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Do you have to get insurance for just a learner's...

Do you have to get insurance for just a learner's permit in california?
Anybody know of any affordable insurance ? ? 
It's not legal in mother to have no motor insurance. My auto can be taken by me off the street nonetheless it costs $120 to acquire fresh plates. Does USAA have an alternative for insurance cheaper compared to minimum permitted by your state. Am I likely to generate anyway when I am used??? Cheers 
Which will be higher priced to guarantee? 
Car insurance price need help? 
What cars can you propose being a first vehicle? Insurance smart should be cheap? What're insurance firms that are great? UK only 
"Hi"Is there everyone one here from Minnesota who will advise a good comparatively affordable household medical care insurance program? 2 adults and 3 kids. They can't manage 800 bucks a month for a program using a 5000 dollar deductible. He makes too much for attention or Minnesota Care or Medicaid...slightly too muchTransforming Insurance Providers (car)?? 
"I havent had any motor insurance for half and just two decades but if i go to whom i was covered with back

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