lin Yuan. 
He able to makes use of the Sobbing Seas Crystals, condensed from your important of the division of water with the Ocean Burial Lotus Bloom, and also the staying 270 character qi crystals to maximally boost the Jasmine Lily's standard. 
Lin Yuan forced up Liu Jie's jaw forcefully together with his fingers, as well as the latter's dislocated jaw was set back by using a 'click'. 

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