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>>17394590 Act Of “Revenge” – Sources Say Hillary Clinton Operatives Had Been Secretly Planning Mar-a-Lago Raid With DOJ Officials For Several Months 
>>17394595, >>17394609 Tina Peters Sues Colorado Secretary of State, Jena Griswold, for Illegal Recount – Massive Corruption Is Being Covered Up in Colorado
>>17394600 US Lawmakers Land In Taiwan On Unannounced Trip 12 Days After Pelosi Visit
>>17394601 Hunter Biden met with dad immediately after Romanian business meetings
>>17394605, >>17394691 Four U.S. Tourists Among Seven Victims Shot by Arab Terrorist in Jerusalem
>>17394606 Taiwanese Officials Trounce Pelosi After Son's Huge Holdings In China Tech Exposed
>>17394607, >>17394885 Ontario Premier Doug Ford Swallows a Bee During Live Press Conference
>>17394826 Queensland Australia election farce: Disgraced boss, a failing system and our IT experts locked down in Wuhan
>>17394587, >>17394593, >>17394598, >>17394619, >>17394706, >>17394730 @realDonaldTrump 13:58=17 Radical Left Democrats have stranglehold over the DOJ & FBI!
>>17394585 Dr. Birx Book: Pharma Companies Responsible for ‘Thousands’ of Deaths During COVID Peak
>>17394611 World Economic Forum Publishes Article Calling for Global Censorship Using AI and Human Intelligence
>>17394614 Trump Calls FBI Raid ‘Another Form of Election Cheating’
>>17394620 Transhumanist German Law Will Let Citizens Change Gender Every Year, Ends Parental Rights
>>17394624 Dozens killed in church fire during mass at a Coptic church near Egypt’s capital of Cairo 
>>17394621, >>17395617 BLOODSHED IN BERWICK: Driver plows into small-town fundraiser killing 1 and injuring 17 before murdering HIS MOTHER with a HAMMER
>>17394648 Anon needs help digging on freespoke. We need to dig all the different funky number strings in Q posts to see if it turns up any declassified documents.
>>17394653 The FBI is a criminal RICO enterprise whose covert “sources and methods” include criminal acts, sedition, subversion of Americans
>>17394667 The Zelensky regime is carrying out nuclear blackmail by shelling the Zaporozhya nuclear power plant — and blaming the Russians
>>17394672 The Biden regime issues a fresh 'threat assessment' for domestic extremists acting out against the FBI's raid of Donald Trump
>>17394690 LA School Superintendent Plays Dumb on Why Parents Pulled up to 20,000 Kids Out of His Schools
>>17394698, >>17394750, >>17394880, 17394912 Israeli jets target site in coastal Syrian city of Tartus, Situation before aggression on Gaza has not changed
>>17394716 Joe Biden ignores questions from the reporters and goes for a bike ride on the beach in South Carolina
>>17394748, >>17394770 Michigan Governor Declares State of Emergency following Water Main BREAK
>>17394752 The left’s aggressive attack on children’s identity is dangerous and must be stopped
>>17394758 Scotland cuts down 14 million trees to make way for wind turbines
>>17394765, >>17394841 @ChuckGrassley Morning glories are some of the most beautiful flowers in my garden but by 1pm they are closed down for the day

>>17394769 Liddle Schitt Claims He Has Seen No Evidence That President Trump Declassified Documents, a Ridiculous Lie 
>>17394799 ‘They Can Do Audio, Video, Physical Surveillance on You 24H/365D a Year’: Rex Lee on Intrusive Apps
>>17394824 Taiwan: Beijing Sent 22 Military Aircraft, 6 Ships to Taiwan Strait
>>17394827 Thousands of patriots showing their support for President Trump on Long Island
>>17394847 EU concerned about 'inflammatory rhetoric' of Serbia, Kosovo
>>17394860 China, Thailand conduct 'Falcon Strike' drill amid US tensions
>>17394825, 17394863 Head of the MEDC QUENTIN L. MESSER, JR.
>>17394868 One dead in Ukrainian shelling of city hosting nuclear plant
>>17394878, >>17394890, >>17394903, >>17394906, >>17395021, >>17395207 PF: Looks like a meeting @
>>17394884 Russia, Pakistan cooperating in counter-terrorism on Afghanistan
>>17394898 UK hospitals now ‘birthing people’ – media
>>17394907, >>17394921 Twitter locks user who made Epstein-Judge meme, forces him to delete tweet
>>17394918 DPRK criticized Sunday UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres over his calls for "completely and verifiably" denuclearizing Pyongyang during his visit to Seoul
>>17394941 Energy Sec. Granholm shills Tax Credits for EV Charging Station in Homes, pretends energy crisis doesn't exist
>>17394950, >>17394977 Brother of Marine killed in Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal commits suicide at memorial for fallen service member
>>17394951 Southern Baptist Convention confirms it is under federal investigation for sexual abuse - Just The News
>>17394952 Pollchief > ABVote > Votem "designing it for use in Nevada, Michigan, New Jersey, and Montana, as well as with the Federal Voter Assistance Program (FVAP)"
>>17394953 Check out USAF FOIA reading room
>>17395000 Farmers promise to 'escalate' protests against government shutdown orders
>>17395035 US angry with India over Russian oil
>>17395093 Amnesty further backtracks on Ukraine human rights report
>>17395108 US faces shortage of ketchup – Bloomberg
>>17395109 White House Not Interfering in Searches of Trump's Residence - Press Secretary
>>17395136 Minneapolis teachers union contract calls for layoffs of white teachers first
>>17395151 @libsoftiktok Cool they made a handy chart for some of the best accounts on Twitter who speak out against child abuse
>>17395191 In Italian Piedmont there has been a "mysterious" loss of livestock
>>17395192 The equation is very simple. If [the car has] a computer and it connects to the outside world, then it is hackable
>>17395244 Food Fears Are Quickening GMO Crop Approvals, Bioceres Says
>>17395246 PF: Call sign TONKA56. USN Boeing E-6B Mercury 164388 up from Nellis AFB.IronmanTACAMO
>>17395302 Germans Must Receive Covid Booster Every 3 Months to Qualify as 'Vaccinated'

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