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>>18622538, >>18622562, >>18622646, >>18622695, >>18622780, >>18622802, >>18622886, >>18622915, call to dig, judge merchan 
>>18622542, >>18622904, Eyewitnesses reported shaking in #Lebanon 6 -twat
>>18622607, >>18622960, More than a dozen men arrested for child sex crimes in South Carolina undercover operation - (pedo bun)
>>18622636 Biden admin allows immigrants to select gender identity other than birth sex after 'Trans Day of Visibility' - fox news (careful could be april fools)
>>18622640,>>18623156, >>18623235, Pfizer BOMBSHELL lawsuit could change everything in South Africa & then all over the world - rumble vid (covid topic)
>>18622672, >>18622719, >>18622989, Russian forces attack destroyed Ukrainian equipment and manpower in Avdiivka and vicinity - youtube vid (ukraine v russia topic)
>>18622791 Russia becomes the President of the UN Security Council today for the entire month of April giving it unique powers to define issues. - twat (not april fools joke)
>>18622728, >>18622795 ted nugent mp4 vis
>>18622696  Bill Barr says Trump indictment is a 'disgrace -
>>18622722, >>18622754,  Actually, I got along very well with Putin - djt t.s post to the federalist article screencap.
>>18623186 tucker retruth - djt. t.s post.
>>18622726 If it weren't for 0bama - mp4 7th oct 2019 (james clapper)
>>18622750, >>18622943, 4 Trillion from the middle class to the super rich. - twat (bankster news) jimmy dore vid
>>18622819 burn these two words into your brain. #BidenDigital - marcopolo link to all things biden crimes.
>>18622834 elon musk twats and topic.
>>18622875, >>18622892, >>18622884, Getting our outfits ready for the function at the Lincoln Memorial - twat and mp4 vid (clowns on parade)
>>18622890, >>18622909 transgender days of visibility - usattorneys twat (groomer topic)
>>18622966 Bannon says he got violently sick for three days after coming back from E. Palestine - rumble vid
>>18623001 33 charged with drug, violence offenses in massive Baltimore gang takedown - t.s post and p.m article
>>18623048 Rupert Murcoch is currently underwriting Ron's presidential campaign. - hollywood reporter
>>18623064, >>18623152, Alan Dershowitz Responds To The Soros-Bragg Cover-Up And Cohen's Fabrication - rumble vid (pants on)
>>18623142, >>18623176, >>18623232, Alex Stein ASSAULTED by far-left activists at 'trans day of visibility' in New York - mp4 vid
>>18623229 National Environmental Policy Act Procedures and Categorical Exclusions -
>>18623259 #22845

'''#22844''' >>18621763 
>>18621781, >>18621786, >>18622025 BREAKING: A Law Partner at firm representing DNC in suit against DJT over January 6th was just arrested for possessing of child porn.
>>18622024, >>18622072, >>18622160 Sex-Crime Victims' Advocate, Attorney Accused of Amassing Lewd Child Photos
>>18621790, >>18621881 Soros Covers Up DA Bragg Relationship / Dig on the money relationship
>>18621899 'Doctor Doom’ makes bold claim says US banks are “technically near insolvency,
>>18621920, >>18621904 Dennis Quaid documentary 'Grid Down, Power Up' explores dangers of sudden electric grid failure
>>18621974 vid: Watch Trump’s POWERFUL Response To NY Indictment
>>18621982 Wild Night Across US! Deadly Tornadoes Ravage Multiple States, Earthquake Rattles Southern California.
>>18621999, >>18622135	US Virgin Island issues subpoenas to: Sergey Brin, Thomas Pritzker, Mortimer Zuckerman and Michael Ovitz
>>18622008, >>18622273 Coca-Cola produces $2B worth of cocaine (legally) every year in a secretive NJ plant.
>>18622306 Elon tweets silly photo "Me after 1 day of not eating sugar"
>>18622060 Tom Fitton this week called for charges against Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and other leftist politicians.
>>18622083 Leftist Activist Kristina Wong Out on Campus Comedy Tour – Posted the Same Joke as Douglass Mackey (meme offender)
>>18622097 Senior Ukrainian bishop claims he’s under house arrest
>>18622116 “People Understand We’ve Literally Become a Banana Republic” – Eric Trump Offers AMAZING DEFENSE of His Father 
>>18622140 TikTok Spent $13.4 Million Lobbying US Government
>>18622146 California Gov. Newsom Announces $10 Million PAC Targeting Red States
>>18622163 Baked Alaska Released From Prison, Tells NATIONAL FILE He Was Assaulted, Thrown In “The Hole”
>>18622170 Connecticut Flies Trans Flag Over State Capitol After Trans Terror Attack That Killed 6 Christians
>>18622178 New Zealand Minister Slammed After Blaming 'White Cis Men' For Violence
>>18622187 Judge shields Hunter Biden’s finances from public in child-support case 
>>18622201 Former Prime Minister of Lebanon Saad Hariri assaulted flight attendants: lawsuit 
>>18622202, >>18622246, >>18622332 Clockwork  -  [:15] Potato Tornado tweet claimed duration / JA  Back in the news.
>>18622205 Crenshaw vid: It Was Barack Obama Who First Pushed Teaching Sex Education to Kindergarteners Back in 2007.
>>18622217 Trump Senior Adviser Jason Miller on Indictment: ‘The More They Attack Him, the Stronger He Gets’
>>18622215 PLANEFAG:  ZUNO107 squak 4000
>>18622241 REPORT: Cops Raided Farm To Seize 9-Year-Old’s Pet Goat So State Senator Could Serve It At Community Barbecue
>>18622260 Miley Cyrus Donates to LGBTQ Org that Targets Children After Elementary School Bans her ‘Rainbowland’ Song
>>18622264 URGENT: Cattle and pork to be vaccinated with mRNA THIS MONTH.
>>18622268 Florida Grand Jury Slams Joe Biden’s Child-Trafficking Program
>>18622292 Over 160,000 rally in Tel Aviv against judicial remake, despite compromise talks
>>18622337 Signature verification software used by Maricopa County says 10% is 'high-confidence' match
>>18622384 Possible FBI gear up for retaliation against Biden Laptop whistleblowers.
>>18622396 Desantis to visit Israel next month
>>18622434 New South Whales government calls for Mark Latham to apologise, after no remorse over homophobic tweets
>>18622456 LOGAN: Demoralizing people is the goal.  Not even 2 percent of the world’s population believe any of their nonsense.
#22844 >>18622479

'''#22843'''   >>18620996
>>18621038 Russia assumes UN Security Council presidency despite Ukrainian anger
>>18621053 The 4th billionaire subpoenaed in Epstein JPMorgan case
>>18621063 UK Govt Data: Young Women Who Took AstraZeneca Vax Had 3.5 Times Higher Risk of Heart Death
>>18621127 Raiffeisen Bank eyes exit from Russia amid Western pressure
>>18621163, >>18621188 Sanna Marin, the Finnish prime minister fighting for re-election
>>18621170 'Unacceptable incompetence': CDC made dozens of basic data errors on COVID, University of California San Francisco epidemiologists find
>>18621252 @SpaceForceDoD: three Lines of effort are LOE 1 - Field Combat-Ready Forces, LOE 2 - Amplify the Guardian Spirit, LOE 3 - Partner to Win
>>18621266 FEMA was established under the 1978 Reorganization Plan No. 3 and was activated by President Jimmy Carter in an Executive Order on April 1, 1979
>>18621310, >>18621407 Potato seemingly filed his FEC Statement of Candidacy late last night for his 2024 re-election race
>>18621515 Russia has significantly boosted production of ammunition to support its troops in the Ukraine conflict, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said on Saturday
>>18621564 "Pretty wild story in the indictment of the Russian spy posing as a grad student in DC"
>>18621597 Vyacheslav Boguslaev, a former president of Ukrainian aerospace giant Motor Sich, was included on a sanctions list by President Vladimir Zelensky on Saturday
>>18621707 UN to start allowing deep-sea mining applications in July
>>18621753 #22843 

'''#22842'''   >>18620231
>>18620245, >>18620255, >>18620261 3 of the billionaires subpoenaed in Epstein JPMorgan case
>>18620322 Chairwoman pulls a bunch of Republican bills because the bill she wanted to pass failed mp4
>>18620330 Trump's team has raised more than $4 million in 24 hours since indictment was announced
>>18620341 Raleigh, Durham, & Chapel Hill formed the Research Triangle Park, which is Big Pharma's research HQ
>>18620357, >>18620924, >>18620362, >>18620760 @Potato daily tweets on the hour
>>18620368 Rumble video: Team Trump's Response to Alvin Bragg's Witch Hunt Indictment
>>18620409 Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak among others have signed an open letter calling for a six-month moratorium on the development of advanced A.I. systems
>>18620425 Kentucky Legislators Overrides Veto; Trans Youth Bill Becomes Law, bans gender affirming care to minors, blocks teachers from using a student's preferred pronouns
>>18620598 Eliezer Yudkowsky has been working on Artificial General Intelligence since 2001, says we should 'shut it all down' and issue an 'indefinite and worldwide' ban
>>18620691 NASA pic of the day - NGC2442 Galaxy in Volans
>>18620791 Grenell calls on every Republican Presidential candidate to DROP OUT of the race and support Donald J. Trump
>>18620847 Rep. Austin Scott, R-Ga: urged liberal champions of civil rights to speak out, ‘Government does not have the right to hunt Donald J. Trump’
>>18620983 #22842

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>>18619432 #22840, >>18620220 #22841
>>18617073 #22837, >>18617872 #22838, >>18618638 #22839 
>>18614777 #22834, >>18615554 #22835, >>18616300 #22836
>>18612408 #22831, >>18613185 #22832, >>18613938 #22833

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